Black+Decker CM2060C Battery Lawn Mower Review

Black+Decker CM2060C Battery Lawn Mower Review


The Black & Decker CM2060C 60V Max Powerswap 20 ” Lawnmower is a push-motion lawnmower that is a great choice for small lawns with simple grass maintenance. It’s light, powerful enough, and well designed, but it doesn’t have an independent power supply, and it takes time to charge the batteries. It is because the Black & Decker only includes a 20V charger with this lawnmower, even though the batteries are rated for 60V. Of course, this means you can charge other Black & Decker 20V and 40V batteries as well. However, this means that “you cannot fully charge one 2.5 Ah battery with another. So if you have a large lawn, you may need to mow the lawn for a day and a half the next day and charge one of the batteries overnight.


The Black and Decker 60V cordless lawn mower comes with two 2.5 Ah batteries connected to the mower when you leave it. The lawnmower does not work alone with both batteries simultaneously but discharges one after the other. You can see the battery levels on the back of the motor base.

When the first battery is empty, the batteries no longer need to be changed from one compartment to another. Just press the PowerSwap button. Another battery powers the mower, and you keep working without slowing down.

It is more convenient to have an automatic mower. However, it’s a very useful feature that you typically won’t find on other battery-powered lawnmowers in this price range.


Weighing just 47 pounds, the Black & Decker CM2060C could easily have a decent sized brushless motor and combine an impressive cut with significantly more power without the extra weight limiting its smooth maneuverability. The increase in weight would likely have the opposite effect, making it much easier for the CM2060C to roll on corrugated floors. As for the Black & Decker CM2060C, there are few complaints so far.

The owner’s suggestions that the Black & Decker CM2060C will run more powerfully with something more important than a 2.5Ah, 60V lithium-ion battery is not entirely unfounded. As I will explain below, I still hesitate to call this mower “small.” Upgrading to 36V and 4Ah or even 7Ah batteries may have boosted each power supply’s performance from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and improved runtime. Still, Black & Decker survives every ounce of exceptional performance from their hardware on. With Powerswap, the user can press one button and instantly switch from a discharged battery to a new one, without missing a second when the built-in charge meter indicates that the current device is discharged. When mowing, Powersense technology saves usable energy by reducing blade speed and power when it detects thinner, shorter grass that doesn’t require additional sweeping.

Black & Decker CM2060C works in ninja silence and does not emit a single molecule of air pollution. Black & Decker has to offer this lawnmower with a pair of batteries for all the energy savings. Although both provide less than an hour of operation, it takes up to four hours to recharge themselves with a specially designed charger conical battery all at once. The CM2060C is still more than qualified to shut off a quarter to one-third of an acre lawn and save 50 percent of its energy with its battery.

Easy to Use

Cutting with the Black & Decker CM2060C is not difficult in itself. At its worst, the handle’s natural size makes it a little cumbersome for many users under 5’7 ” tall.

Thanks to its lightweight, users of all sizes can push easily with minimal effort. You won’t hear me complain that your knife triggers a key, a button, and a lever at the same time.

The process not only remains reliable in its simplicity, but it also happens to start the engine reliably, instantly, and safely only when someone deliberately tries to turn it over.

The handle folds down easily when the job is done, so the Black & Decker CM2060C takes up the least amount of storage space any lawnmower can find.

Cut Quality

I would never recommend taming a wet lawn with an electric lawnmower. In this case, it should be noted that users who wear the Black & Decker CM2060C on wet grass may be surprised by the surgical procedure’s smoothness.

One-point platform adjustment changes heights surprisingly quickly between six configurations ranging from 1.3 to 4 inches. Three removable options eliminate notches with ease, whether you choose to drop, lower, or damp.

Of course, you can expect mowing performance to drop when the battery is almost fully charged.

However, this is due to the presence of a battery-powered lawnmower. Think of it as an incentive to think carefully about your lawn’s size when you’re not investing in a gas model.


At best, the Black & Decker CM2060C is one of the least “needy” machines I have come across, even by the high standards of comparison between Black & Decker products and electric mowers in general. Of course, your days of buying fuel, oil, and spark plugs are over when you open the box and prepare this little but mighty workhorse for its first use. Instead, the most difficult measure a landlord can take to extend your life is to get as far away from the water as possible. Remember that virtually all electrical appliances are fatally allergic to condensation. Fortunately, I have never experienced anything other than Black & Decker’s excellent customer service. Their agents have also been known to monitor product listings on sites like Amazon to assist owners who report problems directly. Buying one of their tools is always an investment in a company that strives to maintain its name quality. Black & Decker CM2060C is no exception.

Security Features

The Black & Decker CM2060C does not “accidentally” turn on. You must first enter the security key. Then we press the button. Finally, there is a lever that must be turned. Although some lost children can complete the last two stages, both are meaningless without a key.



Buying a professional lawnmower from an online lawn mower store or a nearby lawnmower store is important to keeping your lawn looking its best. This BLACK + 20-inch DECKER CM2060C 60V Max electric lawn mower is one of those products. However, it is always advisable to do a thorough analysis and compare the product you are about to buy. For example, check the availability of batteries and their replacement warranties. This additional feature is sometimes not available for all purchased lawn mower brands. The Black + Decker Power mower offers battery replacement.

Is it worth it to buy?

Overall, I was surprised by the starting price of a cordless electric lawnmower with a 20-inch deck. On the other hand, the Black & Decker CM2060C mid-range mower doesn’t come close to offering an extensive list of features or longer run time with low power consumption.