John Deere X750 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere X750 Lawn Tractor Review


The X750 is powered by a three-cylinder diesel engine for more torque and reliability, as well as ease of maneuvering with its potent two-wheel steering. The standard two-wheel-drive with differential lock lets you efficiently perform a wide variety of gardening tasks.


The John Deere iTorque V-Twin engine is a liquid-cooled Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine that delivers exceptional performance and reliability for commercial applications. John Deere’s iTorque power system incorporates engine features that provide high lift capacity, quiet cooling, and durability.

iTorque stands for Intelligent Design (efficient execution of tasks) and Torque (good grip). It is used exclusively on Select Series ™ and Signature gasoline tractors.

The 25.5 hp liquid-cooled (19 kW) V-twin engine delivers a heavy workload of 45.5 cubic feet. (745 ccs) provide sufficient power and torque for excellent performance in all operating conditions. All hood hinges open for easy engine maintenance.

The variable energy generator’s powerful charging system provides enough power to quickly recharge the battery and operate electrical equipment like flashlights or spray guns.

Riding Comfort

Two-pieces, 21 inches high-back seat (53cm), and John Deere embroidery have a thick cushion for extra comfort even after a day of work. The stern can be tilted for maximum operator comfort using a convenient lever on the seat’s side.

Adjustable 7 “seat suspension with four armrests (18 cm) longitudinal guide adjustment for operator comfort.

Optional armrests increase operator comfort and support, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity, especially when cutting grass for extended periods. The armrests are adjustable according to the operator. The logo embroidered on the backrest makes this luxury seat as attractive as the outside.

The optional pneumatic seat minimizes the vibrations felt by the operator while driving the tractor and ensures a very smooth ride. This seat is equipped with full air suspension, in which the driver can quickly adapt to their individual needs. The large ergonomic pillows are comfortable and reduce back fatigue.

Lawnmower Handling and Performance

The 14 cm deep deck design offers excellent air circulation, allowing for fast and efficient material processing. The platform is stamped with a 9, 0.15-inch gauge. (3.8mm) is made of steel and has a welded reinforcement on the bottom edge for added strength and durability.

The MulchControl accessory makes mulching more comfortable for many mowing situations; not only does it do a great job of mulching, but it also makes it easier to modify the mower for conditions where it is more desirable to empty sideways or collect material of the lawn.

The robust and reliable commercial hydrostatic drive can handle a wide variety of grinding and milling jobs. The set includes a towing device for the towing equipment. The tractor frame extends beyond the transmission and provides attachment points for Category 1 3-point hitch and Click N Go ™ mounting brackets.

Two-wheeled (2WD) and four-wheeled (4WD) tractors use similar transmissions. However, 4WD tractors have additional features that allow the rear wheels to be steered.


The Power Flow fan is ideal for cutting standard sheets or blankets.

The screen prevents material from accumulating in the refrigerator and can be easily removed for cleaning.

The wash port simplifies the cleaning of the upper deck.

John Deere has developed a system that makes it easy to remove and reinstall the platform. To be successful, there are some steps you need to follow carefully.

The sturdy platforms have handrails at the top for easy installation.

Full-length C-joint welded steel construction provides enough strength for heavy equipment.

Quality Cut

The deep stamping in the deck guarantees excellent cutting quality. Allows the cut and suspended material to exit the table without cutting:

  • Clean flow of material from the drainage area prevents cut material from interfering with incoming grass cutting, so the blades can cleanly cut incoming material.
  • Even in mulching mode, the cut’s uniformity is improved compared to other models as the extra depth ensures continuous circulation, optimal cut, and even distribution of the cut.

The large outlet is high and wide to accommodate more material:

  • Provides smooth chip evacuation at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the risk of clogging, which is especially important when working on wet, thick, or thick grass and sinking.
  • The Power Flow 48A fan has a 50% larger headbox than the Power Flow 48X fan used in previous machines.


The 48 Amp mower deck features sturdy spindle pockets to keep the blades aligned even after years of intensive use:

  • The ribs on the deck hull increase strength if needed.
  • 48A is 23% heavier than the 48 “Edge ™ Xtra deck bar 122cm for previous models.

The mower wheels are resistant:

  • Offers increased strength and durability for longer, trouble-free operation.
  • Adjusting the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height is quick and easy.
  • Low tension belt design reduces the side load on mower bearings for longer life.

The 48A cutting unit is 5/8 inches side bumper with an all-steel bar (16mm) in diameter and offers added strength and protection.

Two-stage electronic coating and powder coating provides additional protection against rust.


The 48A is designed for maximum versatility and offers maximum ease of switching between cutting and unloading modes:

  • If the optional MulchControl accessory is installed (with special blades for mulching), changing from side-discharge to mulching or vice versa is done simply by moving the lever.
  • When changing the emptying mode, there is no need to change the blades, as the mulching blades are also designed for side discharge.
  • The rear energy flow collector can be used with the MulchControl accessory and blades by moving the MulchControl lever to the side-discharge position.


An exclusive warranty of 4 years or 700 hours *, whichever comes first, is standard on all John Deere X700 Series tractors.

The guarantee is simple, as a company processes all documents.

The X700 Series tractors’ premium features provide a more extended warranty period with more coverage than similar tractors.



The John Deere X750 lawnmower is powered by a liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine that delivers professional performance, power and fuel economy, giving you a business advantage. Get your work done faster with a 60 ” platter that offers professional and efficient cuts. The hydraulic lift and double-touch pedal set make the X750 ergonomic and easy to use in all conditions. The diesel engine provides a 24hp 3 cylinder engine ideal for any large residential or commercial area. Take it easy and know that John Deere has returned the X750’s 4-year / 700-hour warranty. I can’t wait to see the difference with John Deere this season.

Is it difficult to clean the bottom of the mower deck and replace the blades?

Installation times may vary. Refer to Section 55, Lawnmower Maintenance, Operator’s Manual, for replacing the X750 Lawnmower blades. Section – 15 – Cleaning the Machine will help identify the main areas of the machine that need to be cleaned.

Are the hydrostatic drives on the X750 sealed units?

Yes, the transmission is a sealed component.

Is there a specific slope/degree in which this unit is considered safe?

It is recommended not to cut the heater at angles higher than 13° or to use it when the seat cutter is in the basic configuration (without accessories). When using accessories, it is not recommended to cut or work at an angle higher than 10°. See Section 10 “Safety – Working in the Mountains” of the User Manual for detailed instructions.