Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

10 Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

There’s no doubt that a self-propelled gas lawn mower is a must-have appliance for homeowners who regularly mow their lawn. These mowers make mowing your lawn hassle-free — and it’s a much quicker and efficient way to cut grass. These mowers, also known as riding mowers, have an engine and transmission that turn a steering wheel, allowing you to steer the mower around obstacles. They cut grass by slicing it along an oscillating blade, just like a traditional lawn mower.

The mowers come equipped with a motor that turns the blades, propelling the mower forward. Self-propelled gas lawn mowers have large (up to 19 inches) wheels that enable them to go over rough terrain while mowing, and cutting grass. Deluxe models have a no-bump steering, making them easier to navigate. Here are the best self-propelled gas lawn mowers to buy in 2022. Let’s get started.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower?

A Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower allows you to mow your lawn with ease. As long as you have a good mower, you can have a great looking lawn in no time.

There are many benefits of buying a self-propelled lawn mower. Below are some of the most important benefits:

Enhance productivity: Using a self-propelled lawn mower can help save time and increase productivity. This is because there is no need to push a self-propelled mower. Instead, the mower is able to move on its own.

  • Saves time: Using a self-propelled lawn mower is one of the easiest and fastest ways to save time when mowing the lawn. This is because you don’t have to push the machine. Instead, the machine will cut the grass on its own.
  • Enhances safety: Using a self-propelled lawn mower is one of the best ways to enhance safety. This is because you don’t have to push a lawn mower. Instead, it is able to move on its own.
  • Improves productivity: Using a self-propelled lawn mower is one of the best ways to increase production. This is because you don’t have to push the machine. Instead, the machine is able to move on its own.
  • No strain: Using a self-propelled lawn mower is one of the best ways to improve safety. This is because you don’t have to push the machine. Instead, it is able to move on its own.

1. The Craftsman M215 21-inch 3-in-1 self-propelled gas mower

The mower has a 159cc OHV gas engine, and the unit has a 21-inch cutting width. It has a rear bagging system and mulching capabilities. It also has ergonomic handles and wheels that provide comfort, making it easy to use.The mower has a 1,500-pound maximum weight capacity, making it suitable for 3 to 6-foot lawns, and the cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 inches. It has a 21-inch cutting height and a 2.6-gallon gas tank.

 The mower has a 15-inch cutting width and a 3-in-1 design, meaning it can be used for side-discharge, mulching, and bagging. It has a 1.5-inch cutting height adjustment and 6 preset cutting height settings The Craftsman M215 also has a dual lever adjustable cutting-height control, and it features an adjustable 3-point hitch. The mower has front wheel drive, and it has a 3-year limited warranty.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

21-inch cutting widthSmall gas tank (2.1 gallons)
159cc 3-in-1 gas engineNot as comfortable as larger models
Tows like a dreamNot as maneuverable as larger models
Includes mulching plug

2. Toro TimeMaster 30 In. 223 Cc Gas Mower

The Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower with Spin-Stop has what every homeowner needs: a mower that cuts the grass, but also takes care of the mulching process. The mower has a 30-in. cutting deck, which makes for a larger cut in less time, and makes it easy to mow around trees and bushes. The mower also has a 3-speed, self-propelled motor that allows you to control the speed, so you can walk, not ride, as you mow. The innovative Spin-Stop feature allows you to mow on uneven terrain, while mulching the grass clippings, rather than shredding them and creating a large mess.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Large cutting deckGas powered
2-stage bagging systemHeavy; difficult to carry
Comfortable, simple design
4ah battery

3. PowerSmart Gas Powered 209CC Lawn Mower

This PowerSmart lawn mower is powerful enough to handle most residential lawns, and it’s easy to use. The mower has 3-in-1 capabilities, with side and rear bag discharge, and mulching capabilities. The mower is self-propelled, which means it will move forward on its own, but it’s easy enough to stop and steer with the handbrake.

