Pulsar PTG1221S Gas Lawn Mower Review

Pulsar PTG1221S Gas Lawn Mower Review


Lawnmowers seem to have stood the test of time thanks to their power and torque. Conversely, they tend to be much more massive than similar sized flashlights. They’re also much more significant and harder to start with.

A 173 cc four-stroke gasoline engine powers the 21-inch Pulsar lawnmower. The 4-stroke engine technology means that it is quieter and easier to maintain than a 2-stroke engine of the same size. The propulsion power provided by the gas engine is also used to improve the self-propelled pulsar system and to make maneuvering easier. It has a starter ignition.

The self-propelled system allows the torch to be moved easily. It has two 8-inch wheels at the front and two 10-inch wheels at the rear. With just one level, you can quickly change the height of any of the seven settings. There is also a handbrake for added security.


173cc 4-stroke engine The CM delivers the power you need for efficient cutting and a self-propelled system. It’s also a little quieter than other mowers of the same size, which is excellent when neighbors live nearby.

Easy to Use

The Pulsar 21 inch lawnmower is relatively easy to use. The self-propelled system moves the mower smoothly. The 8-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels also help with gliding over uneven lawns and bumps. The parking brake is useful when you want to stop the flashlight but don’t want to turn it off.

An area that Pulsar may have missed, and that is just the beginning. The electric start function makes operation much more accessible.

Cut Quality

A 21-inch cut is relatively standard for a mower of this size and price. It is also very convenient to configure it as a chopper, backhoe loader, or side discharge. When setting up for mowing, the material flows into the compost bin to prevent cut straw blades from building up on the lawn.

Like mulchers, blades use engine power to cut grass into smaller pieces that break up into layers of grass rather than chopped straw. Remember that even the most efficient mulching mower can accumulate straw. Therefore, ventilation may be needed in the fall or spring to keep your lawn healthy and bright.

Unless you have a compost heap or a convenient way to remove weeds, I recommend setting it up as a forage harvester and leaving it there. Lawnmowers can create a lot of sticky straw on your lawn, especially in rainy summers.

On paper, the seven height adjustment settings are impressive. Most lawnmowers in this class only have four or five. In real life, seven different height adjustments are a bit of a drag. There isn’t much of a difference between the third and fifth scenarios. It looks like Pulsar is trying to “Pad their stats.”


Like the four-stroke engine in your car or boat, the Pulsar 173ccs engine requires additional ongoing maintenance. It requires basic things like changing the oil at least once a year, preferably in the spring.

The spark plugs may need to be replaced from time to time. If starting the engine is incredibly tricky, even in hot weather, it is probably time to replace the spark plug. Just make sure you clean the air filter first.

Safety Devices

The 21-inch Pulsar petrol lawnmower is equipped with standard hand controls and an optional parking brake. It is useful when your equipment may not match the self-propelled lawnmower, or when you want to pause it for a few seconds to signal that you have a stick or garden hose and don’t want to shut it down.

Special Features

The four-stroke engine is generally a quality feature and certainly makes the 21-inch Pulsar quieter than its two-stroke competitors.

The parking brake is also a welcome addition to safety and comfort.

The Pulsar 21”petrol mower can also be installed as a mulcher, rear bagger, or side discharge. It gives you more control over what to do with the cuts used.


If you don’t have a compost pile or free lawn debris removal service, mulch alone can save you money! Depending on the soil and lawn condition, it may be necessary to aerate the lawn once or twice a year.

A 21-inch mowing path is what you need to cut less than half an acre of grass efficiently. Most electric lawn mowers in this price range have cutting lengths of just 16-18 inches, which can get a bit monotonous when you have to mow a large lawn.



The Pulsar PTG1221S lawn mower ensures your lawn looks good all year round. It has a 7-position height adjustment and a 21-inch cutting width for optimum precision. Features such as side discharge, back pocket, and 3-in-1 mulch give you more flexibility when cutting. The self-propelled system offers a more comfortable ride so you can focus on the small details. The PTG1221S uses a powerful 173cc four-stroke petrol engine. Watch that it gives you everything you need to take care of a beautiful lawn at any time of the year. – 173cc 4-stroke self-propelled petrol engine – 21 “cutting width and height adjustment – 7 positions – Side discharge and rear bag with 3-in-1 shredding capacity – 8” front and 10 rear wheels “- Starter.

How long does a Pulsar 21 ” lawnmower last?

The 21-inch Pulsar gas lawn mower will last eight to ten years with proper care and maintenance. However, if the mower is not serviced regularly, it can take half the time. Some manufacturers measure the real-life of mowers and components in hours of operation.

Is the Pulsar 21”petrol self-propelled lawnmower heavier?

The Pulsar 21-inch self-propelled petrol lawnmower makes it easy to mow grass or hilly terrain.