Troy-Bilt TB 230 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Troy-Bilt TB 230 Gas Lawn Mower Review


The TB230 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is powered by a simple 163cc Briggs and Stratton 725ex OHV engine with Ready Start innovation. The TB230 Troy-Bilt is equipped with a cutting platform and ground cover and Ready Start, which adjusts the engine temperature accordingly and changes the air/fuel mixture. The TB230 features oversized 11-inch lift wheels for increased mobility on uneven terrain and single lever speed control for variable speed. This self-propelled lawnmower also includes a double-arm deck height modification that allows for six different grass height settings, from 1.25 “to 3.75”. This specific model features a TriAction slicing structure designed to produce a perfect and uniform cut in one pass. A 2-year limited warranty backs TB230 Troy-Bilt.


For those who are tired of medium quality lawnmowers, the TB230 is equipped with a powerful engine that will make you forget about frequent engine malfunctions. In short, this product was created in collaboration with Briggs & Stratton Co., which is the secret of its powerful 163 cc OHV engine. Most buyers rated it high enough in engine efficiency for high quality and stable performance.

However, the best point is Troy Bilt’s patented ReadyStart technology, a revolutionary feature that solves one of the most common lawn mower problems. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to start the machine on the first or, at most, on the second attempt. Although most lawnmower engines need to be turned off from time to time, this product does the job at once.

The brand also promises to provide product support for free if it doesn’t launch on the second try, which says a lot about its reliability. If you value user satisfaction, this model should be for you.


Some people will avoid gas-powered lawnmowers, believing they are more challenging to use than, say, a similarly sized electric lawnmower. Recognized in the lawnmower industry, Troy-Bilt understands this perception and has done everything to make the TB230 easy to use.

First, the engine oil system must be checked, but not changed. In regular use, you will never need to change the oil on this mower. Just check every two or three cutting sessions and carefully complete them to the normal range indicated on the dipstick.

The deck washing system eliminates the need to remove chips from under the deck manually. Connect a standard garden hose to the deck wash adapter and follow the instructions.


When it comes to buying high-value tools like lawnmowers, it is advisable to proceed with caution and select products that provide greater user comfort and reliability. Fortunately, this product has a solid steel construction. The situation gets even better as manufacturers provide an all-metal axle for the wheels, slightly extending the product’s life.

Speaking of its thoughtful design, this product has a front-wheel-drive configuration that relieves motor stress users. As a result, the machine is easier to turn for comfortable cutting. Besides, its 11-inch wheels have been significantly improved to provide optimum maneuverability, even in the most challenging terrain.

Also, it offers a more extended platform to create more vacuum, which gives more room for grass to circulate. This feature is not usually found on mid-sized lawnmowers, which makes the TB230 a little more special.

Finally, the single lever control feature impressed us with the user-friendliness it offers, making it easy to adjust the cutting height.


Troy-Bilt TB230 requires minimum maintenance. The engine is designed never to require an oil change. You need to check the oil before your cutting session. If the oil level is on the safety bar’s underside on the dipstick, add some oil. Then wait a minute or two until it stabilizes appropriately and rechecks the level.

If the conditions are extraordinarily dusty or you have a lot of pollen on your lawn, check your air filter every month. Take a small breath with an air compressor or just a hard push to ensure that the 159cc engine is at its best. See will receive the oxygen needed to generate maximum power.

However, Troy-Bilt also supports the TB230 with a two-year warranty. It is slightly better than some of the competitors in this category.


The Troy-Bilt TB230 159cc features the standard hand controls found on virtually every ride behind the mower. The self-propelled system also has a speed controller that is easy to use. It allows you to set the mower to the speed you want, instead of pushing it or feeling it pulling you away.


  • The Tri-Action mowing system allows the use of mulch, bags, or side discharge of cut grass.
  • The deck cleaning adapter makes it easy to remove grass residues from the bottom of the mower deck.
  • The variable-speed front-wheel-drive helps you tune the RV to your preferred speed.
  • The mower bumper design on the mower platform also helps raise the grass stalks so that each stalk is correctly inserted into the blades.
  • The height adjustment lever makes it easy to set the mower platform to your lawn conditions’ ideal height.



The Troy Bilt TB230 is a lawnmower that goes back in many ways. There is nothing flashy about this lawnmower; it is perfect because it knows what it is and does not try to be what it is not. It is a convenient lawn mower that gets better over time, especially in the summer, when gardening becomes even more relaxing!

How does the mower work on hills and slopes?

The mower is incredibly heavy from above. Therefore, I will not recommend it for slopes greater than 8-10 degrees.

What is the weight capacity of this mower?

Troy-Bilt can ideally support a person weighing between 170 and 200 pounds; however, it can lift to 350 pounds even in standard terrain. If you weigh over 200 pounds, it is best not to use this mower on wet or sloping areas.