10 Best Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

Battery powered lawn mowers are easy to use, fuss-free and silent. One of the many benefits of using this type of model is that it is lighter and easier to maneuver around the lawn compared to a gas lawn mower which requires more force to move and follow. Also, a battery powered model is less at risk whereas an electric lawn mower can be a health and safety issue if you come into contact with water.

These lawn mowers are portable thanks to the use of lawn tractor batteries. They are environmentally friendly and very efficient as most models have unloading options making them both efficient and efficient. With this guide and the collected research, you will be able to make an informed decision based on the various factors of each model.

Below is the best battery operated lawn mower.

1. Greenworks 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Twin Force Battery Lawn Mower comes with a G-max 40V Lithium Ion system that powers a variety of tools. It includes one 4 Ah battery and one 2 Ah battery and charger. It automatically switches to a backup battery to extend the run time. The 20″ cutting deck provides a good balance of maneuverability and cutting power, making this model suitable for medium sized lawns.

This Greenworks 25302 lawn mower has advanced smart cutting technology that adjusts power or running time based on grass thickness. Its twin blades provide better cutting quality and provide better mulching and packing. Features include a 5-position single-lever height adjuster that allows you to cut a height range from 1-3/4′ to 3-3/8′, making it easy to tailor the mower to your specific needs.

Greenworks 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower

Smart cut technologyNo Rear Roller for Stripey Lawn
Smooth operation and less noise
Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Battery 40V
Our verdict

The Green works lawn mower operates at the touch of a button, thanks to the easily adjustable features that this model will provide you with hassle-free.

2. Worx WG794 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

The Programmed Robotic Worx Landroid Lawn Mower is fully programmed when out of the box for easy setup. AIA technology allows Landroid to make cuts and pass through narrow spaces with high precision. The Landroid mows the slope evenly and drops down to 20 degrees at an idle speed of 2800/min. This model uses a shock sensor system to mow down any obstacles. It automatically returns to base in case of wet weather or to recharge the battery.

Worx WG794 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Compact and lightweight: easy to transportNeed perfect set up
Low maintenance and running costsNeed initial Supervision
Automatic lawn careCan’t cut the edges perfectly
Customizable mowing of the lawnCan’t avoid obstaclesn
High quality user interface and experience
Our verdict

Worx Landroid offers you an efficient way to keep your garden clean and tidy while managing your busy daily routine in a fraction of the time. This model saves time and money while delivering quality results.

3. Sun Joe MJ401C Push Mower

Sun Joe 14 Inch 28 Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower is most suitable for small to medium sized lawns. It has a built-in push-button LED battery level indicator. This model has an individual cutting height with 3 position manual height adjustment and a removable safety key to avoid accidental starts.

This lawnmower already has a 4.0Ah battery pack and is rated at 28V for maximum performance and a Li-Ion battery pack for up to a quarter-acre of continuous mowing per charge.

Sun Joe MJ401C Push Mower

Powerful and without gasFor small gardens only
CordlessBags fill quickly
Less noiseUnreplaceable batteries
Instant startLow battery life
Supplied with safety switchCan be a problem in dense grass
10.6 gallon grass collection bagPlastic parts are a bit fragile
Our verdict

The Sun Joe lawn mower features a durable steel blade designed to cut a 14″ wide path and a brushless motor for less noise and longer runtime.

4. EGO Power + cordless lawn mower

EGO Power++ 20″ 56V Lithium Ion Battery Lawnmower is compatible with all EGO power+ Lithium Ion batteries, has a 20″ cutting capacity and is weather resistant. This model has 3-in-1 mulching, bagging and side ejection, and it simply folds for compact storage. It comes with LED headlights so you can mow at any time of the day, morning or evening.

EGO Power + cordless lawn mower

Produces 30% less noise than a lawn mowerLess powerful
Compact and foldableChallenging to clean
Fast charger included
600W big torque magnetic motor
Cutting time up to 90 minutes depending on battery
Our verdict

The EGO Power+ model is easy to use, refined and delivers the same performance of a gas lawnmower without the noise, fuss and smoke.

5. Greenworks PRO Battery Lawnmower

The Greenworks PRO 21″ 80V cordless lawnmower provides up to 60 minutes of operation with a fully charged 4.0Ah battery, battery and charger included. Unlike many products, Greenworks PRO offers many commercial-grade tools for professionals and those who simply need more power. The cutting height for this model is a maximum of 1-3/4 inches.

The brushless motor of this lawn mower gives your tool longer run time, more torque and more power. This means less wear and longer tool life. This model is great for load sensing, its unique 3 in 1 discharge features allow for rear dumping, mulching and side dumping.

Greenworks PRO Battery Lawnmower

Vertical storageMay not be able to handle very tall grass
Start buttonAssembly required
Fast chargingGrass collection bags may remove some grass
Large 10″ rear wheels
Our verdict

The Greenworks PRO is designed to work in tough environments while being lightweight and easy to move.

