Cub Cadet CC30 H Riding Lawn Mower Review

Cub Cadet CC30 H Riding Lawn Mower Review


The design of the Cub Cadet CC 30 H with rear engine may seem dated, but there is a reason why this lawnmower is the best-selling model in its segment. The simple design, excellent visibility, and compact size make it a practical alternative to hand tractors. If you’re tired of using a lawnmower on your lawn, it’s worth a look.


The CC30H with rear engine looks more like a golf cart than an ordinary lawnmower. The driver’s seat is ergonomic, making it very comfortable to drive. There are also several positions for adjusting the seat.

It should be noted that the structure and body of this lawn mower are mainly made of plastic. Some are intimidating. Apart from the fact that some reviews have broken the plastic seat or the steering wheel over time and with prolonged use, this mower’s design is good.

If you are shorter or have shorter legs, some people have noticed that cycling can be more difficult. Remember to stay in the seat when reaching the pedals; otherwise, the engine will stop automatically for safety reasons.

Cutting Quality

Note that due to the smaller size, 30-inch deck, and narrow 13-gauge cut width, you won’t be able to cut large areas at any time. This rear-engine Cub Cadet outperforms others when used to cut small flat areas.

If you are concerned about scalping your backyard and are mowing on very uneven ground, it is recommended to cut this CC30H lawnmower with 3 “and sometimes 4” mowing height, as it has no wheels to avoid it.

Easy to Use

The Cub Cadet CC 30 is easy to use and is powered by a 6-speed transmission driven by a sturdy double belt. With its fast-acting steering, this mower makes it easy to come and go, and best of all, no lawnmower experience is required. A front cutout of 4.25 mph and a rear cutout of 4.25 mph make this little driver one of the fastest.

However, be careful, this Cub Cadet is not an agile machine. It won’t have a compact turning radius, but you’ll do a decent job cutting your yard for the price. With a turning radius of about 18 inches, if your lawn is long and straight with limited turning requirements, that should be enough. Remember that this is not a sprinter; it is a decent cutter that moves faster than a standard mower.


The CC 30 uses a 382cc OHC single-cylinder engine. See, designed and manufactured by Cub Cadet. Unlike other engines in this class, it uses a full pressure oil system with an oil filter. 2222 keeps the engine completely lubricated and prolongs its life. It also has an automatic choke and electric start. Most of the engine maintenance is limited to annual maintenance: changing the oil, replacing the fuel filter, and cleaning some significant components.

Height Adjustment

The CC 30 H uses a 30-inch deck made of 14-gauge stamped steel. Th02=1 allows the Cub Cadet to form a cutting chamber that hugs the blade and increases the vacuum for precise cuts. It has a built-in flush connector, so you can connect a garden hose to remove accumulated grass without having to remove the deck. The platform height can be adjusted to one of 5 positions ranging from 1 to 4.5 inches.


Cub Cadet offers several ways to change the way this mower handles grass waste. The compost set comes with a plug and a high-lift knife. It will keep the cutouts in the deck 698520compartment, going through the blade several times. With each pass, the blade cuts them into ever-thinner pieces and turns them into mulch. The excavator kit has a 3.25-bushel capacity and is easy to install and remove.

Cub Cadet offers a 12.5 cubic foot truck and a 12.5 cubic foot steel vehicle. There is also a truck trailer with folding sides. So you can use it as a bucket box or table hanger.

The CC 30 can also be used for other garden work. The 44-inch sweeper collects leaves and debris from the lawn for easy disposal 175lb spreader. It is suitable for sowing as well as for spreading granular fertilizers and herbicides.


Probably the only area where this Cub Cadet can’t keep up with the competition is made of plastic, and on every small bump, you feel a plastic crease in some places. Unfortunately, there are currently not enough plastic spare parts for this machine. So be careful when crossing bumps and obstacles. The warranty covers all 3 years, so you only need to worry about whether Cub Cadet has spare parts in stock.


Considering that this trimmer costs less than $ 1,400 and can come and go, I would say this is a great deal if you don’t have a large yard or are not thinking about starting a trimmer business in due time free. Consider maintenance costs, although sometimes you will need to hire a local repair technician when spare parts are short supply.



If you have a more or less level lawn and are looking for a decent lawnmower that can overcome obstacles or something like a gate, this guy seems to do the trick. Overall, it gets very high marks and reduces the time it takes to mow a lawnmower home area.

It is powerful enough for its size. After all, I would say that most of your shortcomings are easy to overcome. Consumers are particularly pleased with the performance and ease of use of the machine. If you have a large garden to mow or steep hills, you may want something more like this 46-inch Poulan Pro mower.