John Deere E100 Riding Mower Review

John Deere E100 Riding Mower Review


Discover the John Deere E100 lawnmower. This model is equipped with a 17.5 HP engine and a working volume of 500 cm3. It allows the E100 to manage the power needed for any cut efficiently. The automatic transmission allows the operator to select and change the ideal gears for the job quickly. The ergonomic remote control and easy-to-use controls make the E100 easy to use and learn. The easy-to-open hood simplifies maintenance and regular checks. Plus, the 2.4-gallon tank allows for quick refuelling with long rides. With a full-length steel frame for increased durability and a 2-year / 120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, the E100 has legendary John Deere durability.

Key Features

  • 5 HP engine
  • Deep deck design
  • Improved Mower Deck Lever
  • The operator’s station is large and comfortable.
  • Powerful battery

Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission allows the operator to easily select the desired forward or reverse gear just by pressing the pedal. It is similar to how a car driver automatically shifts gears when the accelerator is pressed.

Whether low speed is cutting or a higher speed for cutting in open space, the operator can adjust pedal pressure.

The engine can be started with the brake pedal, and the shift lever is in the centre position. After the engine is started, there is no need to use the brake pedal to change gears forward or backwards. Just move the shift lever forward / back to choose the direction of travel and press the automatic pedal to choose from an infinite number of travel speeds.

Using the cruise control pedal, the driver can choose between a multitude of forward and reverse gears:

Forward: 0 to 8.9 km / h

Inversion: 0 to 5.1 km / h

Tools and Controls

The die-cast panel has a clean and attractive style. The pen lever is easy to use and easy to operate. The spring-loaded low-load handle makes it easy to adjust and adjust the lawn mower’s cutting height. The controlled brake controls are conveniently located on the tractor’s base and are easily accessible. The cutting deck is fitted with a visible and operable yellow lever above the hole.

42 “EDGE ™ Cutting System

It offers high performance, reliability and availability. The deck’s curved outer edge provides extra strength and protection. Deep deck design that lifts grass for clean and even cutting; The mower’s smooth underside helps prevent lawn formation and evenly distributes the cut grass—convenient wash connection for natural cleaning manual intervention with dual blades.


The controls are easy on the eyes and easy to use. Large footrests with anti-slip and anti-vibration mats provide operator comfort. The driver’s seat is 11 cm high with excellent support. The cup holder sits on the right fender for a secure grip.

17.5 Horsepower Engine

John Deere single-cylinder engine for a capacity of 17.5 horsepower crafted to the exact specifications for John Deere. It provides sufficient power and torque for mulch, mowing and harvest conditions.

Mower Handling and Performance

The John Deere E100 horse mower is primarily designed for work on flat ground with small hills. Yard size should be less than 2 acres, and this mower is probably best suited for yards less than one acre.

Top speed is 5.5 mph forward and 3.2 mph backward. You can mow in reverse order. Either way, you don’t want to go faster with a mower.

This mower has 15 “front tires and 20” rear tires, which is standard for mowers of this size.

Overall width (with deck deflector raised) is 44.8 inches, so check if you need to go through a door.

The best thing about this mower is that it uses a continuously variable transmission (continuously variable transmission) instead of a hydrostatic transmission. CVT provides a very smooth ride, and some cars even use this technology for their automatic transmissions. You could probably think more about the power of this lawnmower in terms of how lawn works. It has a sliding pulley that changes the gear ratio as the belt speed changes relative to the motor pulley.

The benefit is more efficient power transfer (more horsepower to the ground) and smoother operation. Time will tell how long it will take.

Cut Quality

The cutting quality of the John Deere E100 lawn mower is what people appreciate most about this lawnmower. The 42″ axle is made from 13 gauge die-cut steel.

Only two anti-wear wheels help keep your lawn safe.

Scale adjustment is a simple adjustment with a lever on the left that allows you to adjust from 1 “to 4” in 1/4 “increments.

There is a deck wash port for connecting a garden hose for easy cleaning at the end of the day.



If you appreciate the smooth running of the CVT transmission during a sudden ride with a typical hydrostatic transmission and you have a garden of about one hectare, you will probably be satisfied with this mower.

Is there a fuel gauge?

The E100 does not have a fuel gauge. However, there is a diagram in Chapter 30 – Operation – Checking Fuel Level in the owner’s manual that shows how to check the fuel tank. You can find many of our manuals at

What is the turn radius on the E100?

The lawn tractor E100 has a turning circle of 45 cm.

How does it work in the hills?

It is not recommended to mow and use the mower on slopes higher than 13 ° with a platform in the basic configuration (without accessories). When using attachments, it is not recommended to mow the lawn and work at angles higher than 10 °.

How large is the elevated ride-on mower?

The E100 lawn Tractor is 124.2 cm (55.2 in) wide with the mower and 118.1 cm (46.5 in) wide with storage cover.