John Deere X580 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere X580 Lawn Tractor Review


The X580 features a powerful iTorque ™ power system, easy-to-use Twin Touch ™ hydrostatic transmission, and the convenience of hydraulic lift and power steering. This model comes with 54 inches. Accel Deep ™ Mower Deck (137 cm) for superior cutting and top-notch performance, whether side-discharge, shred or bagged.

All Select Series ™ X500 all-terrain tractors offer unmatched quality, performance, comfort and versatility. They are more versatile thanks to the optional equipment they have and the standard features that provide traction and stability in a wide range of conditions.

Key Features

  • 54-inch Accel Deep ™ Platform
  • Easy shredding with optional MulchControl ™ kit (one-touch or from the deck)
  • Powered by the 24 hp (17.9 kW) iTorque ™ power system *
  • Automotive-style power steering
  • 4-year / 500-hour defense-to-defense warranty


The tractor is powered by the John Deere iTorque ™ power system, which combines engine performance with a unique hood design for superior lifting capacity, constant cooling and durability. The main features of the engine include:

  • 24 horsepower (17.9 kW)
  • Large working volume of 726 cm3
  • Air-cooled V-twin
  • Superior power and performance
  • Smooth and silent power
  • Easy start

Quality characteristics include:

  • Cast iron cylinder liners.
  • Air valves
  • Lubrication at maximum pressure
  • Replaceable oil filter.
  • Two-stage air filter

Electromagnetic starter for easy starting even at low temperatures

Flywheel Alternator

The flywheel alternator provides more power to quickly recharge the battery and electrical power equipment such as flashlights or sprayers:

  • Power 15 amps
  • Adjusts to keep the battery fully charged without the risk of overcharging.

The fuel tank has a large capacity – 4.4 cu. Gal. (16.6 L)

Quality fuel system components improve performance and comfort:

  • Large, 4.4 US. Capacity in US gallons (16.6 L)
  • Wide, 3 “3” Fuel tank fill port
  • Located in the left-wing
  • Facilitates adding fuel and helps prevent spills.

Tank lid fixed and sealed:

  • Reduction of fuel vapour losses
  • Less chance of losing the fuel cap.

The automotive-style fuel gauge on the dashboard:

  • Easy to read from the tractor cab.
  • Reduces the likelihood of running out of fuel.
  • Eliminates unnecessary breaks for filling

 54-inch (54A) (137cm) Accel Deep ™ Deck Mower

54 inches (137cm) Accel Deep Deck uses the latest 3-prong cutting technology to take productivity to the next level:

  • Calibre 10, 0.135 in. (3.4mm) bridge moulding for long life

Deep flat design for handling high volume materials at higher cutting speeds:

  • Provides excellent cut quality and smooth relief.
  • Easy to clean from above and below deck.
  • The robust four-point hitch system allows the mower to move away from the tractor for a smooth, even cut.
  • Wide mower wheels adjust easily just above ground level to prevent scratches.
  • A 0.25 “by 6.4mm increase allows the mower to adjust the cutting height.
  • Integrated deck alignment system makes it easy to align the mower correctly.
  • Compatible with optional MulchControl ™ system.
  • Compatible with Power Flow ™ high-performance collection systems.

54 In. (137 cm) deep Accel Mower Deck is a deep pressed steel deck that offers excellent cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability and versatility. Optimal cutting characteristics and dispersion are achieved even at higher cutting speeds:

  • 83 “(12.3 cm) deep throughout the deck body for optimum mowing, mulching and bagging
  • Optional electric or lever MulchControl nozzle for superior mulching performance and versatility.
  • Forged steel construction eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can accumulate, reducing cutting performance.
  • Mower decks hang from the machine for a smooth, even cut.
  • Adjustable mower wheels positioned just above ground level help reduce scratching.

