Ariens Zoom 42 915213 Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

Ariens Zoom 42 915213 Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review


Are you looking for a compact lawnmower that always gives you confidence? The Ariens Zoom 42 zero turn mower 915213 is a plus for everyone. The robust 12-gauge Xlerator platform offers maximum airflow for exact cuts. The compact platform design allows the driver to effortlessly mow narrow and medium-sized areas, while the soft seat with a high back is luxurious. The machine offers seven easily adjustable cutting positions with an intuitive deck lift and a professional 4-point platform system for a stable ride and consistent results. Overall, the Ariens Zoom 42 offers comfort, convenience and a professional fit.

The 440lb zero turn mower was designed and built in the USA. It has a Transaxle EZT Hyrdo-Gear transmission, a 2-gallon three-axle fuel tank, and can swim from 3 to 6 mph.

Easy to Use

Mounting the Ariens Zoom 42 915213 is quite practical and straightforward. While it may take some time to set up a zero-rotation mower initially, with a little training and practise you can use it without any problems. The Ariens Zoom lawnmower lives up to its name and can spin for a penny and has a zero-revolution radius.

Four anti-scalp wheels facilitate it. The rear wheels are more comprehensive than the front wheels and are easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.

The driver or rider will have the best cutting experience with an ergonomic, specially designed and padded seat with a high back that eliminates pressure points, so the seat is never uncomfortable.

The sliding seat is adjustable and features three-way adjustable armrests and ample legroom so you can relax and unwind as you mow the lawn.

Conventional adjustable handlebar controls can be adjusted to your height and sitting position, so your hands never get tired. Adding shock absorbers to the handlebars improves comfort.

Cut Quality & Options

When you’re ready, open the steering wheel and slide the driver’s seat slightly. Use the convenient lever on the side of the seat to intuitively adjust the height of the plate where needed. Use the foot pedal to adjust the cutting size in half-inch increments (1½ to 4½ inches) or immediately raise the deck to go over objects.

The 42 ” deck is resistant to rust and offers good drainage of cuttings that do not accumulate. A tall grass cut – 30 centimetres or more – can stagnate depending on the thickness, but slow down or make a second pass if necessary. The flat platform lowers the centre of gravity for more excellent stability and manoeuvrability on slopes. This mower is perfect for flat terrain, but it handles slopes.

When you have finished trimming the Zoom 42, use the convenient washing hole to clean it thoroughly. You can connect a standard garden hose to the cutter to facilitate cleaning the blade and the bottom surface.


The Zoom 42 manoeuvres at high speed and takes care of the lawn quickly, comfortably and accurately. On a reliable 12-gauge cast steel platform, operators cut a 42-inch strip at each pass (unless the grass is wet) to make it easier to stop one hundred, zero revolution.

When you reach the top of the zero curves, you immediately feel the comfort of the high-back ergonomic seat, which has been adjusted to eliminate pressure points and allow mowers to feel relaxed from start to finish. The intuitive design with Zoom 42 makes it unnecessary to stop and start. The acceleration is smooth; the controls are very responsive and give the impression of an automotive driving style.


The zero-rotation hydraulic gearbox is maintenance-free. The professional engine is air-cooled and easy to maintain, as all service points are in a convenient access area. The battery and fuses are located under the seat.

Ariens belt tension adjustment technology maintains constant belt tension to ensure maximum belt life, minimal wear and consistent cutting.

Anyone who buys the Zoom 42 from an unauthorized retailer must remove it from the packaging and prepare it. It is not a difficult job, but you will need a wooden block or a heavy carpenter’s hammer to break the box. Hand tools are required to install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery.

If you want to make the Zoom 42 even more beautiful, equip it with a set of armrests, a 42-inch cover kit or a tow bar. You can also buy two bucket blades, shoulder rest and 8”wheel covers.

Safety Features

It is an Xlerator forged bridge, a 12-gauge high-performance bridge forged from a single piece of steel. It will provide the best airflow and cut quality. At the same time, the flat structure of channel C offers a lower centre of gravity. It ensures better slope performance and more cutting options works great on slopes up to 12 degrees.

People who buy this car from an authorized dealer have a significant advantage and privilege, as their car is easy to assemble. There will also be a representative to verify that the machine is working correctly. Some professionals will do it until you learn to use the machine. It will be especially useful for you to learn how to use the zero-turn mowers correctly. Thus, the risk of injury on first use is significantly less.


The Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Spin lawnmower features a sturdy C-channel steel construction that provides more strength than other types of lawn mowers than Zero Spin. Resistance is a necessary resource; otherwise, you will find that a year after hitting simple obstacles like stones and pebbles, the product will be damaged during cutting.

The product also has other types of options and features mentioned above, such as B. Adjustable deck height, intuitive bridge pedal, tow hook, adjustable armrests, etc. It offers more at no additional cost.


You will see that the machine comes with a 3-year owner warranty. However, there is a full one-year commercial warranty.



With this Ariens 915213 Zero Rotation Mower, you can cover 42 inches, while you can also adjust the cutting height from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. It offers better performance than standard lawnmowers with a powerful 19 hp engine for complex tasks. It is also a versatile machine that cuts in both directions, forwards and backwards, for greater efficiency.

How does this lawnmower cut on 10 ° slopes?

With the correct configuration and operation, the device works smoothly on slopes up to 15 *. We strongly recommend that you refer to the “Operating instructions” on the “Manuals and documents” tab. You can also contact your local Ariens dealer for further assistance.

Does this lawn mower have an electric starter?

Yes, this lawnmower starts the engine with an electric starter.

What is the total width when using the mulch kit?

With the mulch kit installed, this cutter is approximately 43.5 inches wide.