John Deere Z720E Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

John Deere Z720E Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review


The John Deere ZTrak Zero-Turn Rider Z720E 48 on deck is powered by a 726cc engine that offers exceptional power and torque to work in all cutting conditions. The reinforced deck features stamped steel construction for unmatched versatility and cut quality. The Z720E features a heavy-duty, welded-cast steel frame for added strength and reliability, larger drive wheels for a better tractor and better grade performance, and a large 8-gallon fuel tank for longer mowing times extended. Speeds of up to 13 km / h increase mowing efficiency. A 3-position adjustable platform allows operators of varying heights. A high-quality seat with adjustable armrests and springs provides additional operator comfort.


23 hp (17.2 kW) provides more power.

Sizeable working volume of 726 cubic meters Cc (44.3 cubic inches) delivers excellent torque.

The 90 degrees V-twin design provides easy starting, great power and performance, and smooth operation.

The engine model is FR691V.

The full pressure lubrication system supplies large amounts of oil to moving engine parts for reliable operation and long life.

Rotating metal screen helps keep motor fins clean, filters debris and reduces the size of material that passes through motor fins.

The air filter system thoroughly cleans the air entering the engine.

Electronic ignition facilitates quick starts.

The rear engine cover protects the engine and provides added strength and integrity to the vehicle.

The flywheel generator provides enough power to quickly recharge the battery and electrical power equipment, such as streetlights.

The large capacity fuel tank is easy to fill and has a convenient fuel gauge.

Riding Comfort

The operator station offers many operators the highest level of operator comfort.

The patented 3-position adjustable toe box allows any operator to adjust the footrest position for added comfort quickly:

  • Each operator can quickly move the footrest to the most suitable position without tools.
  • 1 cm (2 inches) adjustment range
  • A large operator platform allows wide leg positioning.

The deeply padded seat combined with the adjustable armrests, adjustable fore-and-aft position and adjustable suspension springs optimize driver comfort:

  • High back, 21 inches seat (53.3 cm) with adjustable arms and 4 inches length adjustment (10.2 cm).
  • The seat adjustment lever is located on the seat’s front edge so the operator can efficiently operate it from a seated position.

Two steel springs under the seat absorb shock when riding rough terrain for a smooth ride:

  • Four seat spring positions can be adjusted according to weight and operator preference.
  • The rear position may be more suitable for heavier and taller operators, and the front position may be more suitable for lighter and shorter operators.
  • 4 “10.2 cm long steel springs have a long stroke for smooth movement.

The seat is securely attached for the driver’s comfort and safety, but can be easily raised if necessary:

  • The spring lock locks the seat when it is down.
  • The seat is comfortable to loosen and lift to access the adjustable seat springs.

Adjustable steering levers provide driver comfort and easy control of vehicle speed and direction.

The steering levers are available in 18 different positions, depending on the operator’s arm and legroom preference.

Operator comfort is ensured by the deluxe cup holder and easily accessible storage space.

Lawn Mower Handling and Performance

Dual Shift effectively propels the ZTrak ™ mower back and forth and provides control over:

  • The unit hydrostatic transmission is a hydraulic pump combined with a powerful wheel motor in a single unit.
  • A pump and motor for each sprocket offer many benefits: exceptional cooling under heavy loads, easy hydraulic oil supply and fluid level, and hydraulic oil supply/check by raising the seat.
  • Transmissions are mounted on the underside of the vehicle for excellent stability on slopes.
  • High-performance components can handle the most massive loads from the larger tires and heavier weights of the ZTrak Z700 series.
  • Maintenance-free gearboxes are sealed and have no hose connections in case of hydraulic fluid leakage.
  • Four-pin hubs provide a secure and comfortable wheel retention system.

Quality Cut

The cutting height of the mower deck can be adjusted from 1.5 inches. 3.8 cm (3.8 cm) to 12.7 cm (5 inches) 0.64 cm (0.25 inches) of space for excellent cut quality and productivity:

  • The pedal lift pedal raises the mower deck to adjust the cutting height or lock it in the raised or transport position.
  • Auxiliary lift spring optimizes the force required to raise the mower deck.

The mower deck has a deep design:

  • Made of heavy 9 gauge steel, 0.15 in. (3.8 mm).
  • Deep deck design provides excellent airflow, so large volumes of material can be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • More extensive and more expansive relief ensures an even cut distribution for a superior appearance in all conditions.
  • A robust plastic deflector distributes cut grass evenly across the lawn. It swings and can be lifted to minimize storage space.
  • 1-inch cold-forged bolts (25.4mm) are heat-treated for strength and supported by ball bearings.
  • Standard front rollers and two dual grip wheels ensure a smoother cut and less risk of scratches.
  • Adjustable for different cutting heights.
  • The leading edge is raised above the blade’s level so that tall grass can be cut evenly.
  • Sheet overlap is more significant than on many platforms.
  • The mower may discharge, cut, or collect material if the Z740R equipped with Tweel tires is not compatible with the material collection system.
  • Platform leveling and tilt adjustment are provided at all four blade attachment points.

The hydrostatic transmission includes two Hydro-Gear ZT-3100® transmissions for superior performance and reliability.

Transmission oil expansion tanks are provided for each gear. The yellow filler cap is easy to find and identify.

Trailer valve controls are provided for each transmission.


The deck has robust and deep axle pockets to keep blades aligned even after years of heavy use:

  • Ribs formed in the deck add strength as needed.
  • Aluminum axle housing measures 8 “(20 cm) from the base for added stability.

The folding axle covers make it easy to clean the axle area.

Double detection of front and side wheels for protection against scraping:

  • Softens the cut and reduces the risk of skinning
  • Adjustable for different cutting heights.


Ergonomic design and professional components are suitable for a wide range of operators and operating conditions.

The 230.5L Hydraulic Excavator efficiently picks up 48, 54, or 60 inches of material—mower deck (122, 137, or 152 cm).

A sturdy welded steel frame provides reliable and robust support for machine and operator components.

Large swivel front wheels provide smooth suspension travel and a smooth fit.

The ZTrak Z700 Series Lawn Mowers are equipped with a Roll-Gard and a Retractable Belt Safety Harness.

The transmission levers are designed and positioned for easy and comfortable operator control.

The transmission levers can be adjusted to two different heights and nine different positions from front to back.

Safety interlocks prevent unsafe operation.



The Z700 Series zero-turn has mowers provided maximum comfort and the ability to traverse rough terrain. Models with speeds up to 10 mph and a large 20-liter fuel tank save more and last less.

Is there suspension under the seat? Most zero mowers are difficult to move.

Yes, the Z720E has two steel coil springs under the seat that absorb shock when riding over rougher terrain for a smoother ride.

Does the armrest fold?

The Z720E rotary mower features an operator station for added comfort and convenience. The armrests of the Z720E can be removed if necessary.

What is the best fuel?

Use regular grade unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher. Fuel blends containing up to 10% ethanol or up to 15% MTBE modified fuel are allowed. Do not use fuels or additives that contain methanol, as they can damage the engine. For more information, see “Using Correct Fuel and Stabilizer” in “Section 65 – Other Services” of the Owner’s Manual.