John Deere Z540R Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

John Deere Z540R Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Review

The Zero Turn Z540R Z-trak lawn mower is the broadest offering in the Zero Turn line for private homes and is designed to offer higher productivity and productivity levels. Quick 360-degree maneuverability and intuitive steering levers facilitate precise cutting.

It also includes a 48 ” high-performance lawn mowing deck, which allows you to cut large amounts of grass more efficiently. The deck can be easily converted to mulch or collected with optional kits. The Z540R has a robust and durable structure that offers smooth and comfortable operation. It also features an adjustable, comfortable seat with a high back, comprehensive ample for the operator, and plenty of space onboard storage. Choose the Z540R for a perfect cut.


24 hp (17.9 kW) provides sufficient power.

A large workload of 44.3 cubic inches (726 ccs) provides ample torque.

The air-cooled V-twin engine is efficient.

FS730V engine model

The rear engine cover protects the engine and provides additional strength and integrity to the vehicle.

The steering wheel dynamo has enough energy to quickly charge the battery and electrical power equipment, such as lamps or sprayers.

The first stage foam filter retains large particles of dirt before entering the filter.

The air curtain cover protects the rotating air curtain. The rotating screen filters the dirt and reduces the material’s size that passes through it to bypass the engine fins safely.

A full pressure lubrication system provides the engine’s moving parts with large amounts of oil for reliable operation and long service life.

Riding Comfort

The unit is designed with operator comfort in mind and ease of use for all controls:

  • The excellent front and side visibility of the platform cover facilitates the operator’s work.
  • Controls are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Two control levers can be adjusted with the cutting height pin to make work more comfortable and accessible.
  • Shock absorbers smooth steering movements for smooth operation.

The comfort seats have two coil springs and an adjustable front-rear seat position without tools used by the seated driver.

Two steel springs under the seat absorb the shock of rough terrain for a smoother ride.

The standard steel footrest flips and is easily accessible for maintenance of the cutter platform.

Lawnmower Handling and Performance

Dual drive gears effectively move the ZTrak ™ back and forth and provide control functions:

  • The gears are adapted to the vehicle for excellent stability on slopes.
  • Tuff Torq® TZT7-M reducers are reliable and durable.
  • 1 inch reinforced. 2.5 cm bars for added strength.
  • Use heavier components to handle the heavier loads on the larger tires and the heavier weight on the ZTrak Z500R series cutters.
  • Maintenance-free reducers are sealed and have no hose connections in case of hydraulic fluid leaks.
  • Four screw hubs provide a safe and comfortable wheel retention system.

48 inches (122cm) The HC platform has a deep platform to handle large amounts of grass. It is cast from thick steel and has increased strength to withstand severe cutting conditions.

Quality Cut

The cutting platforms are made of durable stamped steel, carefully designed to provide superior cutting performance- the mower that every yard deserves. The deep design and flat top offer superior cut quality with higher feed rates. Cast 9-gauge steel with extra insert depth for improved airflow, exceptional distribution, and superior cut quality.


ZTrak Mowers are built around a reinforced, cast and welded steel frame for added strength and durability.

Large front wheels and large rear drive wheels offer the operator numerous advantages:

  • Smoother driving
  • Better downhill performance
  • Greater operator comfort on uneven ground
  • Better traction
  • The operator platform is spacious and organized for maximum convenience, and the controls are easy to use:
  • Easy entry and exit of the torch
  • Ample legroom for comfortable use
  • Guide levers adjustable in height and position for operator comfort
  • The logical and color-coded layout of controls


The cutter is designed to fill a 6.5 bushel (230 L) rear hopper with a blower.

The high-performance electric PTO clutch is operated from an easy to use control panel.

ZTrak cutters are built around a reinforced, cast and welded steel frame for added strength and durability.

The control levers can be adjusted to three different heights and fifteen different positions from front to back.

The handy maintenance sticker contains necessary maintenance information. It provides a quick reference guide to help you update the recommended services.


The Z540R is the most massive ZTR stone for personal use. It is designed for maximum performance and excellent performance. The 122 cm cutting deck has high performance for more efficient processing of large amounts of grass and is equipped with a 16.1 kW twin-cylinder engine. With the right accessories, the sign can easily be converted into a clip collection. The Z540R has a sturdy construction for smooth and comfortable handling. The Z645 also features a high rear seat and a large operator platform with ample leg and headroom. Choose the Z540R for the perfect ZTR fit.

Does this have a detachable deck?

The Z345R ZTrak ™ Lawnmower can be removed for maintenance. For detailed instructions, it is recommended that you refer to Section 55, Cutter Maintenance, in the device user manual.

Can you put a snowplow on the front?

No, the Zero Z345R steering mower is not compatible with the snow removal.

Who makes the engine?

The Z345R zero-turn mower is powered by an Intek M44 V-Twin engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton for John Deere.