John Deere Z335M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

John Deere Z335M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review


The Accel Deep ™ Deck is constructed from a single steel piece and provides maximum airflow for a professional quality cut. A 20hp engine powers this state-of-the-art cutting unit for maximum performance in any situation. The Z335M ZTrak Zero-Turn Cutter also saves time with a 7 mph feed speed. Plus, the redesigned seat offers more comfortable seating for M-Series passengers. Plus, the ZTrak Zero-Turn Z335M Walking Tractor comes with a 2-year / 120-hour John Deere warranty so you can handle whatever you throw at it.


20hp (14.9kW) twin-cylinder engine provides enough power and torque for tough mulching, mowing, and harvesting applications:

  • Double V-cylinder design for higher torque, reduced vibration, and better sound quality.
  • M40 engine model
  • Electronic ignition for a quick start
  • Cast iron bushings for longer engine life.
  • Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
  • Pressure lubrication and oil filter to maintain the oil filter for long engine life and increase the time between oil changes; the pressure lubrication system is also more efficient when using the tractor on slopes
  • Easy access to the drain valve without tools for an oil change.
  • Rear engine guard to protect the engine and provide increased strength and integrity.

The replaceable fuel filter and oil filter are easily accessible and replaceable to minimize maintenance time and costs.

Quality Cut

Deep punching offers excellent cut quality. Allows the cut and hanging material to leave the board without a cut:

  • Reducing the amount of mowing allows more energy to be used to cut approaching grass, which significantly increases the mower’s performance.
  • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at higher cut speeds.
  • Clean flow of material from the unloading area prevents cut material from interfering with incoming grass cutting, allowing the blades to cut incoming material neatly.
  • Even in mulching mode, cutting uniformity is improved compared to other models, as the extra depth provides continuous circulation, optimal cut, and even distribution of the cut.

The large, high, and wide discharge allows you to work more material:

  • Provides smooth and uniform chip evacuation at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the possibility of clogging, especially important when working on wet, dense or dense grass and when stacking bags
  • The cutter slot chute has a sizeable optimized inlet that collects material using airflow from the wide deck opening.


The 42A disc has strong shaft grooves, so the blades stay aligned even after years of heavy use:

  • Ribs on the bridge shell add strength when needed.
  • 42 Total weight 16% more than 42 “(107 cm) Edge ™ Xtra Replacement Insert.

The mower wheels have a double grip:

  • Provides increased strength and durability for longer uptime.
  • With the wheel adjustment screw, the height can be quickly and easily adjusted to the cutting height.
  • Low tension belt drive design reduces the lateral load on lower engine mounts and upper mounts for increased service life.

The laminated outer edge of the deck provides added strength and protection.

Two-stage electronic coating and powder coating provides added protection against rust.


The 42A is designed for maximum versatility and allows you to switch between cutting and dumping modes quickly:

  • The knife’s design with cutting and distributing elements will enable it to be completed with an additional switching shaft after installing special blades.
  • The 42A mower deck and chute are easy to install and securely in place from the front and rear for a tight seal between the cutting deck and chute.
  • The back gauge can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit, ease of use, and the ideal fit.
  • Bag blades can also be used for side discharge.
  • If the optional MulchControl accessory is installed (together with the corresponding chopping blades), the transition from side emptying to mulching or vice versa is done with a simple lever movement.
  • The rear grass catcher can be used with installed MulchControl blades.
  • The front deflector located in the rear collection bag assembly or MulchControl kit (B) can remain in the side-discharge position.
  • The deflector can be removed for maximum side discharge performance.
  • The optional MulchControl accessory contains a MulchControl rear deflector (A) attached with two car screws to the rear edge of the exhaust pipe. This deflector:
  • Must be removed to install the rear cylinder slider, a 13 mm (0.51 in) wrench is required (bag slider cannot be established without removing this bulkhead)

Riding Comfort

The operator station is designed to be easy to use when all controls are in place.

Comfortable seats make the driver’s work more pleasant. The armrests of the Z355E seat can be folded down if desired.

The cup holder is designed to store two standard beverage sizes safely.

Two steel coil springs under the seat absorb uneven ground for a smoother ride.

The seat measures 2.5 inches width adjustment (6.35 cm). The height of the cut pin/bushing can be used to loosen screws and adjust the seat.

Covered storage compartments under the seat and open storage compartments on the vehicle’s left side provide the driver with a safe place to store protective equipment, mobile phones, etc.

The large platform helps the operator feel comfortable and safe.

Lawnmower Handling and Performance

42 “(107 cm) Deck Accel Deep Cutter, The Deck, is a flat, deeply embossed steel frame that delivers superior cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimum performance and distribution of the cut grass is guaranteed even at the highest cutting speeds:

  • 5 inches (11.4 cm) for optimal cutting, chopping, and harvesting Optional MulchControl ™ accessory for superior crushing performance and versatility.
  • Forged steel construction eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can build up and affect cutting performance.
  • The cutting platform is suspended from the machine for a smooth and even cut.
  • Adjustable mower wheels are positioned slightly off the ground to reduce wear.

A practical service decal provides the necessary service information. It is a quick guide to updating recommended services.

The height of the cutting deck is adjustable from 2.5 cm to 10.2 cm x 0.25 inches. (0.64 cm) guarantees excellent cutting quality and productivity.

The amplified power take-off switch is operated via an intuitive control panel.


The optional Material Collection System (MCS) with material cut and pushed out to the 6.5 (230L) rear must be used with the 42-inch (107 cm) deep-accelerating lawnmower. It is a powerful tool for collecting grass clippings and leaves.

Standard motion control games make using the ZTrak ™ mowers easy and convenient.

The control levers can be adjusted back and forth in two heights and in nine positions for 18 different positions.

The blades of the high platform are equipped with a funnel. They provide optimal collection results under challenging conditions such as wet, thick, or long grass.

The washing port is easy to clean the bottom of the mower deck.

The fuel tank contains 8 liters of fuel. It is located in the lower-left corner of the machine.



Get the best machine for the job with C&B Operations’ Zero Turn Z335M ZTrak ZTrak 48 “. This home scraper mower can do the job you need with precision to save time. The 42-inch Accel Deep ™ The mower also features MulchControl ™ technology ZTrak Z335M The ZTrak is an 18-inch backrest, updated with armrests that increase user comfort, efficiency and help reduce more time without interruption.

Is there an oil filter in the engine?

Yes, the Zero Turn lawn Z335M has an engine oil filter.

Is it right on hills or in uneven gardens?

It is never recommended to cut or operate the water heater with a slope of more than 13° when the mower is in the basic configuration (without accessories). When using accessories, it is recommended not to mow or work on slopes greater than 10°. See Chapter 10 – Safety – Slope Handling in the Operator’s Manual for details.

Does the armrest fold up?

The Zero Turn Z335M has a driver position for maximum comfort and convenience. The Z335M armrests can be folded to the side if required.