GreenWorks 2510802 Battery Lawn Mower Review

GreenWorks 2510802 Battery Lawn Mower Review


The new 25 ” battery-powered Greenworks Pro 60V self-propelled mower features the most comprehensive cutting width in the industry and delivers superior gas performance without noise, smoke and emissions. It also features the only two-door circuit breaker in the technology sector: when one battery is discharged, the torch automatically switches to the second battery, ensuring more extended, more trouble-free runtime. The self-propelled transmission with variable speed control reduces fatigue, and the 2-in-1 dump mode allows for additional features, including a steel mower deck, seven cutting heights, built-in battery indicator and EZ Fold ™ handles for compact storage.

Key Features:

  • Model Number: Greenworks 2510802
  • Voltage: 60V
  • Bridge size: 25 ″
  • Bridge material: steel
  • Cutting positions: 7
  • Front wheels: 8 ”
  • Rear wheels: 10 inches
  • Vertical storage: yes
  • Exhaust performance: 3 in 1
  • Tool Warranty: 4 years
  • Battery warranty: 4 years.
  • Battery capacity: 4 Ah
  • 2nd battery capacity: 2 Ah


The Greenworks cordless mower weighs approximately 41 lbs. It will allow you to move this device to all parts of your garden very quickly. A battery, not electric power it.

This mower is equipped with a powerful 40V 4Ah lithium-ion battery. The best part about this device is that the battery can be replaced with a different one while the device is still in use.

It takes approximately two to three hours to charge this device fully. You will also receive a user manual with the device. This guide will help you learn more about this device. It has large wheels and an adjustable handle that you can use to store things.

You do not have a side discharge option on this model. We are not surprised. This reduces the interruption of airflow in the deck where the cylinder head is usually located.

The uniformity of the haircut is also reliable. With two blades, you can run away from the hawk. The overlapping blades and speed of Greenworks leave nothing behind.

The lift also appears to be well-positioned, pulling the grass to mow at the same height and efficiently guiding it into the bag.


The lawnmower has a 4 Ah battery and offers a maximum operating time of approximately 60 minutes. It is enough time to cut a medium to large garden. And the cut range is from 0.25 to 0.5 hectares.

Overall, Greenworks Pro 60V is an excellent lawnmower with a variety of innovative functions. From the discussion above, it should be clear why this lawn mower was so well received and loved by landscape architects and homeowners.


Lately, vertical storage has become increasingly popular on battery-powered models, and this is a useful feature that Greenworks also includes. When you are finished with your real work, fold the handle over the cutter body and place it vertically on the rear edge. When this design is pushed against the wall, it saves a lot of space.

Blade Design

The Greenworks 60V 25 “self-propelled mowers revolve around the cutting deck. This cutter has a 25” steel cutting deck that extends about 3 “wider than most battery mowers achieved by the cutter’s cutting blade design.

The Greenworks 60V lawn mower uses a double-cut blade design with Greenworks placing two 12.25 “blade side by side to increase the total reach to 23.75”.

If you do the math here, you’ll see that they don’t match. This is because the blades rotate against each other, and their paths overlap. The blades are slower than expected, but their smaller, lighter design allows the engine to maintain that speed even in thickets.

In the case of the business model, this project has proven to be effective, and we expect the residential model to work in the same way.

Greenworks says that with this project, this mulch cutter is 30% better and works 40% more. Smaller panels mean you empty the garbage bag less often, while less engine load means more cut per pack.

Overall, this is an efficient design that has worked well with the Greenworks business model.


Maintaining this device is very simple. If you find that the cutter’s blades are aging, you can easily order new blades online at an affordable price. The blades are easy to change. If you are having trouble replacing the blades, refer to the user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Cleaning the cutter is also very easy. Also, it is better to take good care of the batteries. However, charging this device for an extended period can affect the long battery life.

Dual Power Port

Another design feature we appreciate is the dual battery connector. We use many lawnmowers that connect to a different storage compartment, but if the first battery runs out, you will have to change the batteries manually.

When the first battery in the Greenworks 60V 25-inch self-propelled mower is empty, the mower will start pulling automatically from the second. You don’t have to stop cutting to change.


This device has many unique features. It is made from a variety of high-quality materials, known for their strength and durability. This device is equipped with 12-inch wheels so you can move it around quickly.

Also, it offers five different height configurations. This will allow you to adjust the height of the device to your liking.

It has a 3 in 1 cutting system. This device also has some security features. This lawnmower can also produce thin and very thin mulch.

Safety Features

The model does not have advanced security features. As long as it is used according to the instructions and with the utmost care, it is a safe lawnmower.

The charger has a feature that activates a built-in fan if the battery overheats while charging. This will extend the battery life but will slow down the charging slightly.


Some time ago, we had the opportunity to test a Greenworks Commercial 25 inch milling machine that used a unique and efficient cutting blade design. It sounded odd, but there were a very long run time and a bridge that covered a large area to get the job done quickly. Well, the technology developed by Greenworks for a commercial cutter has now spread to a residential level. The Greenworks 60V 25 ” Self-Propelled mower has the same general design and a more affordable price for homeowners.

How long does the Greenworks 60V battery last?

A 60V battery from Greenworks provides a total runtime of 30 to 40 minutes. During this time, you can finish mowing your medium-sized lawn.

Are Greenworks 60V and 80V batteries interchangeable?

These two batteries are very similar because they have the same design. You can modify them to make them interchangeable.

Does a battery with a higher Ah provide more power?

A battery’s “Ah” refers to the amount of charge it can store. It means that a battery with a higher Ah also has more power. The Greenworks 60V battery has a capacity of 4 Ah and is quite powerful.

This model does not have advanced safety features. Provided it is used as directed, and due caution is exercised, it is a safe lawnmower to use.

The charger has a feature that will activate the built-in fan if the battery becomes too hot during charging. This will prolong the life of the battery but will slow charging down slightly.