Black+Decker CM2040 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Black+Decker CM2040 Battery Lawn Mower Review


Best Battery Lawn Mower Black + Decker CM2040 40 V Lithium 3-in-1 Lawn Mower 20 ” is an alternative professional lawnmower for noisy gasoline lawnmowers. It’s green and has a minimal carbon footprint if that matters to you. Even for those who don’t, the ease of using these brands of lawnmowers should be a significant consideration. If you have any questions or concerns about this cordless lawn mower, it is best to try it out at your local lawnmower store to see if it is right for you.

Full Battery

The Black + Decker CM2040 is a battery operated cordless lawnmower. A-MAX lithium-ion battery powers it. The CM2040 comes with two of these high capacity batteries. If you have a large lawn, you can use a second battery to extend the mower’s operating time according to your needs. Alternatively, the additional battery can be charged while the other is in use. The replacement battery can be conveniently stored in the compartment of the Black + Decker CM2040 and is compatible with other Black + Decker 40V MAX garden and garden tools.

Easy to Use

At least the CM2040 is extremely easy to use. At 43.5 pounds, even younger, less physically stable adult users will find it more comfortable than the other listed electric mowers to push up to 13 pounds more or more of gas to take up the deck length 20 inches but over 50 pounds or more.

Like almost all electric mowers, it starts with a responsiveness that few gas-powered competitors can match. Just insert a battery with sufficient charge, press the start button, hold down the emergency exit lever, and you’re done. If you don’t expect to get the job done in less than 30 minutes, an on-board armored compartment holds your battery and supplies for on-site replacement.

It’s also a very careful lawnmower to claim as few features as possible when not in use. With four quick-release levers on the handle, you can fold it up and save space. Any dedicated gardener who already has enough tools to fill a hardware store will undoubtedly appreciate a little extra walking space in a shed or garage.

Cut Quality

The CM2040 surpasses models with flying colors on small to medium-sized lawns with no more than moderately thick grass, about 5 to 7 centimeters high. It is roughly the limit of your wheelhouse, where it leaves a smooth and clean finish reliably. The variable-speed motor’s exclusive AutoSense technology detects the grass below’s thickness below and intuitively adjusts the blade speed accordingly for the most uniform cut possible. Using a single lever to adjust the deck height between six settings between 1.5 and 4 inches makes adjusting for taller grass or uneven terrain an easy and efficient task. When disposing of the clips, you have the option of merely throwing the grass debris through the side discharge chute using the mulch accessory to return valuable nutrients to the grass when cutting, or using the 15-gallon bag provided with the rear chute to attach it to store your clippings until you decide to stop and discard it as you wish.


There is not much to consider when maintaining the CM2040. Keep both batteries fully charged before cutting. Sharpen the blades several times a season. Finally, avoid overloading it with large, dense, and stubborn green lawns. If something goes wrong, Black & Decker offers a generous three-year warranty that provides support for repairs and replacements in most cases.

Safety Features

If there is one thing that makes parents incredibly nervous with lawnmowers, it is the idea of ​​a stubborn child who gets a nudge in the nose and accidentally sets the blade in motion. As a parent, I can easily appreciate the removable safety key that the button needs to start the engine. If the mower is released during use, the engine will stop immediately if the mower moves away from you or if an unexpected danger comes in.


Assuming you don’t keep Augusta greens carefully, you could spend a lot less money to keep a smaller lawnmower under $ 400. The CM2040 is a fully functional machine within its technical limits, but despite the three-year warranty, it doesn’t; it does challenge your luck. The two batteries are designed to be compatible with most Black & Decker cordless garden and garden tools as a bonus. It can improve the usability of the lawnmowers landscaping equipment at no additional cost.


Black & Decker Inc. warrants the Black Decker CM2040to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years. The defective mower will be replaced or repaired.



If you love electric lawnmowers, especially cordless models, the Black Decker CM2040 is one of the best options. It’s light, quiet, and powerful enough to tackle any type of small lawn with medium-density grass.

The fact that it comes with two batteries is also excellent. Overall, the machine is easy to maneuver and does its job successfully in your garden.

How can I store it?

As with many electric lawnmowers, you can store it horizontally or vertically, as no liquid can spill.

How does it do on inclines?

It does a good job, although it does not have the self-propelled feature. It is much lighter than most gas-powered lawnmowers because most components are made of plastic (typical of electric or battery-powered machines).

How long do the batteries last?

With Black and Decker, batteries generally last just under 3 hours, combined with the two batteries provided.

Is the Black + Decker CM2040 self-propelled?

The model is not self-propelled.