The 21-inch, single-blade deck is big enough to handle most any grass, and with its 5-position height adjustment, it can handle most any terrain. The mower’s cutting deck is enclosed in plastic, so grass and debris won’t fall through and onto the cutting deck. It has easy-to-use height adjustment, and you can adjust the cutting height from 1.18″ to 3″, so it can handle most any terrain, and it comes with a mulching capability. The mower comes with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer service as well.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

21″ cutting deck is ideal for sizable lawnsThe deck is made of plastic, offset by a decent mower engine
Self propelled for ease of useRear bag is not removable
3-in-1 functionalityWheels are pretty loud, probably from the blade design
Ease to use
Lawn maintenance

4. Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-In-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

The Craftsman M105 21-inch 3-in-1 gas powered push lawn mower is an intelligent, versatile lawn cutting machine. The 3-in-1 lawn tractor features an easy start, self-propelled, 21-inch 3 in 1 cutting deck, rear wheel drive, 5-position height adjustment from 1.18″ to 3″, rear bag discharge, side discharge and mulching capabilities, mulching capabilities, rear bag discharge, mulching capabilities, rear bag discharge, mulching capabilities, rear bag discharge, mulching capabilities, rear bag discharge, mulching capabilities, rear bag discharge, mulching capabilities, and 140cc OHV gas-powered engine.

The mower is easy to assemble and works extremely well, offering an option for bagging or mulching. The mower is maneuverable in tight spaces and is easy to lift. The 21-inch cutting deck handles a larger area than most other lawn mowers in its class. The mower offers versatility, making it a suitable machine for homeowners who like to keep their yards in top shape or for landscapers who want to keep their clients’ yards looking their best.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Powerful engineLawn mower is loud — 85dBA
Self propelled for ease of 21-inch cutting deck
Lightweight design for easy transport upon storage
Convenient 3-in-1 feature — mulch, rear bag and side discharge

5. CRAFTSMAN M260 Vertical Storage Self-Propelled Gas Push Lawn Mower

The CRAFTSMAN M260 Vertical Storage Gas Push Mower is an impressive machine, with a powerful engine, easy controls, and a wide range of cutting heights. This model has a 21-inch cutting deck, a 163cc engine, and a 6-position height adjustment. It’s self-propelled, so you don’t need to push or pull, and it offers a 3-in-1 convertible deck, so you can choose between side-discharge, mulch, and rear bag grass clippings.

The M260’s 6-position height adjustment makes it easy to adjust cutting height, and its 8-inch wheels help it maneuver around obstacles. This model also has a DUST BLOCKER BAG, which reduces messy dust clouds. We found this mower to be quieter than we expected, but it’s louder than some electric mowers. The CRAFTSMAN M260 Vertical Storage Gas Push Mower comes with a 2-year warranty.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Simple designHeavy not ideal for smaller hands
Easy to operateNot ideal for yards larger than 1,000 sft
Compact size
Adjustable handles

6. PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower Gas Powered, 21 Inch Lawn Mower With 170CC Engine

The 21-inch PowerSmart lawn mower has a powerful 170cc 4-cycle gas engine, easy-to-adjust cutting heights, and a 3-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability. Other specs include an 8-inch rear wheel, an 18-gallon grass bag, 4-stroke engine, and a cutting height that can be adjusted between 1.18 and 3.0 inches. This model has an efficient 4-cycle engine, and its 21-inch steel mowing deck creates a large cutting area that is highly durable, making it perfect for tackling bigger jobs.

The lawnmower also has 5 height adjustment levels, making it easy for you to cut grass and overgrowth. PowerSmart’s 21-inch gas powered push mower is easy to use, making it ideal for anyone with basic gardening or lawn care experience.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Very powerful – 170cc engineHeavy difficult to carry
Powerful enough to handle larger lawnsNo zero-start system
4-stage variable speedNo suspension
Powerful enough to handle rougher terrain
Solid build quality
2-year warranty

7. Black Max 21-Inch 150cc Self-Propelled Gas Mower

The Black Max 21-inch 150cc Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Briggs & Stratton engine is a remarkably capable mower. Though we were a little surprised that the mower isn’t equipped with a rear-wheel drive, the 9-inch wheels did their job of keeping traction during mowing on even, flat terrain. And it’s way easier to mow grass with the 21-inch blade than with the 16-inch blade on the Black Max 16-inch 150cc Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Briggs & Stratton engine, since you can cut a lot more grass in a single pass.

