Do Fertilizer Spikes Work?

Most plants need fertilizer. Soil regeneration or the addition of nutrients and minerals stimulates plant growth or improves flowering and fertility. But sometimes it is difficult to know how many plants are needed for fertilizer and when to fertilize. Fertilizer spikes are an option that makes it easy to fertilize plants, but they work when used properly. READ MORE

What are Zeolites and the Benefits of Applying it?

If the soil in your garden is compact and dense, and you cannot absorb and store water and nutrients, you can try adding zeolite as a soil correction. Adding zeolite to the soil has many advantages, including the ability to retain water and leach. Are you interested in zeolite and its benefit in soil? This article is for you to know how to add zeolite as a soil conditioner. READ MORE

How to Control Soil-Borne Diseases

For many garden enthusiasts, nothing is more frustrating than crop loss for unknown reasons. While vigilant gardeners can closely monitor garden insect pressures, which can lead to lower yields, diagnosing loss due to invisible conditions can be more difficult. A better understanding of soil organisms and pathogens can help farmers better understand the soil conditions and the health of the garden. READ MORE

Testing Soil for Pests and Disease

We often say that you need healthy soil for successful gardening, especially for organic gardening. But how do you know if your soil is healthy? The addition of a large number of organic substances ensures that the soil is full of microbes, has a balanced balance of nutrients and good drainage. But what about the acid-base balance (an indicator known as pH)? And should the nutrients be healthy and resistant to diseases and pests? READ MORE

How to Sanitize the Contaminated Soil with Cat or Dog Poop

Yes, your dog or cat may have parasites such as worms. Sometimes there are obvious symptoms like diarrhea and sometimes not. Unfortunately, parasites can become even more problematic if they can reproduce in the yard after some of them are excluded from the cat’s litter. Your plants are infected. Therefore, regular cleaning is mandatory and sometimes takes a little longer to kill a possible infection. READ MORE

How Do Soil Microbes Affect the Nutrients in the Soil?

There is no doubt that a healthy garden is something that gardeners can be proud of. From planting to harvest, many gardeners are ready to dedicate many hours of work to the most successful growing season. Although tasks like weeding and watering often have precedents, many begin to consider what is needed to create healthy and prosperous soil in the garden. More information about the role of microbes in the soil is just one way to improve the overall condition of your garden. But can plants benefit from soil microbes? Let’s find out more about microbes and soil nutrients. READ MORE

What Is A French Drain And How Does It Work?

Drainage in almost all situations, both in homes and industry, water, or garbage is extremely important. Without proper drainage, water or unwanted waste can accumulate and cause various problems. If you have a damp garden or basement, French drainage is your cure. Learn how they work, when to use them, and what types they exist. READ MORE

Tips for Using Pine Fine Barks Soil Conditioner

Just as it is essential to create a healthy land plant environment, providing the right substrate for growing plants in containers is an important success factor. Most gardeners perform well with the container mixes available in the nursery, but these uniform options may not be the best, especially if you are growing plants with specific soil needs. READ MORE