John Deere Z740R Zero-Turn Mower Review

John Deere Z740R Zero-Turn Mower Review


For a professional cut, you need a high-performance lawn mower like the John Deere Z740R. This machine is equipped with a 48 “, 54” and 60 “cutting deck, making it very compact for storage and easy to slide between obstacles.


The 90-degree V-twin engine offers easy startup, excellent performance, and smooth operation.

Engine features, such as cast iron cylinder liners, provide a wear-resistant surface for longer engine life. The top V valves allow the engine to breathe easily for superior performance and fuel economy. The upper and hemispherical V-valve technology of the combustion chambers ensures low emissions, high performance, and smooth operation, while automatic pressure relief ensures an easy start.

The chipper’s rotating metal screen keeps the engine fins clean, filtering debris and reducing the size of material flowing through the engine fins.

A steel cover protects against a rotating fan.

The integrated cleaning holes allow you to check and clean the engine’s cooling fin.

A full pressure lubrication system provides the engine’s moving parts with enough oil for reliable operation and long service life:

  • Oil change without tools is easy to use.
  • The drain hose can be placed over the drain pan to prevent oil spillage.
  • A replaceable oil filter keeps the oil clean, extends engine life, and extends oil change intervals.

The rear engine cover protects the engine and gives the vehicle more strength and integrity.

The flywheel generator provides enough power to quickly charge the battery and power electrical devices, such as flashlights or sprayers:

  • 20 amp power
  • Adapts to keep the battery fully charged without the risk of overcharging.

Riding Comfort

The mower offers excellent driving comfort.

The patented 3-way adjustable footrest allows any operator to adjust the footrest position for added comfort quickly.

The mechanical suspension seat is more comfortable to adjust outside of the torch, but can also be changed while the operator is seated. The front / rear seat adjustment lever is located next to the seat and is easily accessible and can be operated by the seated driver.

The seat is securely held for operator comfort and safety but can be raised slightly if necessary.

There is an adjustment button in front of the seat, selected according to the driver’s preferences, and for a more comfortable ride. It is recommended to align the boom on the scale with the operator’s weight for optimal guidance.

Adjustable steering levers provide operator comfort and easy control of vehicle speed and direction.

Operator comfort is provided by luxury cup holders and easy-to-reach and easy-to-use storage space.

Lawnmower Control and Performance

Dual speed efficiently moves the ZTrak ™ torch back and forth and offers a variety of steering options:

  • The standard hydrostatic drive consists of a hydraulic pump combined with a standard high-performance wheel motor in one unit.

A pump and a gear motor for each drive wheel have several advantages:

  • Exceptional cooling under high load conditions
  • Quickly check the fluid level and add hydraulic oil.
  • Provides access under the seat
  • Transmissions are tuned for excellent downhill stability.

The high-performance components can withstand the higher loads associated with, the larger tires and heavier weight of the ZTrak Z700 Series blades.

Maintenance-free reducers are sealed and have no hose connections that could leak hydraulic fluid.

Four-bolt hubs provide a convenient and secure wheel retention system.

The hydrostatic transmission includes two Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transmissions for superior performance and durability.

Transmission oil expansion tanks are provided for each gear. The yellow filler cap is easy to find and identify.

Rugged construction for maximum performance and reliable operation:

  • High strength polymer spokes resist the load.
  • Reinforced steel hub with four bolts that easily screw into the 54 “Z740R (137 cm) or 60” (152 cm) table and 24×12-12 rim.
  • Michelin X Tweel tires are not available for 48 “cutting deck (122 cm).
  • A deep opening design provides excellent cleaning and traction.
  • The patented zero-slope high tensile frame provides high lateral stiffness and resists impact and puncture.

Quality Cut

The bridge has a deep bridge construction:

  • Manufactured from 9 gauges, 0.15 “(3.8mm) thick steel.
  • Deep deck design provides excellent air circulation to handle large volumes of material quickly and efficiently.
  • A more comprehensive and taller drain hole ensures even crop distribution for an excellent finish in all conditions.
  • Durable plastic deflector distributes clippings evenly across the lawn, folds, and lifts to minimize storage space.
  • Cold forged 25.4 mm (1 inch) diameters screws are heat-treated for added strength and are supported on ball bearings.
  • Standard front rollers and dual wheels ensure smoother cuts and less scalping.
  • The front edge is raised above the blade level for even cutting of tall grass.
  • More significant blade overlap than many traditional plates for a clean cut.
  • The torch can dump, mulch, or pick up material, except the Z740R equipped with Tweel tires is not compatible with the material pickup system.

The permanent solder step is located in the front left corner of the router platform.

The steel reinforcement is welded to the front edge and the finishing side of the mower deck.


The deck has deep, durable shaft pockets to keep the blades aligned even after years of hard work:

  • Ribs formed in the hull deck add strength as needed.
  • Aluminum shaft housing measures 8 “(20cm) for added strength.

Foldable spindle covers make it easy to clean the spindle area.

Double locking front and side wheels to protect against scalping:

  • It provides a smoother haircut and reduces the risk of scalping.
  • Adjustable for different cutting heights.


The MulchControl attachment makes mulching more convenient in many situations, as it not only provides excellent coverage but also allows the torch to be easily installed later when a blowout is most desirable. To the side or lift the material off the lawn.

The 6.5-bushel (230L) rear grass collector efficiently collects 48, 54, or 60 inches of the material cutting deck (122, 137, or 152 cm).

The control panel is well organized and easy to use.

The Z730M, Z735M, and Z740R high-end control levers are unique in shape and size for better control.

On-board tracking can be set by the operator from the driver’s seat.

The automatic parking brake system (patent pending) is integrated into the steering levers.

The cutting height of the mower deck can be adjusted from 3.8cm (1.5 inches) to 12.7cm (5 inches) to 0.25 inches (0.64cm) for high cut quality and productivity higher.

Fuses prevent dangerous operations.



An exclusive and unique 4-year warranty covers all John Deere Z700 ZTrak lawnmowers. John Deere leads the cutting industry with its warranty. It’s easy because the company takes care of all the documents.


The 740R is one of the best options available for effective lawn care and maintenance. It has a solid build and performs well. It’s affordable too, so practical owners should check it out.

What gas is used?

It is recommended that the Z740R Zero-Turn run on standard grade unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87. For detailed instructions on safely refueling the Z740R, refer to the Miscellaneous Maintenance – Using the Proper Fuel section of your owner’s manual.

Does the mower use a key?

Yes, the Z740R uses a key to switch the ignition on. The device comes with two keys, one included with the device and the other in a bag with instructions.

Where are the grease fittings?

See the Lubricant Maintenance section in the Operator’s Manual for more information. You can find many user guides.