The mower has a comfortable, foldable seat, and the deck’s polymax material was resistant to rust, so you don’t need to worry too much about keeping it clean. The mower also has a convenient self-propulsion feature that makes it easy for even a novice to use, and we made it through 2 1/2 acres in less than an hour.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Comfortable riding experienceLawnmowers like this have a tendency to get bogged down in long grass
Large 21-inch cutting deck; ideal for medium to large sized lawnsHard to empty the grass catcher
Low-noise, low-emissions engine
Compact design; easy to maneuver
Broad range of attachments, including mulching kit, rear bag, edger, and sprayer

8. Honda 663020 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Buying a lawn mower can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider. Which lawn mower is best to buy? The Honda 663020 21 in. GCV170 Engine Smart Drive Variable Speed 3-in-1 Self Propelled Lawn Mower with Auto Choke is perfect for anyone looking for a lawn mower. This lawn mower features a smart drive system, variable-speed drive, auto choke, and a 21 in. cutting deck.

This lawn mower is smart: It features three-in-one functionality, allowing you to choose how you want to operate the lawn mower. Use the mower as a self-propelled, or switch to manual for an easier cut. Plus, the 21 in. a cutting deck allows you to cut larger areas of grass, making this lawn mower perfect for large yards, gardens, and parks.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Easy to start, and handleSmall cutting deck
Easy to operateNot ideal for larger lawns
Flexible 3-in-1 self-propelled mower

9. PowerSmart Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower, 22-Inch 200cc Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower

The PowerSmart 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower is an excellent choice for lawns that need a more professional-looking cut. The mower has a durable 22-inch steel deck that’s easy to adjust and cuts grass well. You will like its powerful 200cc engine, which is powerful enough that you’ll rarely have to refill the gas tank. It’s also relatively light, weighing only 40 pounds, and it’s relatively maneuverable, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles.

The mower’s 5-position height adjustment lets you choose how tall you want the grass, from 1.2 to 3.5 inches. And its mulching option lets you spread clippings to the side, returning key nutrients to your lawn so your grass can grow healthy and thick.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers

Powerful engineLow quality cut
Maximum speed of 21mphDifficult to maintain
5 cutting heights
Quick release wheels for easy transport
Large 22-inch steel deck and bag
21-inch wide rear wheels
Single lever height adjustment

10. PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower, 22 Inch Lawn Mower Self-propelled, 200CC 4-Stroke Engine, 3 in 1 Gas Lawn Mower

The 22 inch PowerSmart lawn mower easily handles the toughest, tallest grass, and it’s one of the most practical gas-powered mowers on the market. It’s powered by a single cylinder 200cc 4-stroke engine, and it’s one of the lightest mowers in this price range. The 22-inch steel mowing deck is rigid enough to cut through thick grass without bogging down. The 5-position height adjustment allows you to change the cutting height to cut grass and overgrowth easily. This mower also saves you time with the mulching capability that chops grass clippings and mulches them back into the lawn. The 3-in-1 system allows you to bag, side discharge, or mulch, and it’s extremely easy to switch between each function.

Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mowers


  • 4-Cycle OHV 200CC 4-Stroke Engine
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic with Auto Idle
  • Cutting Height Range: 1.5 in. – 3.75 in. (3-9 cm)
  • Max.Cutting Width: 22 in. (55.9 cm)
  • Deck Material: 10 Gauge Steel (0.25 mm)
  • Rear Bag Capacity: 3.5 gal. (13.3 L)
  • Max. Mulching Depth: 2 in. (5.08 cm)
  • Max. Side Discharge: 3 in. (7.6 cm)
  • Transport Wheels: Front & Rear
3-in-1 design: bag, mulch and rear dischargeSlightly expensive
Powerful 4-stroke engine
Large 22-inch cutting deck
21-inch wide rear wheels

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

There are a lot of great self-propelled gas lawn mowers out there, but not all of them are good. So, when you’re ready to purchase, here’s what to look out for.

  • Cutting Width

A mower’s width is an important feature to consider. The wider the cutting width, the less time you’ll spend mowing. Cutting widths range from 21 to 21.5 inches.

  • Cutting Speed

The faster a mower’s blades spin, the less time you’ll spend cutting your grass. Cutting speeds can range from 3.5 to 4.5 mph.

  • Engine

 Mower engines are typically fueled by gas or electricity. Gasoline engines offer more power than electric engines.

