Snapper 1687982 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Snapper 1687982 Battery Lawn Mower Review


The Snapper 1687982 lawn mower is an electric lawn mower that I was happy to include in my reviews of battery-powered lawnmowers, primarily because it is a snapper lawn mower and a lawnmower. This brand is mainly of high quality. Fortunately, the lawnmower is no exception to this rule.

This lawnmower had an excellent 21 ” steel platform, 2-2Ah batteries, 1 quick charger, a large starter button, a 1.6-bushel bag, and a 3 in 1 lawnmower, which means you can fold chips, throw them away or cover them.


One of the most significant advantages of a battery-powered electric lawn mower is that it is lighter. It makes them a lot easier to use than gas-powered lawnmowers. However, the downside is that many manufacturers compromise the build quality, displacement, and handling to keep weight down.

Snapper didn’t make these mistakes and instead weighed 36 pounds. The Briggs and Stratton engine and steel platform’s weight will help you cut out overhangs, grooves, and holes of any depth and height.

The product may require some initial adjustments to balance the weight, but its sturdy chassis and powerful motor make the added weight acceptable. The performance of this cordless lawnmower is comparable to that of a gas-powered lawnmower.

We recommend that you update the two pre-installed 2 Ah lithium-ion batteries that came with the Snapper. Each battery can operate the cutter for up to 45 minutes after half an hour of charging.

Replacing the battery is relatively easy as all you have to do is press a button to unlock the phone. While the included 82V batteries are sufficient for most users, they are compatible with Snapper XD Max 4Ah batteries for those who want more cutting time.

It takes twice as long to recharge batteries above 4 Ah, but the cutter lasts much longer. The prolonged execution time is a direct result of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which adapts performance to the workload’s intensity.

When mowing, the power is reduced to extend battery life. However, when you start cutting thick weeds, the load sensor increases the performance for mowing hard grass.


Many large lawnmowers are heavy and difficult to move. The Snapper XD has an elegant self-propelled mechanism to help you move. Just push the movable bar close to the crank, and the engine will fill the rear wheels with a little juice to make them turn. It makes it much easier to move the garden during mowing and when not in use.

However, we must warn you that the self-propelled mechanism has little effect. Therefore, it cannot be easy to work if you are not expecting it. Be sure to hold the cutter firmly before turning it on. Otherwise, you may have an uncontrollable lawnmower.


With the convenience of this mower, mowing the lawn is no longer a hated task. It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable handling. The cutter can be started effortlessly at the press of a button.

When combined with the pleasure of mowing the lawn without having to endure a petrol lawnmower’s noise and smoke. The combination of lightweight materials and a powerful engine makes it easy to use. The Snapper XD has the ideal power-to-weight ratio for improved handling.

Load sensing technology detects grass thickness and adjusts blade performance accordingly. It saves energy and extends battery life, as the full potential is not always reached. It also makes it easier to mow the lawn in general, as the blade performance is adjusted precisely to your taste.

Durability and Quality

Briggs and Stratton’s machines offer high performance, reliability, and durability. These machines are the first 82-volt lithium-ion lawnmowers operated by Briggs and Stratton with a 21-inch steel platform in a 3-in-1 design.

Briggs and Stratton is the world’s largest manufacturer of external power systems for manufacturers worldwide. You’ve been in the market for 100 years. Combined with a robust design and a powerful engine, the Snapper XD 82V ensures that you get a machine with improved quality and reliability.

Power System

At 82V, Snapper 1687982 is not afraid of electricity. It can easily handle large areas of the lawn without having to return to the loader. The brushless motor is reliable, efficient, and energy-efficient. The runtime is impressive, and the loading times are fast.

It comes with 2 2Ah batteries, and four or 5Ah batteries can also be used. They can be used for other compatible Snapper product, which is very convenient and saves money.

Ease of Use

Despite its weight and thick construction, the Snapper is surprisingly easy to use. It is operated at the push of a button and is easy to use. In addition to being ergonomic, the handle can be folded for easy storage. The folding handle takes up 70% less space than the fixed handle.

An electric lawnmower is also psychologically easy to use. You will be surprised (we were) how much better it is to mow the lawn when it is not covered in noise and smoke.


Although the price is higher than other lawnmowers, Snapper offers much more power than the competition. Also, no maintenance is required, except seasonal blade sharpening. The gas produced requires regular oil, fuel, and air filter changes. It would be best if you also unloaded the lawnmower at the end of each season.

This device should only be removed from the battery for long-term storage.

Safety Features

As with any gasoline product that exists today, a blade engagement lever is used. As soon as this lever is released, the blade is released and stops rotating.

For safe storage, remove 82V when not in use. It is recommended to put it in a charger as it will always be charged.



The Snapper 1687982 battery-powered electric lawn mower is an excellent choice for switching from a gasoline-powered lawnmower to an electric lawnmower.

It is mighty, has many adjustment options, and several exciting features that make it very easy to use, such as the power button and the self-propelled mechanism.

It also recharges very quickly, and it is possible to connect an additional battery that will be replaced as soon as the first is exhausted.

The only thing we’ll deduct points from is the relatively short battery life. However, this can be improved by purchasing an additional 4 or 5 Ah batteries.

Should you buy this model?

It is the right choice for a hassle-free cordless lawnmower on large lawns. It has decent performance and uptime, and it is straightforward to move around. It is durable and reliable.

What maintenance does the Snapper 1687982 battery-powered lawn mower need?

To protect the mower from rain and weather, do not leave it in the yard. As with the regular model, avoid bumping into rocks, roots, garden paths, and large debris or very uneven ground to avoid damaging the blades.

How does the Snapper 1687982 cordless lawnmower work?

A: Like conventional lawnmowers, electric models have a motor that drives a series of rotating blades underneath.