John Deere Z535M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

John Deere Z535M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review


In addition to its user-friendly control functions, the Z535M is the main differentiator in the energy department with 25 HP V-Twin Vortex engine. You can do more in less time. Besides, the cyclonic system reduces filter maintenance and keeps the machine clean, which extends the engine’s life. Another feature of the Z535M is the operator deck options 48 “or 52” Accel Deep ™ Decks or 62 “Edge Decks. Each of these systems provides precise cuts with incredible efficiency. Finally, the Z535M has a more extensive set of rear wheels that provide traction even in dangerous conditions.


The 25 HP (18.6 kW) V-twin engine offers enough power and torque for difficult mulching, cutting and harvesting conditions:

  • The V-shaped double-cylinder design offers more torque, less vibration, and better sound quality.
  • M44 Cyclonic ™ motor model
  • The electronic ignition facilitates a quick start.
  • Cast iron cylinder liners provide a durable surface for longer engine life.
  • Outboard valves allow the engine to breathe easily for outstanding performance and fuel economy.
  • The rear engine guard protects the engine and increases vehicle strength and integrity.

The cyclonic air control system removes larger particles of dirt before reaching the air filter, reducing filter maintenance and extending engine life:

  • The cyclonic design projects large particles of dirt before they enter the filter.
  • Air filter with a large, high-quality paper filter element thoroughly cleans the engine intake air.
  • The air filter can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

No-tool oil drain plug with hose and oil filter pan for easy and problem-free maintenance.

Riding Comfort

The operator station is designed for operator comfort and convenient use of all functional elements:

  • An excellent front and side view of the platform makes the operator’s work more accessible and comfortable.
  • The controls are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Double lever spring levers are adjustable for operator convenience and convenience.
  • Shock absorbers allow smooth control movements for smooth operation.

The comfort seats have two suspension springs and a tool-free length adjustment for the seated driver.

Two steel springs under the seat absorb shocks from uneven terrain for a smoother ride.

The commercial steel footrest steps for easy access to the mower deck.

Lawn Mower Handling and Performance

62 inches (157 cm) – low deck mower:

  • The mower can discharge or apply mulch sideways.
  • Durable plastic deflector evenly distributes grass debris on your lawn, folds up, and can be lifted to minimize storage space.

Deep plate drilling ensures high productivity and fast work progress. It allows cut and hung material to leave the deck quickly; reducing the number of new cuts so more power is available to handle oncoming grass:

  • Significantly improves the cutter’s ability to maintain excellent cutting performance in difficult cutting conditions and at high speeds.

The massive drain is tall and wide to accommodate more material:

  • Provides a uniform discharge of cut grass at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the possibility of clogging, which is especially important when working on wet, dense, or dense grass.
  • The Power Flow ™ 48A blower has a 50% wider inlet housing than the Power Flow 48X blower used in previous machines.

Quality Cut

The deep padding of the cutting deck ensures excellent cutting quality. It allows you to leave room for cutting and suspended material so that it is no longer cut:

  • Reducing the number of cuts allows you to use more energy to cut incoming grass, significantly increasing the mower’s power.
  • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at higher cutting speeds.
  • The clean flow of material from the exit area prevents cut material from hitting incoming cut grass so that the blades can cut incoming material in an organized manner.
  • Even in mulch mode, cutting uniformity is improved over other models, as the additional depth provides continuous circulation, optimal cutting, and even distribution of material to be cut.


The 48A Mower Deck has sturdy shaft recesses to keep knives level even after years of heavy use:

  • Ribs in the shell increase strength when needed.
  • The 48A weighs 23 percent more than the 48 “Edge ™ Xtra 122 cm mower deck has been used on previous machines.

The mower wheels are double captured:

  • Provides increased strength and durability for trouble-free durability.
  • Thanks to the individually adjustable screws, the wheels can be quickly adjusted to the correct height for the cutting height.
  • Low tension belt drive design reduces the lateral load on lower motor bearings and deck bearings to extend service life.

The 48A mower deck measures 5/8 inches and 16mm diameter solid steel side bumper for added strength and protection.

Two-stage powder-coated electronic coating provides additional protection against rust.


The 48A mower is designed for maximum versatility and offers the most incredible ease in switching from one mower to another:

  • If the optional MulchControl accessory is installed (together with special mulch blades), it is possible to change from side-discharge to mulch or vice versa by merely pressing the lever.
  • The Power Flow excavator can be used with the MulchControl attachment and blades installed simply by moving the MulchControl lever to the side dump position.


An optional 6.5 bushel (230 l) material collection system is available for the Back Power-Packer (MCS). It is an effective way to harvest leaves and prune herbs.

The operator can control the cuts with MulchControl. The operator can now take advantage of all the benefits of mulching and, if necessary, quickly switch to side discharge or bagging.

The flat top of the deck is ideal for keeping you and the operator clean.

ZTrak Mowers are built around a welded and stamped reinforced steel frame for added strength and reliability.

The operator platform is spacious and organized for maximum comfort, and the controls are easy to use.

Convenient fuel sight glass positioned so that the operator can easily see.



Discover the best way to mow your lawn this summer with the John Deere Z535M ZTrack lawnmower. This machine is packed with unique features that will not only make you compile your to-do list, but also have fun. One of these features is its incredible ease of maintenance. Most zero-turn blades make it difficult to access essential functions; with the Z535M, they are always close at hand, which makes maintenance easier and saves time and money. Also, the operator’s station is designed to maximize productivity on the farm. Ergonomic features ensure comfort and focus, while storage compartments and cup holders keep you away for longer. With easy-to-use controls and a convenient fuel window, this machine is easy to use and repair and offers unmatched operator satisfaction.

Can the deck be raised and lowered manually?

The Z535M is a 62C Z500 series lawnmower with a pedal and manual lift lever that can be used to adjust the deck height at the same time. Z535M Series Lawnmowers with 48A or 54A Lawnmowers use a manual lift lever to adjust the cutting deck’s height.

Does it have tow ability?

The Z535M Zero-Turn is compatible with a hitch plate that allows the towing of approved equipment. The tractor’s total weight must not exceed the total weight of the tow bar, ballast, and operator. Use counterweights or wheel weights, as described in the instructions for use.

Is it difficult to clean the bottom of the cutting deck and replace the blades?

Installation times may vary. For instructions on how to replace the Z535M Lawnmower Blade, see Section 55 Lawnmower Maintenance in the Owner’s Manual. Section – 15 – Cleaning the Machine will help you identify the machine’s main parts that need cleaning.