Remington RM110 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Remington RM110 Gas Lawn Mower Review


The Remington RM110 2-in-1 lawnmower features a robust, easy-to-use, and lightweight 62-pound design that makes it easy to maneuver, even in rough and rugged traffic. The mower has a robust and reliable motor that provides the switching and cutting system with the power necessary for smooth operation. Like a lawnmower, you can enjoy the benefits of a self-propelled lawnmower thanks to its lightweight design and powerful engine.

The sturdy 21-inch steel cutting deck will remain sharp for years to meet your needs. The wide cutting path saves energy and time with fewer passes during cutting. The mower’s SureCut ™ mowing system lifts the grass and deck guide, throwing the cut grass down or sideways, avoiding clumps. The SureCut ™ cutting phenomenon offers exceptional coverage and a cleaner cut. To give your lawn a perfect shape, you can easily mow the lawn at different heights using the 6 position mower height adjuster. You can easily adjust the height of the grass with the two lever adjuster. The mower has a comfortable adjustable handle, so people of all sizes can use it easily.

Easy to Use

As mentioned above, the TrailBlazer must be started on the first click. When you start, you’ll love the comfortable grip and the way it absorbs vibrations to make your hands shake more easily. The handle is also adjustable, so tall people do not have to bend over, and those below do not need to feel that they are being pulled up while cutting. At a reasonable price of £ 62, the TrailBlazer will not tire you out much.

The handle can bend inward and retract, although four screws need to be loosened. It means that this mower does not take up much storage space and is easy to transport when you need to place it on a mower or the back. Whenever this blade needs to be sharpened or needs a new one, you will appreciate how easy it is to insert and remove it.

The tricky thing is the oil filling area, which involves accessing the bottom of the engine and then using a long drain funnel to fill the oil to prevent it from spilling all over the deck. The rest of the assembly is simple and straightforward.

2-in-1 Discharge Capabilities

The state-of-the-art SureCut blade system is ideal for lifting and circulating grass as it is being cut, ensuring that cuts are removed from the side or ground without lumps.


The mowing season is coming, and who doesn’t love a lawnmower that starts with a trailer. That would be the case with the TrailBlazer, whose 132cc engine is well built, reliable, and robust. With three or more button suction pumps, you can instantly turn them on even at 40 degrees.

Once you get started, you’ll find that TrailBlazer wheels – 7 inches at the front and 8 inches at the rear – can handle rough and slippery terrain well thanks to the deep tread pattern that provides excellent traction. And I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot to mention that these wheels are adjustable via a double-wishbone control and come in six configurations. The small turning radius and the wide milling path make the machine efficient.

The 2 in 1 deep steel decking platform is equipped with a SuperCut blade, enabling mulch or side discharge. Whichever option you choose, tall grass is a thing of the past with the TrailBlazer.

Adjustable Cutting Height

With 6 positioning options that can be easily adjusted with two adjustment levers, you can mow a wide variety of grass sizes with ease. It is ideal for adapting your lawn to your overall design.

Cut Quality

The mulching function is particularly useful on this mower as the grass cut and cut with the SuperCut system lifts the grass and distributes it over the deep dome platform. It’s great to use a lump-free lawnmower that can quickly cut oak leaves after a few strokes. The well-designed 2-in-1 mower can also discharge side cut material if you are not applying mulch. The 21-inch deck offers a stable cutting path for fewer passes. It would be even better if it were 22 inches, but it’s meticulous.

The engine is powerful enough to handle very tall grass. However, when dealing with so much grass, spin the wheels as much as you can. Otherwise, cutouts can clog the item.

Special Features

The best feature of the TrailBlazer is, without a doubt, the stainless low deck bridge. Under this deck is a unique mowing system that lifts and moves the grass to keep things simple. The blade on this thing does the job. Whether you’re applying mulch or discharging clippings, the TrailBlazer will keep your gardens looking pristine.

It also has a folding handle, a comfortable grip, six height adjustments, support wheels, and a reliable motor. It’s an open-source lawnmower that is light enough to be pushed by most people, and the adjustable handle is comfortable for people of all sizes.


The mower has an intermediate price that reflects its attractiveness for every person. No, it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles you need. Adjusting a double arm wheel isn’t as easy as adjusting a single wishbone, and this is just an example. However, I like its practicality and durability. It is designed to last and should last as long as in any season. It probably doesn’t use as much gasoline as a self-propelled machine, and with no bagging option, I’d say it’s a highly efficient lawnmower. Using the mulching option gives you free fertilizer at any time of the year, and you don’t have to deal with an irritating lump to use for cleaning.


The mower is originated from a trusted source, durable, protected with 2 years limited warranty.



The Remington RM110 TrailBlazer is also very easy to operate because it has a comfortable handle that can be adjusted. It is easy to hold and work with different trajectories and angles while pushing the mower vertically.

Many people complain that working with lawnmower causes back pain. But if the handle position is correct and the handle is right, any equipment can be safely used, and Remington is as simple as a baby stroller.

Does this take mixed gas?

The lawnmower is equipped with a premium four-stroke engine with an overhead valve. It is not necessary to mix gas and oil. For best performance, use new, ethanol-free gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher.

What kind of oil do I put in and how much?

This 140cc OHV engine requires 591 ml of SAE10W30 engine oil. Change the emollient oil after the first five hours of operation and at any time after that for reliable and stable performance.

Is it an electric start or pull start?

The mower has a simple pull-off start.