John Deere Z345R Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

John Deere Z345R Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review


For those unfamiliar with the term, zero-turn mowers can pivot in place and navigate some of the tightest areas. It is particularly useful on small construction sites where there may not be enough room for regular turns.

The Z345R has a pair of cup holders, an 18-inch seat, and a powerful motor for working on slopes. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than most of our list options, and it’s not worth evaluating the non-spin ability.


The 724cc (44.2 cu in) V-twin engine delivers more power and torque for demanding mulch, mowing and harvesting applications:

  • V-twin design for higher torque reduced vibration and better sound quality
  • M44 engine model
    Electronic ignition for a quick start
  • Cast iron bushings for longer engine life.
  • Superior valves for excellent performance and fuel economy
  • Screw-in oil filter with pressure lubrication to hold the oil filter for long engine life and increase the time between oil changes; Pressure lubrication is also more effective when using the tractor on slopes.
  • Easy access to oil drain valve without tools for an oil change.
  • Rear engine guard to protect the engine and provide increased strength and integrity.

The replaceable fuel filter and oil filter are easily accessible and can be replaced to minimize maintenance time and costs.

Riding Comfort

The operator station is designed for operator comfort in using all controls.

Comfortable seats make driving more enjoyable. The armrests of the Z345R, Z355R, and Z375R seats can be folded down on request.

Two steel springs under the seat absorb shock when driving on uneven ground for a smooth ride.

The seat is 2.5 inches. (6.35 cm) turned from front to back. The screws can be loosened with the cutting height pin to adjust the seat.

The covered locker under the seat and the open locker on the vehicle’s left side provides the driver with safe storage for safety equipment, mobile phones, etc.

The wide-leg platform helps the operator feel comfortable and safe.

Quality Cut

The deep drawing of the cutting deck guarantees excellent cutting quality. It allows you to leave space for cutting and hanging the materials on the apron without cutting:

  • By reducing the amount of grinding, more energy can be used to cut incoming grass, which significantly increases the mower’s performance.
  • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at higher cut speeds.
  • The clean flow of material from the exit area prevents cut material from interfering with incoming grass cutting so that the blades can cut the incoming material neatly.
  • Even in mulching mode, the cut’s smoothness is improved over other models as the extra depth provides continuous circulation, optimal mowing, and even distribution of the cut.

The large outlet opening is both high and wide to handle more material:

  • Provides uniform and smooth discharge of cut grass at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the risk of clogging, which is especially important when working on wet, thick or dense grass and when lowering.
  • The glass cutter has a large and optimized entrance.


The 42A deck has sturdy shaft pockets to keep the blades in line even after years of heavy use:

  • Deck hull ribs increase strength when needed.
  • The 42A’s total weight is 16% higher than the 107 cm Edge ™ Xtra cutting deck it replaces.

The lawnmower wheels have a double handle:

  • Offers greater strength and durability for longer, trouble-free operation.
  • Single screw adjustment makes it quick and easy to adjust the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height.
  • The low tension belt drive design reduces the lateral load on the lower motor bearings and harrows housing bearings for longer life.

The curled outer edge of the deck offers added strength and protection.

The two-stage electronic coating and powder coating provides additional protection against rust.


The 42A was designed with maximum versatility in mind, making it easy to switch from one cutter discharge mode to another:

  • The mowers’ design with cutting mechanism allows for packaging with the addition of a hopper and chute after the installation of suitable bag cutters.
  • The 42A retractable chute is easy to install with a single elastic rope in the front and is easy to reach.
  • Bagging blades can also be used for side discharge.
  • Suppose the optional MulchControl accessory is installed (in combination with special blades for mulching). In that case, the transition from side-discharge to mulching or vice versa is done simply by moving the lever.

Lawn Handling and Performance

Dual transmissions efficiently propel the ZTrak ™ cutter back and forth and provide control over:

  • Transmissions are mounted on the bottom of the vehicle for excellent slope stability.
  • Hydro-Gear® transmissions are reliable and durable.
  • 5 cm shafts for added strength
  • Gear units in maintenance-free units are sealed and have no hose connections in case of hydraulic fluid leakage.

The four-bolt hubs provide a secure and comfortable wheel retention system.

Towing valve controls are provided for transmission and are located above the vehicle frame on both sides of the engine:

  • Easy to reach and use
  • Allow the vehicle to move without the engine running.
  • 42 inches (107 cm) Accel deep cut deck is a flat, deep steel construction that offers excellent cut quality, performance, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimal cutting performance and dispersion are guaranteed even at the highest cutting speeds:
  • 5 inches. (11.4 cm) depth for optimal cutting, mulching, and collecting
  • Optional MulchControl ™ accessory for superior mulch performance and versatility.
  • Forged steel construction eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can accumulate and affect cutting performance.
  • The cutting platform is suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and even cut.
  • Adjustable cutting wheels positioned just above ground level for a smoother cut.


The wash hole is designed to facilitate cleaning the bottom of the cutting deck.

The steering levers can be adjusted to two heights and nine front and rear positions for 18 different positions.

Setting up monitoring onboard the operator’s seat is quick and easy. The cutting height adjustment pin includes a 13 mm wrench and functions as a useful tool for adjusting the feed arm’s crawl and position.

The models Z345R, Z355R, and Z375R are equipped with a lift pedal combined with a manual lift lever to facilitate lifting the cutter platform. The foot lift also offers a convenient way to lift the cutter platform over an obstacle while cutting temporarily.

The kit includes a shock absorber that cushions the control levers’ movement so that any operator can make smooth, controlled turns.

The reinforced (PTO) is controlled from a control panel mounted on the convenient board.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 2.1 gallons (8 L) of fuel. It is located on the bottom left side of the machine.



Feel the real mowing this season with the John Deere Z345R ZTrak rotary trimmer. The powerful V-twin motor provides 22 hp so that you can mow your lawn at a speed of up to 11 km / h. The Accel Deep ™ cutting deck has a 42″ cutting surface, and a unique design lifts the grass for a professional cut on any lawn. Also, this cutting platform consists of a piece of steel. And you can move from mulching to side dumping for any project. In addition to technical excellence, the Zero Turn Z345R ZTrak mower has an ergonomic and comfortable seat, footrest, and adjustable throttle to keep the operator comfortable for longer. And with John Deere’s 2-Year, 120-Hour Warranty on the back, you know they trust their craftsmanship in every aspect.

Can you put a snowplow on the front?

No, the Zero Turn Z345R mower is not compatible with the snow thrower.

Do the rear tires track inside of the 42″ cutting width?

The deck slot is 107 cm (42 inches), and the wheelbase is 121 cm (47 inches).

Does this have a detachable deck?

The deck of the Z3rakR ZTrak ™ rake can be removed for deck maintenance. It is recommended that you refer to Section 55 – Lawn Mower Maintenance in the machine owner’s manual for detailed instructions.