John Deere Z730M Zero-Turn Mower Review

John Deere Z730M Zero-Turn Mower Review


John Deere Z730M lawnmowers are perfect if you need to cut large areas and need a small turning radius to get around trees and flower beds. It is designed for your comfort, the Z730M lawn mowers are comfortable and come standard with legendary John Deere quality with stamped steel decks for a superior cut.


24 HP (17.9 kW) provides great power.

The massive displacement of 44.3 cubic inches (726 ccs) offers excellent torque.

The 90-degree cylinder design with two V-cylinders allows easy starts, excellent power, and smooth operation performance.

The engine model is FS730V.

Cast iron cylinder liners provide a durable surface to extend engine life.

The upper V valves allow the engine to breathe easily for excellent power and fuel economy.

Automatic compression release allows easy starting.

The carburetor with internal ventilation maintains the correct fuel mix and minimizes emissions.

The fuel shut-off solenoid prevents excess fuel from entering the exhaust system and causes it to shut off after shutdown.

A rotating lawnmower screen helps keep the engine fins clean, filtering debris and reducing the size of material that passes through to pass safely through the engine fins.

Guard Protects the Rotating Fan

The full pressure lubrication system supplies plenty of oil to the engine’s moving parts to ensure reliable operation and long service life.

The integrated cleaning holes allow you to check and clean the engine’s cooling fins.

The heavy-duty, multi-stage air filter system thoroughly cleans the intake air from the engine.

The electronic ignition contributes to quick starts.

Rear engine protection protects the engine and provides additional strength and integrity to the vehicle.

A steering wheel alternator offers a remarkable ability to quickly recharge the battery and electrical power equipment, such as lamps or a sprayer.

The large capacity fuel tank is easy to fill, and a practical fuel gauge is provided.

Riding Comfort

Driving position for maximum user comfort

The patented 3-position adjustable end cover allows any operator to adjust the footrest position for greater comfort quickly.

The luxurious, comfortable seat with ComfortGlide suspension, adjustable front and rear seats, and two adjustable suspensions provide exceptional comfort:

  • High back, 22.5 inches (57.1 cm) seat with adjustable armrests and 3 inches (7.6cm) length adjustment

ComfortGlide suspension is an optional system that allows the seat to move back and forth in a controlled manner when uneven surfaces occur.

Two steel springs under the seat absorb shock from the uneven ground for a smooth ride.

The seat is secure and can be easily lifted if necessary.

Adjustable steering levers are designed for operator comfort and easy control of vehicle speed and steering.

The levers have 18 different heights and positions to choose the position of the arms and the distance between the legs.

Operator comfort is provided by luxurious cup holders, easy access, and convenient storage space.

The armrests can be folded to facilitate entry and exit.

The ergonomic design and professional-grade components adapt to a wide variety of operators and environments.

With adjustable functions, you can customize the cutting process for each operator. One of these features is the adjustable foot platform.

Lawnmower Handling and Performance

Dual drives efficiently move the ZTrak ™ cutter back and forth and control:

  • Standard hydrostatic transmission combines a hydraulic pump with a powerful industrial-grade wheel motor in one unit.
  • A pump and a drive motor for each drive wheel offer several advantages:
  • Exceptional cooling under high load conditions
  • Easy to check fluid level and hydraulic oil filling
  • Provides access under the seat
  • Gearboxes are adapted to the vehicle to ensure excellent stability on slopes.
  • High-performance components can withstand larger loads of large tires and the ZTrak Z700 series cutters’ heavier weight.
  • Maintenance-free gearboxes are sealed and have no hose connections in case of hydraulic fluid leak.
  • Four-pin hubs provide a convenient and secure wheel retention system.

The hydrostatic transmission features two Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 ™ gears for superior performance and durability.

Gear oil expansion tanks are provided for each gearbox. The yellow filler cap is easy to find and identify.

Trailer valve controls are provided for each transmission.

Quality Cut

The platform has a deep platform design:

  • Made of steel with a thickness of 9.0.15 “(3.8 mm).
  • The deep platform design provides excellent airflow so that large volumes of material can be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • The increasingly wide drainage opening ensures that the crop is evenly distributed and looks excellent in all conditions.
  • A durable plastic baffle distributes cutouts evenly across the lawn. It rotates and can be raised to minimize storage space.
  • 1-inch cold-forged spindles (25.4 mm) are heat-treated to increase strength and are supported by ball bearings.
  • Standard front rollers and two double wheels ensure a smoother cut and less risk of scratches.
  • The leading edge is raised above the blade level so that you can cut even tall grass.
  • More blade overlap than many traditional clean-cut decks.
  • The torch can dispense, cut, or collect material on the side unless the Z740R equipped with Tweel tires is not compatible with the material collection system.

Steel bars are welded to the front and side edges of the cutter platform:

  • Strengthens the bridge to reduce the risk of damage from obstacles.
  • Thicker material for longer bridge life.


The blade has deep and durable shaft pockets to keep the blades in position even after years of hard work:

  • Ribs formed on the deck hull add strength if necessary.
  • Aluminum axle housing measures 8 inches (20 cm) for extra strength.

Foldable tree covers make it easy to clean up the area with trees.

Double locking front and side wheels to protect against scalping:

  • It provides a smoother cut and reduces the risk of burns.
  • Adjustable for different cutting heights.


An exclusive 4-year one-source warranty backs all John Deere Z700 ZTrak knives. This guarantee puts John Deere at the forefront of the cutting industry. It’s comfortable with a company that takes care of all the paperwork.


The 6.5 bushels (230 L) rear grass catcher efficiently collects material from the 48, 54, or 60-inch baler. Mower deck (122, 137 or 152 cm):

  • Components for the funnel, drawbar/damper, Power Flow ™ fan, and duct must be ordered separately and constitute a complete MCS.
  • A weight rack and four 8.2 kg (18 lb) weights are included in the front mount kit to compensate for the bucket’s weight. For a suitable power supply with full MCS

The Mulch Control attachment makes mulching more convenient for many mowing situations; not only does it provide excellent mulching, but it also makes it easy to retrofit the cutter for applications where it is more convenient to throw it to the side or collect material from the Race.



John Deere Z730M Zero Spin Lawnmower with Pro 60 ”Large Capacity Mower Deck and Artificial Grass Tires. Kawasaki 24hp V-Twin engine, seatbelt with seatbelt and foldable for fast ground clearance, 22.5 ” rear seat with armrest and Comfort Glide for better handling, lift handle, integrated parking brake with levers steering and rear hydraulics. Reach speeds up to 15 km / h forward with an 8-gallon fuel tank to keep up. Save time and effort with this machine!!!

Does this have a detachable deck?

The ZTrak ™ Z730M mower deck can be removed for deck maintenance. It is recommended that you refer to Section 55 Lawnmower Maintenance in your machine’s manual for detailed instructions.

What is the engine brand in the Z730M?

The Z730M is powered by an engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton for John Deere.

Does this mower have a floating deck?

The Accel Deep mower deck is suspended from the machine for a smooth and even cut.