Excellent Cutting Quality

The deep cutting deck design ensures excellent cutting quality. Allows a separate suspended material compartment to exit the platform without further cutting:

  • Reducing the amount of grass cut allows more energy to be used to cut incoming grass, which greatly increases the performance of the mower.
  • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at higher cut speeds.
  • Clean flow of material from the unloading area prevents cut material from interfering with incoming grass cutting, allowing the blades to neatly cut incoming material.
  • Even in mulching mode, cutting uniformity is improved compared to other models as the extra depth provides continuous circulation, optimal cut and even distribution.


The deep draw cutting deck provides high productivity so you can get the job done quickly. Provides space to cut and hang material for a quick exit from the deck, reducing the number of new mowing, so more power is available to handle incoming grass:

  • Significantly improves the mowers ability to maintain excellent cutting performance in difficult cutting conditions and at high speeds.

The large outlet is tall and wide, allowing more material to be processed:

  • Provides a smooth, even discharge of cut grass at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the chance of clogging, which is especially important when working on wet, thick or dense grass and when bagging.
  • The Power Flow 54A blower has an inlet housing that is more than 20% larger than the Power Flow 54X blower used on the previous machine.

Excellent Durability

The 54A Mower Deck has strong shaft recesses to keep the blades aligned even after years of use:

  • Ribs in the bridge shell add strength when needed.
  • 54A total weight is 3% more than 54 “Edge ™ Xtra total weight. 137cm mower deck was used on previous machines.

The mower wheels are resistant:

  • Provides increased strength and durability for longer trouble-free operation.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height.
  • Low tension belt drive design reduces the lateral load on lower motor bearings and deck bearings for extended life.

The 54A Mower Deck is equipped with a 5/8”cutter. The side bumper is made of a steel bar (16mm) in diameter, which provides added strength and protection.

Two-stage electronic coating and powder coating provides additional protection against rust.


The 54A is designed for maximum versatility, providing maximum convenience when switching from one cutter discharge mode to another:

  • When the MulchControl attachment is installed (together with the special mulching blades), the transition from mulching mode to side discharge mode or vice versa is done simply by moving the lever or pressing the electrical switch.
  • The Power Flow rear receiver can be used with the MulchControl attachment and blades installed by simply using the MulchControl lever or one-touch electrical switch to move the MulchControl deflector to the side-discharge position.

Power Steering and Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic power steering included as standard:

  • Provides control like in a car
  • Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity
  • The small turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Tilt-adjustable steering wheel for optimal operator comfort (X584 and X590)

The convenient hydraulic lift lever makes it easy to raise and lower the mower or attachment:

  • The hydraulic lift control lever is located on the instrument panel next to the steering wheel.
  • Hydraulic lift provides quick, easy and precise control of attachments at the fingertips.
  • The unit’s float is built into the lift linkage.

Hydrostatic Transmission

  The Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission (IHT) incorporates the hydrostatic pump and rotary motor assemblies in a single housing with differential and axle housing:

  • Very efficient piston design.
  • Fewer sealing surfaces to minimize the possibility of leaks

When combined with foot control, a hydrostatic transmission works the same way as an automatic transmission in a car, which is why the term “automatic” is often used to describe it.

Main characteristics of the transmission system:

  • Large rotary pump and motor assembly for long life and efficient operation.
  • Full-size axle housings to withstand heavy loads
  • Twin Touch ™ pedal for easy and precise speed and direction changes
  • Internal oil bath disc brakes for long life and continuous operation. Brake lock system that returns the foot control pedals to neutral during an emergency stop.
  • A return mechanism that closes the one-way clutch valve when the brake pedal is depressed to start the engine.

Traction bracket system standard:

  • Traction Assist provides positive power to both drive wheels for increased traction.
  • The pedal traction control system is convenient for the operator when he needs it. 

Snow Removal

The advantage of lawn mowers is the ability to use attachments for snow removal and other work on the site. Lawn tractor owners can add a John Deere snowblower or front blade to speed up snow removal when needed. The weather-resistant casing and tire chain accessories enhance comfort and performance.