6. Sun Joe iON16LM cordless lawn mower

Sun Jo’s 16″ iON16LM cordless lawn mower is rated at 40V and comes with a 4.0Ah iONMAX Li-ion battery that provides up to 40 minutes of noise-free operation and is compatible with all iON tools. It features Ecosharp technology with no loss of power and maximum performance.There are no pull cords, gas, oil, settings, carbon emissions, or messy extension cords.

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor that improves battery efficiency, maximizes motor performance and reduces noise and vibration. This compact product is ideal for small to medium sized lawns.

Sun Joe iON16LM cordless lawn mower

Immediate startNot suitable for sloping terrain
Accumulator batteryBattery life is low
Cutting width 15″
Multi-position height adjustment with quick wheel lock
9.25 gal grass bag
Our verdict

This environmentally friendly Sun Joe lawn mower uses the most advanced lithium-ion technology to provide up to 40 minutes of carbon-free operation for a healthier, safer environment.

7. BLACK + DECKER CM1640 Battery lawn mower

BLACK + DECKER 16″ 40 Volt mower is height adjustable and has 6 cutting height settings from 1-1/10′ to 3-1/10′. The product includes 2 lithium batteries 40V max. And foldable handles for easy and convenient storage. The BLACK+DECKER model features a 9.5 gallon grass box made from soft fabric with a hard top.It includes 2 LBXR2040 batteries, 1 LCS36 charger and power supply battery.

The product is a 3 in 1 compact mower; its use is moving, trimming and edging. Its gear drive delivers consistent power on most lawn types thanks to its 12″ swath, automatic feed reel and uses the AF-100.

BLACK + DECKER CM1640 Battery lawn mower

Has the freedom of wireless convenienceNo mulch or side-discharge options
Minimal clutter and saves timeCut quality of taller grass could be improved
Gives you up to 30 minutes moving time
Ideal for small yards
6 adjustable heights
Our verdict

This BLACK+DECKER cordless lawn mower is the perfect multi-purpose product that allows you to mow, mow and trim your lawn. This is a compact and time saving, easy to use lawn mower.

8. Snapper XD MAX Electric cordless mower

Snapper XD The 21″ MAX Electric 21V lawn mower features a variable speed self-propelled transmission. It has a 21″ 3-in-1 steel cutting deck that includes grass cutting for mulch, bag or side discharge. Runtime of this product is up to 45 minutes with Briggs & Stratton 82V 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery; This kit comes with 2 Ah lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger.

The Snapper XD product is intelligent and is a fast load detection technology; power is adjustable according to the needs of the cutting blades. Start the mower by pressing the start button and one lever.

Does not require much maintenance when the brushless battery motor is running.A little heavy for an electric lawnmower.
Easy to use and quiet.High price.
Allows you to control the forward moving speed.A risky choice in wet conditions.
Operating time up to 40 minutes.Tall, dense grass can drastically reduce mowing time.
Our verdict

The Snapper cordless lawn mower is a smart tool, equipped with a long life brushless motor, the high efficiency 1000W or 1200W motor provides the power you need to mow your lawn for the foreseeable future.

9. BLACK+DECKER CM2060C Lawn mower

Max Power BLACK + DECKER CM2060C 20″ 60V Replacement Mower allows for quick battery changes at the touch of a button. This is an auto-detection technology that saves battery power to give you more time. This model includes 2 2.5Ah 60V Lithium batteries that provide double the runtime on a single charge.

The mower is easy to navigate with 6 height settings from 1 1/3″ to 4″ and also has a 3-in-1 configuration that allows you to mulch clippings, packs, or side dumps.

 BLACK+DECKER CM2060C Lawn mower

Mows down to ¼ acre.The handle can be folded, but the mower cannot be stored upright.
20″ cutting width.Lower power under load compared to competitive products.
Easily adjust how high or low you cut the grass.
Has an indicator showing how much battery is left.
Supplied with 2 LBX2560 60V Max Li-ion batteries and charger.
Our verdict

The BLACK + DECKER lawn mower instantly adjusts power based on operating time, making it an effective tool for keeping your lawn tidy.

10. Worx WG779 Battery Lawn mower

Worx WG779 40V Cordless 14″ Lawnmower is equipped with two 20V 4.0Ah batteries for longer run time and is powered by 40V. This model has a patented smart technology that generates power on demand and saves the battery when you want to use it. The foam padded handles of this product have provided a comfortable grip to reduce cutting fatigue.

The Worx lawn mower has a single lever adjustment that allows you to choose between 3 cutting heights. This mower comes with a dual port charged with battery level indicators.

Worx WG779 Battery Lawn mower

Provides extra torque when neededMight not cut short enough for some.
Gives you the option of one- or two-hand control.Instructions weren’t great.
Easy to transport.
14″ cutting deck.
2-in-1 rear discharge.
Our verdict

The Worx cordless lawnmower is the perfect tool for every season; It mulches the leaves in the fall, leaving your lawn healthier, and cuts it well in the spring and summer. With single-lever adjustment, it satisfies your needs regardless of the season; you get precise cutting with it.

