Worx WG751 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Worx WG751 Battery Lawn Mower Review


Just in time for spring, Worx launched a 20-inch lawn mower for budget owners. This eco-friendly electric lawnmower is powered by two Max Power Share 5.0Ah 20V batteries with a 19-inch range and can cover medium-sized lawns of up to 1/4 acre on a single charge.

It is the largest electric mower ever made by Worx, both in platform size and performance. It is good news for those who want to prune their small and medium-sized gardens quickly. Higher tension means more torque, while an enormous cutting deck means you have fewer steps to get the job done. It also has 10-inch rear wheels for greater mobility and traction.

It has a two-stage electric starter. Just hold down the Start button while pulling on the ball handler, and the cutter will break.

The Worx 40V lawnmower allows you to cover, collect, or send grass from a steel platform. And since Worx included the Nutricut multiple blades, the cuts were excellent. It allows the nutrients in the cut grass to be more easily absorbed by the lawn as fertilizer.

Power System and Batteries

WORX power supply WG751 One of the power system’s essential features is that rechargeable batteries can be shared. So if you have other WORX tools in your house, you now have two spare batteries.

Both 20 V 5 Ah batteries are included, so you get not only more power, but also a good value for money. We often see manufacturers selling batteries separately from the main product. However, this is not the case here. The average battery of 5 Ah has a runtime of about 50 minutes. So, if you don’t have a big lawn, the WORX WG751 can do the job on one.

Suppose you are aware of the environmental compatibility of your instruments. In that case, you will be pleased to know that this product does not emit any emissions and, above all, minimizes noise pollution thanks to its remarkably quiet operation.

However, the real difference is that energy consumption works uniquely, and simultaneous consumption is used to ensure optimal availability without interruption.

Battery Charger

But when it comes to performance, nothing is more impressive than the included ultra-fast dual charger. The maximum charging time is only one hour, and you won’t waste time.

The battery meter gives you a clear idea of ​​how much power you have left, so you’ll never run out of something unexpected.

Once the WORX WG751 is fully charged and ready to use, it cuts up to 500 m².

Height Adjustment

The WORX WG751 is an excellent option if you are looking for a versatile lawn mower thanks to its height adjustment.

Six positions range from 2cm to 8cm Best of all, and this adjustment can be made with an easily adjustable lever. Nothing makes a product more attractive than ease of use.


This cordless lawnmower is equipped with a powerful, light, and compact blower. It is capable of creating volumes of air up to 360 cubic feet per minute. It makes the blower ideal for all types of jobs.

The best thing about a fan is how it works. It is easy to use and makes it easy to use with one hand. Also, the mower has two-speed controls. You can choose the frame that suits you best. It has a 3.7lb battery that will last a long time.

Cutting Quality

As mentioned, the WORX WG751 has a sturdy 19cm cutting width, making it ideal for large lawns and making it easy to work on small lawns.

Of course, the Intellicut technology, which makes it very easy to mow the lawn right up to the edge, is an added benefit. This mode can be expanded at any time with the Turbo Boost function.

Safety Features

As previously mentioned, the lack of a cable means accidents are far less likely, but you get a lot more when you buy the WORX WG751.

For example, the easy-start feature is much better than the method of removing a gas lawnmower, which can be a nightmare after use and can often be painful at first. A simple safety switch works wonders.


With the Worx 40V lawnmower, you can chop, mix, or send debris from the steel deck. And since the Worx contains Nutricut multi-sheet material, the cut is perfect. It allows nutrients from the cut grass to be more easily absorbed into the lawn as a fertilizer.

Mulching Mode

You don’t expect a modern lawnmower to do without mowing mode, and the WORX WG751 does not disappoint. It has an easy to activate a mulching mode that provides the perfect potting soil for your garden.



This cordless lawn mower can cut up to 6500 square meters with a full charge. This lawnmower is no problem because it is easy to assemble and maneuver in the garden, and you can turn the lawnmower on or off with the push of a button. The 3-in-1 design makes this lawn mower even more attractive.

If you are looking for a lawnmower that lasts a long time and offers superior mulching capabilities, we recommend buying from a reputable brand like WORX.

Does this mower have a battery and charger?

This tool comes with two (2) 20V 5.0Ah Power Share batteries and a dual-port charger for efficient charging.

Can I use only one battery at a time if I don’t need that much power?

40V Power Share ™ tools operate with two batteries, not just one installed battery. Both batteries should have the same Ah and be fully charged for optimal performance.

Can I adjust the cutting height of this mower?

You can adjust the cutting height of this mower to get the exact cut you want. Switch between different cutting heights positions with an easy-to-use single-lever adjustment.