Control and Display

The contoured panel offers a clean, attractive design and ergonomic controls for easy operation:

  • Controls are colour-coded for easy operator identification.
  • Controls are logically organized and easily accessible.
  • PTO switch allows the operator to lift fingers like a T-lever for easy activation.
  • RIO implement (reverse switch) – yellow button.
  • Lock control on foot pedal models and hydraulic lift control on electric lift models and parking brake lock is rotary levers to reduce force.
  • Activation of the cruise control is controlled by the car style button.
  • Separate controls for engine and choke rotation for easy cold-weather starting and heating.
  • The choke lever is spring-loaded to prevent accidental operation of the tractor with a partially closed choke.
  • The functional design of throttle and choke controls for a nice appearance.

The instrument display looks like a modern car. The boot sequence alternates between LEDs and indicators to indicate that they are working:

  • The display has a dark cab design to minimize operator distraction.
  • Backlit screen for night visibility.
  • Night vision is especially useful when using a snow thrower.
  • With the hour meter, you can easily see when you need to change the oil and do other maintenance work.
  • Electronic fuel gauge provides real-time information on fuel level.
  • The tachometer graphically displays engine speed.
  • Target zone diagrams inform the operator of the motor speed range that will be used to obtain the best cut quality.
  • The display informs the operator about the operation of the PTO shaft.
  • Warning and brake lights draw the operator’s attention to important information on the instrument panel.
  • You can prevent damage and reduce repair costs by solving problems quickly.
  • Operators will be alerted to a problem if they attempt to operate a lawnmower with a defective PTO, seat, or parking locks.
  • Gauges are also helpful in determining why the PTO or engine stalls when the lockout is not achieved.
  • The operator is notified when the battery voltage is low, normal or very high.
  • The service light comes on to indicate that a DTC has been set.
  • Built-in diagnostics provide fault codes that can be used by qualified technicians.
  • For example, a technician can test the functionality and continuity of the switch without tools.


The frame is made of high-strength, welded cast steel that is reinforced at critical points for even greater strength:

  • The frame is 12 gauge, 0.105 “(2.66mm) thick.
  • The shape of the front bumper and mounting plate is 0.25 “(6.4 mm) steel and completes the frame assembly.
  • The front bumper can hold up to four 19 kg Quik-Tatch weights.
  • The rear lift plate can support up to four 19 kg Quik-Tatch weights.
  • An optional rear rack is required for the X584.
  • The front axle is made of nodular cast iron:
  • Durable and shockproof
  • Does not deform under heavy loads or impacts.

Interchangeable bushings are used on centre pivot joints and steering axles:

  • Offers excellent resistance to wear.
  • Grease cavity between bearings maintains lubrication and facilitates orientation between greases.
  • Easy maintenance greasers on each axis.

Robust front axles for long service life:

  • Ability to handle heavy tools
  • 19mm (0.75 “) steer axle (X570)
  • 1-inch steer axle with a diameter of 25.4 mm (X580, X584, X590)
  • Offers long shelf life for storage areas.

Modern Style

Smooth, rounded contours give it a modern, streamlined look:

  • The hood is equipped with efficient full-length air inlet grilles on each side.
  • Colder engine running
  • The reduced noise level in the operator’s workplace
  • Hot air exits the front grille away from the operator.
  • Completely closed lid in coloured cast material.
  • Reduce the sound
  • Will not rust or dent
  • The distinctive radiator grille and large fender complete the elegant design.

Quality headlights make night work easier and safer:

  • Two 27W lamps provide excellent illumination for better night visibility.
  • The position of the headlights on the ignition key makes it easier to check the headlights.
  • Headlights are designed to provide an ideal bright spot when mowing and clearing snow.

Comfortable and Convenient

Operator’s cab Designed for operator comfort with all controls. Controls are easy to use and colour coded for quick identification.

