Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower Review

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower Review


The Husqvarna YTH18542 is a professional lawnmower. The best thing about this lawn mower is that it looks elegant, is very easy to use and offers maximum yields. If handled properly, your cutting job will turn into a job with minimal effort.

The engine inside is from Briggs and Stratton and is powered by a 2.5-gallon fuel tank. The machine is very economical, so you will need a full tank to run this mower multiple times.

Husqvarna’s patented technology improves air circulation. It results in a smoother and more even haircut. Furthermore, the cutting deck is made of sheet steel. And this sturdy material is ideal for protecting against cracks and wear while cleaning.


Rarely have I tested such an inexpensive lawnmower that works as well as the YTA18542. The satisfying performance of the 18.5hp air-cooled Briggs & Stratton Intek single cylinder and incredibly responsive CVT pedal automatic transmission is still slightly below 15% at top speed on most slopes. Peak around 7.4mph. Forward and 2 mph backward with ease to this threshold and smooth acceleration and braking as needed with no jerking or rolling between gears.

Move its design away from pure, versatile power and emphasize superior agility. The outstanding balance and stability of the heavy cast-iron front axle, supported by Advanced Vibration System technology, keeps the YTA18542 afloat with a 16-inch turning radius for a smooth ride on scalp-free wheels that allow every step of the light cruise on the Sunday road. Seriously, the handling and acceleration of this mower can ruin any machine you are looking for.

Cutting Quality

YTA18542 42-inch stamped steel deck uses an air vent to lift grass while driving an extraordinary cut from start to finish. In addition to refreshing ease of use and commendable versatility, the manual controls for inserting the blades are conveniently located on the dashboard. With a single lever mounted on the fender, you can toggle between 1.5 to 4 inches. Side discharge produces virtually no lumps, but the optional mulching attachment also creates a relatively fine addition of nutrients that are dispersed during mowing.


With a garden hose close at hand, you can use the deck wash port to clear cuts, debris, dirt and grime by stopping the engine and adding water, turning on the lawnmower, and starting the knife. An electric hour meter on the dashboard at pre-programmed intervals continually reminds you that the mower is in the process of moving to the next stage of the recommended maintenance program. Husqvarna also generously offers a three-year warranty on the mower and a five-year warranty on the axle and frame protection.

Control & Ease of Use

Many vital tasks are performed automatically while you are driving. For example, speed and acceleration are adjusted automatically. All you have to do is control the hydrostatic transmission with the pedals.

The transmission is fully automatic. Everything you need to find the right moment. It depends on your mowing skills.

In conclusion, let’s talk about the turning radius. While rotating, it can only be rotated within a 16-inch radius. If your yard or lawn is crowded, working on it is a huge plus.


The compact size of the Husqvarna YTH18542 makes it one of the most versatile machines of its kind and arguably one of the best on an affordable skid steer loader buy page. It makes it easier to access certain areas, makes it easier to manoeuvre and takes up less space styling. In terms of performance, the lawnmower delivers consistent quality results thanks to its intelligent, high-quality design. First, the air-assisted cutting technology improves airflow through the deck, ensuring a clean, even cut every time. Also, the compatibility of the machine with a wide range of accessories increases flexibility throughout the year.


The Husqvarna YTH18542 inverter is compatible with a wide range of optional accessories and transmissions to increase the productivity of the tractor. With this availability and many additional tools, the mower can ensure that operators and businesses are prepared for all seasons and working conditions all year round. While driving, we can also test the equipment with popular and indispensable accessories such as snow blowers and graders, which go very well with the compact mower. Also, the high-performance accessories can be integrated with other useful tools such as brushes, retractors, dump trucks and other front or rear accessories.

Safety Features

In an emergency, the engine switches off with minimal starting effort. The ability to manually turn the knife on and off allows you to keep the engine running when needed without the risk of accidents due to unwanted cuts.


On a budget of $ 1,500, you can find some mowers that meet Husqvarna’s specifications and performance, but not many. I will do my best to reduce this exceptional value. The bigger the mower, the more influential the engine is. With all due respect for that fact, the 436-pound YTA18542 can cover about 2.5 acres an hour with its 2.5-gallon fuel tank. While it works awkwardly on small lawns despite disappointing lawnmower standards, it’s hard to say how much this cleverly built model can do in a day with such a modest tank to fill.



The Husqvarna lawnmower’s outstanding performance instantly makes it one of the best machines we’ve tried so far. The manufacturer has succeeded in balancing the safety and reliability of the machine with its equipment and reliability has a significant impact on the market value of the mower. Also, the intuitive and straightforward design makes the device a practical and smart option for operators who are not very experienced in its use. Not to be missed is the slim and sturdy single-cylinder engine from Briggs and Stratton Intek, which offers a right combination of performance and durability. In conclusion, it should be noted that the Husqvarna YTH18542 ride-on lawnmower has some good advantages, although most of its features are somewhere in the middle of the market. Overall, the YTH18542 deserves the attention of owners who want a car that looks good, with even better performance and features.

How is this mower on hills?

Like most riders, this model is recommended for inclines of up to 15 °. Slopes are a significant contributor to loss of control and rollover accidents that can result in severe injury or death. Working on slopes requires special attention. If you can’t climb a hill or feel uncomfortable, don’t cut it off. It would be best if you cut slopes up and down, not sideways.

Is the deck stamped or welded?

The YTH18542 features a 13-gauge cast steel armoured bridge with a limited warranty.

What is the turning radius?

The YTH18542 has a turning radius of 16 inches.