Honda HRN216VKA Gas Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRN216VKA Gas Lawn Mower Review


If your goal is to find a lightweight lawnmower used on gentle slopes and climbs, the HRS216VKA is the machine for you. Use Smart Drive to adjust the speed to the desired cutting speed up to 4 mph. Plus, you can choose your cutting preference with the mulching or side discharge functions by installing or removing the discharge chute. Ball-bearing rear wheels provide a smooth ride on rough terrain and an ergonomic grip for comfortable hand and wrist comfort. Finally, relax knowing that this lawn mower comes with a 3-year warranty.

Performance and Cutting Quality

The Honda HRN216VKA is equipped with a mighty engine capable of delivering high-quality performance regardless of rough terrain or steep descents. Honda HRN216VKA is known for its increased power. Because this mower engine is incredibly powerful, its performance and cut quality are optimal even in wet conditions where the grass is difficult to cut.

Easy-to-cut grass-like short, thin grass or hard-to-cut grass like tall, thick grass – this mower has it all. Regardless of the type of grass, this lawnmower’s motor can cut all kinds of grass perfectly.


The good guys at Honda made their HRN216VKA self-propelled flashlight to make it easier for users to maneuver. Since it’s self-propelled, you don’t have to drive it around the yard and get tired continually. It would be best if you pulled the cable to start the car and do some presets. HRN216VKA will do the rest of the work by itself. Also, the adjustable rear wheels give this mower strong self-propelled power.

The Honda HRN216VKA has six different cutting positions to choose from. If you feel a lot of resistance while mowing your lawn, you can adjust this mower’s height until you lock it in a comfortable position to move around. If the mower is lower than the grass level, it may be challenging to maneuver. To fix this, you can quickly increase the height adjustment to eliminate dragging and cut smoothly. Then you can adjust this mower to the length of your lawn for easier maneuvering.

Ease of Use

The Honda HRN216VKA weighs approximately 84 pounds and is about 41 inches tall. It makes transporting the mower easier. You don’t have to be exceptionally tall or strong to carry this lawnmower around the garden relentlessly.

Smart Honda employees have created their HRN216VKA cordless to be more comfortable for users to use. Therefore, you should not only mow in areas where there is a nearby power source. Besides, this feature is also an advantage for people who have bushes, trees, benches, or other objects in the yard where the mower can get stuck. With the HRN216VKA cordless mower, you don’t have to worry about cable management at all.


Honda HRN216VKA requires an oil change and other routine maintenance. However, Honda has gone to great lengths to make it as easy as possible. A well-designed Honda GCV170 four-stroke engine does not have many carburetors and spark plug problems in two-stroke engines of the same size.

However, double-edged blades are difficult to sharpen. If you have mastered a milling file, you may be able to extract it. If not, consider buying a replacement pair of blades every year or two.

When the mulching mode is activated, precision mowing a two-blade system can sometimes be excess wet grass on the bottom of the mower deck. If you are mowing wet or thick grass, you can clean the mower deck’s underside when you’re done.

Special Features

The double cutting blades improve the overall harvesting speed and almost mimic the traditional shredding effect.

With the self-propelled Smart Drive system, you can adapt it to your natural walking speed. Here’s how to slow down when weaving terrain and trees.


The twin mulching blades do an excellent job of mimicking traditional single mulching blades when placed on side discharge. When you jerk this off, you are making green mush. It dramatically reduces the need for seasonal ventilation.



The Honda HRN216VKA has a 3-year warranty for individuals. It is time for this product to be available as a replacement can be requested from the manufacturer in the event of a malfunction.


The Honda HRN216VKA is the ideal lawn mower for the average homeowner looking for a lawnmower that will produce durable quality cuts for a long time.

Is it easy to push around if I choose the push type option?

The Honda HRN216VKA is a self-propelled mower that does not require a manual push. However, this mower can be carried almost without rest around the garden due to its ideal weight and height.

Would this be suitable for mulching?

The Honda HRN216VKA is equipped with superior dual cutter blades that make small cuts and provide excellent overall mulching performance.

Should I get an electric start?

The Honda HRN216VKA is equipped with a pull rope option for starting. While this lawn mower can be started by simply pulling the cord, you can purchase an electric start lawn mower if you think it is more suitable for you.

Does it have a clutch to stop blades?

Yes, it has a blade brake. You can stop the rotation of the blades without turning off the motor.

Can I use it to cut thick grass?

The Honda HRN216VKA has enough power for a high-quality cut even in difficult to cut grass, such as thick grass.