Honda HRR216K9 VKA Gas Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRR216K9 VKA Gas Lawn Mower Review


The Honda HRR216K9VKA lawnmower is worth your hard-earned money as it is built to perform well. It was built to last longer and be more durable than any other model in its class.

Despite its small disadvantages, the high performance on demanding construction sites makes anyone who values ​​quality think again.


Of course, potential users want to know how this lawnmower works before investing their hard-earned cash. We fully agree that you must perform this due diligence step. However, it is not recommended to compare the performance of one router with the performance of others. The performance and efficiency of a lawnmower depend heavily on how well you combine your money with the lawnmower specific to your needs.

Lawns come in many different sizes and profiles, which in itself make it inconvenient to compare or research the largest or most powerful lawnmowers you can find. However, it would be best if you judged for yourself how a lawnmower could handle the lawn profile’s characteristics. In this sense, users with practical experience in lawnmowers have a better overview of the performance evaluation.

However, I can categorically say that the Honda HRR216K9VKA has enough engine power to fit any other small to medium-sized lawnmower easily. The engine is a Honda GCV160, a small, rugged four-star engine for high-quality landscaping.

It is equipped with a smart 5-speed automatic transmission that allows users to complete the cutting operations quickly and on time to keep everything running smoothly.

Cut Quality

Honda allows you to collect and destroy your cutouts. You can also choose to unload from the side. However, if you do, then you probably have weed.

To switch from auger to mulching, push the lever. The mulch’s quality is excellent as the two blades cut the grass in shallow cuts that can be easily placed on the lawn.

If you want to pack your bows, you can make 1.9 bushels before you have to empty the bag. The double blades also make it easy for you and cut the grass into smaller pieces that take longer to fill the bag.

Easy to Use

Although this model is relatively easy to use thanks to its many features, it is a gas-powered lawnmower that requires a high level of regular maintenance to get the most out of it. Inevitable tasks; Changing the oil, checking the plugs, and refueling are all part of maintaining the lawnmower.

Despite maintenance and monitoring, the Honda HRR is relatively easy to use due to the high engine power. The 41-inch adjustable handle is covered with foam to make it easier for users to deal with unwanted vibrations on rough terrain. The 84-pound weight doesn’t necessarily make it a very light machine, but the weight is easy to overcome for any average person.

In terms of ease of use, the only downside to using this lawnmower and possibly any lawnmower is the grapple system’s occasional rough start. However, the automatic throttle system helps solve this problem by silently activating the engine during cold starts.

Security and Comfort

The Honda HRR216K9VKA self-propelled lawn mower comes with comfortable foam grip handles designed to be easy on your hands and wrists. As anyone who’s ever used a lawnmower will quickly tell you, uncomfortable handles quickly start to get old – especially when you need to mow your lawn frequently.

The mower also comes with a safety feature that stops the engine immediately releasing the flywheel brake lever. While this means you can’t leave your engine running to get a drink of water, it also means your mower won’t cause any mayhem when you’re away from it.


The Honda features three variable self-propulsion speeds. The mower has a handle that controls the speed, so feel free to speed things up or slow them down according to your needs.

In case you feel you don’t need the self-propulsion feature, you can avoid depressing the self-propulsion handles and use the mower as a regular push mower, although why you’d want to that is beyond me.

Finally, be prepared to fork out some extra money – the self-propulsion feature means the mower takes more gas than most regular mowers.

Twin Blade System

The grass cutting efficiency won’t be completed without the action of the fitted twin blades. These blades’ action is the bases for the inherent 3-in-1 feature of bagging, mulching, and side discharge of grass clippings.


Generally, gas-powered motors demand high maintenance. The Honda HRR216K9VKA Gas Mower is no exception in this case. However, it doesn’t demand any unusual attention.

For its proper maintenance, sharpen the blades during every prime mowing season, including immediately before stowing it away for the winter. Change the spark plugs before your first run of the year. Change your oil after the first 5 working hours and follow manufacturer guidelines after that.


Honda’s HRR216K9VKA comes with a handle that can be folded back to reduce the mower’s space. If you’re running low on valuable precious garage space, this feature will be a boon to you.


Honda offers a three-year residential and ninety-day commercial warranty on the mower. The commercial warranty may not be that impressive, but who gives a three-year warranty on a mower?

Most of us have accepted that mowers break down after a year, and there’s nothing you can do about it except head out and buy a new one, but Honda seems to be offering us another option.



Overall, we can’t suggest the Honda HRR216K9VKA Gas Mower enough. It comes with a series of performance features such as smart drive, twin micro blades, etc. At the same time, it’s relatively easy to use. Though it has some annoying setbacks, it does your job well. It can handle your yard, work on the hills, and pretty much simplify your yard work. Therefore, you won’t regret buying it.

Does the Honda HRR216K9VKA have an electric start?

No. This mower has an easy and reliable pull starter.

Do you need to place oil before first using the mower?

Yes. The mower is shipped with a bottle of oil. Use the entire bottle before use and another bottle after the first 5 hours.

Does this mower handle thick tall grass well?

This mower cuts thick tall grass very well. It can also mulch thick grass types without clumping or leaving mulch streaks.

Does the mower have an option for side discharge?

No. The HRR216K9VKA is a rear discharge mower.

How many height settings does this mower have?