Sun Joe ION16LM-HYB Battery Lawn Mower Review

Sun Joe ION16LM-HYB Battery Lawn Mower Review

If you can’t choose between a corded or cordless mower, the Sun Joe iON16LM-HYB 40V offers the perfect compromise. This hybrid mower can be corded or unplugged and uses a lithium-ion battery.

This small lawnmower is ideal for patios where extreme maneuverability is required, as with a weight of around 30 lbs and a cutting radius of only 15 inches, it can reach the narrowest corners and cut all gardens and flower beds. It blooms easily.

You can take your time and methodically mow the grass closest to your yard when it is plugged in, and then hang up to take care of the lawn at the edges of the yard or across the yard fencing.


The SunJoe 16LM cordless mower uses a brushless motor, which has several advantages over the conventional brushed motor, such as higher efficiency, greater reliability, less noise and longer service life.

Brushless motors also have a higher torque-to-weight ratio, which means you can get better performance with a lighter touch.

Easy to Use

The cordless electric mower is ready for use as soon as it comes out of the box and a very detailed manual for the variety is displayed. The engineers at Sun Joe don’t want to leave anything to chance with their creation. It will probably not take more than 10 minutes between fastening your seat belts and getting ready for the first race. A great thing about Sun Joe is the 40-volt battery that comes fully charged in a sealed case! Once assembled, you are ready for battle.

With this mower, it is straightforward to select the height, turn on the machine, move it around the yard and empty the back pocket. The only problem I encountered with the Sun Joe iON16LM is the minimal size of the pot and the inability to cover or wash the sides. It would be a problem if the rear box were updated. Quality is not an issue, but everything is fine. There is a small slit in the back pocket towards the back of the mower, which can lift pieces of grass and easily damage the lawn. It only happens with empty bags and when the bag gains at least 1/4 of its capacity.


The highly visible battery compartment in the centre of the router has a clear plastic cover that lifts 90 degrees to access the 40V 4Ah battery.

The battery compartment is spring-loaded, so the battery can be easily installed and removed. To insert it, slide the battery into the bottom of the case until the battery latch clicks into place.

To remove the battery, slide it into the battery compartment (feel the spring pressure) and press the battery latch until it comes out of the locked position.

Cut Quality

Mulch or side discharge cannot be used with this cordless electric mower. The electric Sun Joe iON 16V, at best, mows and unloads the grass from behind. Fortunately, the cut quality never degrades or degrades, regardless of the remaining battery power or the capacity of the back bag. Works well with tall and short grass, dense, light and desert areas, etc. 

Height Adjustment

Lawnmowers typically have 8 to 12 height settings. This Sun Joe, however, only has 6 height settings ranging from 1 “to 3.15”. Not bad, but slightly smaller than many competing models and brands. Fortunately, the height adjustment lever is more like a gear mechanism that immediately lifts the entire mower off the ground.

Safety Features

The Sun Joe iON16LM Lifeline shuts down your engine immediately after takeoff. Still, the most valuable safety precautions are almost always the ones that also prevent accidental starting, especially when fearless and curious young explorers find a new toy, Garage aka Adult – Preview to avoid inspection. To start this mower, the safety key must be inserted into the provided circuitry slot. Even so, it will not be activated unless the pre-launch button has been pressed.

The SunJoe lawnmower is relatively quiet (below 100 dB), but I still recommend using hearing protection and standard protective equipment when using garden tools (goggles, long pants, sturdy shoes, gloves). ,

However, this is an electrical device and should not be used in humid climates or very wet lawns as there is a risk of unpleasant electric shock.


Quality design, excellent blade construction and a superior battery ensure that Sun-Joe will never require a paid service for two years. And if something goes wrong during those 24 months, a full 2-year warranty will take care of it. Your investments are protected for at least 2 years


Because this Sun Joe cordless lawnmower costs around $ 400, some might say that it is expensive due to its size and features. However, having tried many cordless lawn mowers, I believe the price is justified for three reasons. First of all, it is equipped with a powerful motor with extended battery life. Secondly, the warranty is extended by 2 years to cover anything that might fail, and finally, the fact that this torch is engineered to be lightweight, durable and have excellent performance.


The Sun Joe iON16LM is a tremendous little lawnmower. Its compact design, ease of use and maneuverability make it an excellent choice for smaller lawns. If you have a medium-sized lawn or you frequently grow a lot of grass, consider another option. If you choose iON, this guy is sure to provide years of quality service.

Does the lawnmower come with a battery and charger?

Yes, both will be included.

Can I use the 40V battery of my Snow Joe with the iON16LM?

Yes, a 40V battery will do both.

How long does it take to charge the battery fully?

It is recommended to charge the battery within 5 hours after the first use and 2 hours for the next charge.

What is the height of the mower when folded for storage?

The mower folds up to 18 inches.