  • 15 inches 38 cm open rear seat (X570, X580) is particularly elegant and comfortable:
  • Open back design allows for air circulation, keeping the operator’s back cool and dry for a more comfortable ride.
  • A handle at the top of the seat is conveniently positioned for use when tilting the seat to protect it from the elements.
  • Twenty-one inches rear seat height 53 cm (X584, X590) offers additional comfort and support for the operator.

The seat suspension is easily adjustable to suit most operators:

  • 7 “seat offset. Allows the operator to sit comfortably and easily operate the controls.
  • The operator can easily adjust the seat back and forth while sitting on the seat (15 positions).
  • The seat has a suspension that easily adapts to the weight and height of the operator.
  • The springs ensure a smooth ride and do not reach the bottom.
  • The position of the spring is adjusted according to the weight of the operator.
  • The seat tilts forward to protect the seat surface from the elements.
  • Seat tilts forward to channel moisture and sunlight away from the seat cushion for greater operator comfort.
  • An additional storage pocket (X570, X580) offers a convenient place to store gloves, etc.

21 “option two-piece (53.3 cm) professional seat, four-link suspension and skids, found on the Signature X700 Series tractors, are available as an upgraded seat and suspension for all X500 off-road tractors ( model year 2006-). The main features of this seat:

  • Thick seat cushion for lasting comfort even after a day of use.
  • The backrest can be tilted for maximum operator comfort.
  • A handy lever on the side of the seat opens the backrest, allowing.
  • Includes four-bar slider and suspension for added comfort and to screw into mounting holes on tractor bumpers

The armrests increase operator support and comfort, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity, especially when cutting grass for extended periods. The armrests are adjustable as desired by the operator. This armrest accessory is designed for the optional 21 “model two-piece professional seat (53.3 cm).

Rubber pads make the operator more comfortable:

  • Helps isolate the operator’s feet from vibration.
  • Attractive style.
  • Robust wear-resistant surface
  • Reduces the possibility of slipping even on a wet surface.

The cup holder and closed toolbox are conveniently located on the bumper next to the operator’s seat.

The handles on each bumper are convenient for getting on and off the tractor.

A 12V socket is standard and provides a convenient outlet for electrical equipment.

A 12 V quick connector in the centre of the vehicle, located under the tractor fuse box, is standard to shorten the initial installation time for some of the accessories operating with 12 V tractor power:

Four slot connector includes the battery, ground, selector, and on/off terminals.

The MowerPlus ™ app

Put a John Deere lawnmower to work and learn to mow with the John Deere MowerPlus app, simply scan the tractor barcode for personalized information. The app helps determine the best time to mow, communicates expert advice before mowing, provides maintenance reminders, and provides detailed instructions.

Find the MowerPlus app in the mobile app store.



Ready to find out how much better your cutting routine can be? The John Deere X580 lawnmower combines advanced craftsmanship and new ergonomic enhancements to deliver the best mowing experience ever. A powerful iTorque ™ system powers the 54-inch Accel Deep ™ deck and always delivers a fast, professional cut. 22 HP ensures that this machine can withstand even the toughest terrains, regardless of the weather. With a cast steel case and a 4-year / 500-hour premium warranty, you can count on John Deere as the foundation of your expertise. With automotive-style power steering, this mower is easier to use and control than ever.

How does the reverse button on the mower work?

It is highly recommended to tie with the mower. The reverse hitch option should only be used if a different attachment is used or if the operator deems it necessary to reposition the machine with the mower switched on. For additional safety information and instructions on using the RIO button, see “Section 30 – Operation” of the manual. There are many manuals available online, so you can access your model’s manual at

Is the engine a John Deere exclusive engine?

The X580 lawnmower is equipped with an engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton for John Deere.

Does the X580 have a hose connector to clean the platter after cutting?

Yes, a hose can be connected to the platform using the quick connector. For more information on using the wash door, refer to “Section 30 – Operation – Using the Wash Door to Clean the Mower Deck” in the Operator’s Manual. There are many manuals available online, so you can access your model’s manual at