Ariens 911159 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Ariens 911159 Gas Lawn Mower Review


The Ariens Razor ™ manual lawn mower delivers professional manicure results. This slicer is equipped with many innovative features that make it easy to use. The exclusive Rite-Hite ™ handlebar adjustment allows the handlebar’s height to be adjusted from the operator’s seat by pushing it forward. You can easily select one of 7 cutting heights with the one-point cutting height adjustment. The 3-in-1 system makes it easy to change from mulch to side discharge bag. The deep dome deck design provides excellent performance in all cutting modes.


The Ariens Razor 911159 cutter is a lovely product made from saffron and black. It weighs around 45 pounds. Therefore, problems may arise during the maneuver. But it doesn’t have to be a lot. Instead, you will find it difficult to play sports, knowing your garden or lawn.

The car’s engine capacity is 159 cubic meters. See what makes lawn cleaning easier. Because it runs on gas, you can be sure of its optimal performance. You can peel even the thickest grass without any problem. Also, the blades are so sharp that the grass does not cut or cut unevenly. The blades, together with the powerful motor, ensure a level lawn.

The mower has a concrete steel deck and a deep canopy. This design provides good airflow so that the cut will be excellent. You will find that a 21″slot ensures that you can cover the right area with each pass. It speeds up your work.

One pull is enough to light the torch. You don’t need to prepare. Along with the arched deck, it ensures maximum airflow, so the cut is excellent, and the finished lawn stays clean.

The mower deck’s height can be easily adjusted with a lever on the right side of the rear wheel of the machine. It means you don’t have to look at the front of the cutter or to the blades’ side.

Cut grass can be thrown in three ways. First, it can be drained from the side, the second option is to collect the cut grass, and the third option is to shred the cut grass. This 3-in-1 mower system ensures that you can handle cut grass in the way that suits you best.

Easy to Use

Like this Ariens mower, it has a 21-inch deck and a small 159cc Ariens engine. See, it also has an extremely compact footprint, which means it easily overcomes obstacles, be it trees, bushes, or your own. A dog, or even a sign! If you have a smaller 2-acre yard with a front door that isn’t big enough to accommodate large or zero-turn mowers, this is the perfect replacement. Yes, due to the smaller size, it will take longer to cut the same area. However, in turn, you don’t have to switch to a treadmill for incredibly difficult areas or use an edge trimmer to ensure a perfect cut in the tightest corners. After learning how to use this lawnmower and after a few tries, you can recreate your garden’s ideal gardening techniques.

Performance and Cutting Quality

The cutting width of this machine is 21 inches. This way, you can easily clean large areas. The device has sharp, durable blades that can cut easily.

The lawnmower has a deep dome platform that allows better air circulation so that the machine is not bogged down in challenges such as wet grass, thick grass, etc.

The height of the platform can be easily adjusted between 1 and 4 inches. You can make this change by simply pulling a lever. Also, it is not necessary to stop the cutter to change the height. It can be done while working on the machine. It will allow you to get the type of grass height you need to create patterns if you want on your lawn. It will be useful when trying to manage your lawn in different seasons.


Ariens 911159 comes with 3 in 1 option for cleaning grass clippings. You can tear, wrap, or spread it on one side. All three types will be useful according to the seasons.

The bag that collects these weed residues is also quite large and saves you from having to empty it in the middle of work.

It comes with a deep dome platform that allows airflow to circulate so your work is done more efficiently and smoothly.

The machine starts with a pull, and there is no need to prepare. You will not have to pull often to create the cutter.

Safety Features

The speed of the mower is adjustable so that you can get the speed you want to cut. It will reduce the chances of accidents, especially on slopes or mountainous terrain.

The cable height of this lawnmower can be easily adjusted. It ensures that you can adjust it to the height with which you feel comfortable and reduces back pain and aches. You will find that this will reduce hand fatigue and allow you to use the machine longer.


If I had just a slightly bigger engine and a little more durability, I would have given it the first place among the best zero-turn cutter ratings. However, it is cheaper than many competing models and brands, and it turns out to be fun to drive mower and compact enough for small sheds and yards.



Do you need something that can occupy 2 hectares or less of land? Don’t want to invest a lot in a massive machine with many moving parts, additional overhead, and painful learning? Ariens 911159 is what you need – affordable enough, adequate size, well designed, and easy to use.

Can you buy armrests for this lawnmower?

An armrest kit is available for this model. The equipment can be purchased directly from Ariens.

Is a bigger fuel tank offered for this lawnmower?

We currently do not have a larger fuel tank available for this lawnmower.

Is there a specific lining for this model?

We don’t have a cover for this model.