  • Cutting height:

It’s important to pick the right height for your lawn. If you cut your grass too short, then it won’t be healthy, and it won’t get mowed often enough. If you cut your grass too high, then it will brown out and you’ll have to go over it a second time.

  • Transmission type

Self-propelled mowers usually use hydrostatic transmissions (HTPs), which are considered among the best. HTPs are quieter, more efficient, and more durable than older gear-type transmissions.

  • Low maintenance

Mowers that don’t require a lot of maintenance are also a good idea, especially if you’ll be mowing your lawn every week.

  • Mulching

Some gas-powered lawn mowers cut the grass and collect the clippings (known as bagging), while others push them off to the side (known as mulching). Mulching is generally considered healthier for your lawn, since clippings break down quickly and return nutrients to the soil.

  • Additional Features:

 Mowers offer a variety of features, such as bagging, mulching, and side discharge. – Mowing width: Your yard’s size will determine which mower is right for you. If you have an extremely large yard, then you’ll want a wide mower. However, if you have a small yard, then a smaller mower will work better for you.

How do you start a self-propelled gas lawn mower?

  • To operate any self-propelled lawn mower you must first flip the mower’s safety switch to “on.”
  • Next, set the height of the lawn mowers blade to about 1 inch above the grass. This ensures that the blade will not get caught up on grass as it mows.
  • Before you give the mower any gas, check that the lawn mower’s parking brake is on. When the brake is on, the blade stops spinning.
  • When you are ready to start mowing, pull the mower’s red starter cord. This releases the starter, which starts the mower engine.
  • Finally, release the brake, pull the mower handle back, and push the mower forward.

How much do self-propelled gas lawn mowers cost?

The price of a self-propelled gas lawn mower depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. How big the lawn mower is (its cutting width).
  2. How much power it uses (so gas costs will vary).
  3. How easy it is to change between adjustment features (blade height, cutting width, etc.).
  4. How much the lawn mower weighs (because lightweight mowers are easier to push).
  5. How well the lawn mower is sold (a major factor)

A self-propelled lawn mower typically costs between $300-$500.

How to maintain self-propelled gas lawn mower

  1. Clean the machine after each use.
  2. Running the machine too cold from starting and after long periods of inactivity can gum up the blades, the blades may also rust if not cleaned or oiled after a period of time.
  3. Oiling or greasing the mower blades and mowing deck after every use can greatly prolong the life of the mower.
  4. Keep the wheels clean and free of grass clippings, mud, and other debris.
  5. Keep the deck clean.
  6. Clean the fuel tank and fuel lines.
  7. Don’t put your hands in the mowing deck or engine during operation. You could get hurt.
  8. Put the mower away when it’s not in use.


Can you mow backwards with a self-propelled gas lawn mower?

The answer is yes. Gas powered walk behind mowers have two wheels in the front and wheels in the back. The first rear wheel is used to steer, but the second rear wheel is used to help propel the mower forward.

If you turn the wheel backwards on a self-propelled gas powered lawn mower, it will mow in the opposite direction of normal.

What is a self-propelled gas lawn mower?

A self-propelled gas lawn mower is a lawn mower that does not require a person to push it around in order to complete its task. Riding lawn mowers are self-propelled lawn mowers which instead of pushing, person sit in a saddle and steers the mower around.

Is self-propelled gas lawn mower good?

The self-propelled gas lawn mower is a great choice for you if you want to get a professional looking lawn and are willing to put in some amount of effort.

The self-propelled gas lawn mower has easy starting technology that is easier than a push mower. The mechanism used to service the mower is different, too. All these features make this product a desirable one.

What causes self-propelled gas lawn mower to stop working?

To answer what kind of sound you hear from a gas lawn mower, the initial sound is the sound of cutting the grass. If you hear a clicking noise, it means the engine of the lawn mower has stopped working. The clicking noise is the sound that some engines make when the engine is working properly.

The clicking noise indicates a problem with the carburetor. If the carburetor is dirty, you may require carburetor cleaner. Although you may not have problem with carburetor, it still can be cleaned.


The best self-propelled lawn mowers on the market offer plenty of power and are generally quite affordable. We’ve included mowers from well-known brands and manufacturers to lesser-known brands and manufacturers. We’ve included mowers with and without grass catchers and we’ve included mowers with and without headlights. If you’re looking for a gas powered mower, check out our list of the best gas powered lawn mowers.