John Deere X730 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere X730 Lawn Tractor Review


The John Deere X730 Electric Lawnmower features a 25.5hp EFI engine to help you through the toughest jobs. Electronic fuel injection, double pedal presses, and power steering give the X730 precise control and maximum efficiency. This cutter meets John Deere’s high standards, including a robust welded frame and a 4 year / 700-hour fender bumpers warranty.

Riding Comfort

The steering wheel’s tilt can be adjusted for greater operator comfort, with six positions being selected by simply pressing the lever for a more comfortable fit. The fully raised area makes it easy to get in and out of the tractor, and the steering wheel is designed for convenient and non-slip operation.

Two pieces, 21 inches 53 cm high back with John Deere embroidery has a thick cushion for more comfort even after a full day. The stern can be tilted for maximum operator comfort using a convenient lever on the seat’s side.

4 adjustable 7 ”pivot seat suspension and slide adjustment (18 cm) front to back for maximum operator comfort.

Optional armrests increase operator comfort and support, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity, especially when mowing for extended periods. The armrests are adjustable, depending on the operator. The embroidered logo on the back of the seat makes this luxury seat as beautiful as the exterior.

The optional pneumatic seat minimizes the driver’s vibrations when driving the tractor and ensures a very smooth ride. This seat has full air suspension, which the driver can quickly adapt to their individual needs. The large, ergonomic pillows are comfortable and reduce stress on the back.


John Deere’s iTorque V-Twin electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine offers exceptional performance and reliability for commercial applications. John Deere’s iTorque power system combines engine features that provide high lift capacity, consistent cooling, and durability.

iTorque is synonymous with intelligent design (efficient task execution) and torque (excellent traction) used on Select Series ™ and Signature gasoline tractors only. The V-Twin 25.5 HP liquid cooling entire hood hinges for easy engine maintenance.

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers many essential performance benefits, such as instant start in high or low ambient temperatures or after long periods of seasonal storage, without acceleration for the user, without engine heating. The device can activate immediately after starting the engine, the power and torque, more excellent reliability by eliminating steam plugs, misfire, inertial and side explosions, automatic altitude compensation, and accurate fuel delivery.

Mower Handling and Performance

The 14 cm deep deck design offers excellent air circulation to handle the material quickly and efficiently. The bridge is stamped in gauge 9, 0.15 inches (3.8 mm) steel, and welded bottom edge reinforcement for strength and durability.

The heavy-duty, high-performance commercial hydrostatic transmission is suitable for a wide variety of land and industrial applications. Tow bar included for towing behind the equipment. The tractor frame extends beyond the transmission line and provides attachment points for Category 1 and Click N Go ™ 3-point mounting brackets.

Two-wheel (2WD) and four-wheel (4WD) tractors use the same transmissions, but four-wheel tractors have additional features that allow the rear wheels to turn.

Infinite speed control and smooth changes of direction ensure operator comfort and efficiency. The differential lock provides positive power to a two-wheel drive for more excellent traction. The operator can use it if necessary.

Quality Cut

The deep stamping of the cutting deck guarantees excellent cutting quality. It allows the cut and suspended material to leave the table without being cut again:

  • The clean flow of material from the drainage area prevents the cut material from interfering with the entry grass cut so that the blades can cut the incoming material cleanly.
  • Even in mulch mode, the cut’s uniformity is improved compared to other models, as the additional depth allows continuous circulation, an ideal new cut, and an even distribution of the cut grass.

The deep stamping of the cutting deck ensures high productivity, so you can get the job done quickly. It allows the cut and hanging material to leave the deck soon and reduces the cut, allowing more power to process incoming grass.


The 48A deck has sturdy shaft pockets so that the blades remain aligned even after years of use:

  • The ribs in the roof structure increase strength, if necessary.
  • The total weight of the 48A is 23 percent heavier than the 48 “Edge ™ Xtra. The deck (122 cm) has been used on previous machines.

The mower wheels are designed for heavy use, providing greater strength and durability for longer and trouble-free life. Adjusting the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height is quick and easy, and the low tension belt design reduces the side load on the cutter bearings, in the long run, a life.

The 48A cutter deck measures 5/8 inches 16 mm solid steel side bumper for added strength and protection.

Electronic two-stage coating and powder coating provides additional rust protection.


The 48A lawnmower is designed for maximum versatility, making it as straightforward as possible to switch from one cut discharge mode to another:

  • If optional MulchControl is installed (with special cover blades), you can switch from side-discharge to compost or vice versa by merely clicking on the lever. When changing the emptying mode, the blades must not be changed, as the crushing blades
  • The Power Flow excavator can be used with MulchControl attachments and knives by moving the MulchControl lever to the side dump position.


48 “(122 cm), 48” Accel Deep ™ (48A) Deck (122 cm) Edge ™ Xtra * and 54 inches (137 cm) and 60 inches. The High Capacity Edger (HC) uses a high-powered fan to collect material in various material collection systems.

The MulchControl 48A accessory makes mulching more practical for many cutting situations. In addition to doing a great job of mulch, it makes it easier to remodel the lawnmower when side loading or collecting is more desirable.

The MulchControl attachment makes mulch more practical for many mowing situations. It not only does a great job of mulch but also allows the mower to be easily upgraded when it is most desirable to unload or collect grass. The benefits of grass mulch include beautiful grass, cut grass that does not shoot the operator, sidewalks or flower beds, less use of fertilizers, and eliminates the hassle of removing cut grass.

Update your John Deere lawnmower and learn how to mow with the John Deere MowerPlus app, scan the tractor barcode to get personal information. The application helps determine the best time to cut, provides expert advice before cutting, and offers maintenance reminders and detailed instructions.



The X730 Signature Series tractor features Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), which provides extra power to the engine and offers quick starts and smooth heating. The X730 is comfortable to drive thanks to the two hydraulic steering wheels and the standard all-wheel-drive with a differential lock that allows a wide range of activities in the garden efficiently.

Does the mower have a rear bagger?

Yes, the X730 is equipped with a compatible Twin Bagger that provides an efficient means of collecting grass and leaf debris.

Can I use non-ethanol gas in this mower?

The recommended fuels for the X730 are lead-free or Octane 87 ethanol mixtures (up to 10%). Do not use fuels or additives that contain methanol, as they can damage the engine. For details, refer to Section 65 – Miscellaneous Services – Use suitable fuel and stabilizer in the machine owner’s manual.

How do you know when you are almost out of gas?

The x730 lawnmower has a low fuel level warning light that can be used to measure the device’s fuel level. Refer to Section 25, Controls in the Operator’s Manual for a diagram that identifies the controls on the control panel.