Benefits of battery lawn mowers

Battery powered lawnmowers use rechargeable batteries that power electric motors. This approach allows devices of this class to combine the advantages of both network and gasoline mowers:

  • Autonomy – they are not tied to an outlet and can work anywhere, there would be a charge in the battery;
  • Environmental friendliness – no exhaust;
  • Silence – electric motors of battery mowers are much quieter than gasoline engines;
  • Compact size and lightweight;
  • Ease of use and maintenance.

At the same time, battery models cost about the same as asking for their counterparts. The only serious drawback of devices of this class is not the most outstanding performance, but for most household tasks it is more than enough. For use on a garden plot of up to 7 acres or on the territory near a private house, battery models are the best fit.

Best battery operated lawn mower – Buyer’s Guide

  • Battery voltage: This parameter allows you to determine the performance of battery lawnmowers. In some way, voltage acts as an analogue of power in network models. The higher it is, the more complex tasks the mower can handle. Typically, devices of this type are equipped with 36-40 volt batteries, although 60 and even 18-volt ones can be found.
  • Battery capacity: Measured in ampere-hours. The higher it is, the longer the mower can work on one battery charge.
  • Bevel width. Determines how much grass the mower can cut in one pass. Wide swath means high performance, narrow swath means high maneuverability. It usually ranges from 30 to 50 cm.
  • Cutting height: A wide range of cutting heights allows you to cut your lawn just the way you want it. This parameter can range from 10 to 150 mm, but the most popular range is 50-70 mm. The more adjustment steps for this parameter the lawnmower has, the better.
  • Noise level: Battery mowers are much quieter than gasoline mowers, but they still cannot be called silent. It is desirable that the level of noise produced by the device does not exceed 80 decibels.
  • Grass release: Lawn mowers can throw grass backwards or sideways. However, it is not always convenient for the cut grass to remain on the site, therefore, for your own convenience, it is better to immediately choose a device with a grass collector of at least 30-40 liters.
  • Mulching: With the help of mulching nozzles, mowers can not only mow the grass, but turn it into mulch – a highly crushed mass that helps the lawn grow. If the lawn is dear to you, then it is advisable to take a mower with such a function.
How to replace a lawnmower battery?

Lawnmower batteries are located in one of two places: under the hood or under the lawnmower seat. To find it, turn off the mower and remove the keys. Look in both of these places and release the cover latch so you can access the battery. If you find any strap or bar holding the battery in place, remove it.

When removing the battery, make sure you remove the black or ground wire. If you find that the connectors are corroded, use a stiff wire brush to clean them. If the battery itself is highly corroded, use baking soda and water paste and apply it to the terminals. Leave for a few minutes before using a brush and water to wash away corrosion. Wipe off any remaining water with a soft cloth.

Be careful not to let mixture or water get into any battery cells and rinse thoroughly before removing. Because baking soda neutralizes battery acid and will neutralize the battery if it gets inside the cells. But if the connectors remain secure, use a flathead screwdriver to slowly pry the connector away from the terminal. Make sure you don’t unplug the cable as you may disconnect the connected terminal.

When the negative cable is removed, the red cable is removed. Finally, when you have removed the battery from the holder, clean it of corrosion and dirt and dry the holder. Insert the new battery into the holder and attach the strap or strap. When reconnecting the cables to the battery terminals, be sure to start with the positive cable, which is red.
Connect it to the positive terminal and tighten the bolt to secure it. Make sure you connect the negative cable, which is also black, to the correct connector. After that, put the cover back on and test it to make sure everything is working.

How long does it take to charge a lawnmower battery?

Make sure the battery charger is set to 12V and 10A or less. Plug in the charger, the charger should fully charge the battery in one hour at the 10A setting, however you may need to charge the battery longer if the amplifier setting is lower.

Which lawn mower is better – gas or battery

This question is asked by almost all lawn owners when it comes time to buy a lawn mower. It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, because the models are different.

The petrol mower is designed to work on large areas. Even when the gas in the tank runs out, you can quickly top it up and continue working. Cordless technology is deprived of this possibility, since it takes a long time to charge the batteries. Gasoline engines are usually much more powerful and capable of longer continuous operation, however, they have their drawbacks in the form of complexity and high cost of maintenance, noise and harmful emissions. In addition, some models do not have an electronic start, so they need to be wound manually.

Battery-powered devices, unlike gasoline ones, practically do not make sounds, do not have a negative impact on the environment and human health. They are easier to use and maintain due to their simpler design. Of the minuses, a short duration of continuous operation is distinguished, but this can be fixed by purchasing a spare battery.


Generally, battery powered lawnmowers need to run up to 300 charges before they start to lose their power and may need to be replaced. To simplify this, if you mow your lawn twice a week for 8 months of the year, that equates to about 64 mowings in that season. This means that you will save money in the long run.