John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor Review


The John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor is a sturdy, self-supporting lawnmower that can drive over rough terrain. The E180 lawn tractor is designed for severe and professional lawnmowers and has several features that make it an attractive option for heavy-duty jobs. For example, this lawnmower is powered by a 26-hp front V-twin engine for hilly and uneven terrain. The driver has a top speed of 8 km / h, making the journey easy to handle. The fuel gauge is visible when cutting, so you always know how much fuel you have left.

Key Features:

  • Displacement: 44.2 cm³ (724 cm³)
  • Engine power: 25 horsepower
  • Drive Type: hydrostatic, two-wheel drive
  • Type of lift system: handle on bridge attached
  • Steering type: single handlebar and steering wheel gear
  • Cutting Width: Edge ™ Deck, 137 cm (54 in)


The John Deere E180 lawnmower has an adjustable seat (front and rear), which also has button-operated lumbar support on the left side of the seat. While this is better than nothing, if you don’t mow on a flat surface, you’ll still have a pretty tricky ride to drive.

It is a beast when you have a lawnmower and rough terrain. There’s not much you can do other than lower your tire’s PSI a little or add a suspension seat. Adding a position will cheer you up and make you feel a bit unstable.

The model has a speed control. If this turns you on, you can pull the lever on the right side of the car while driving at your desired speed.


A 25 horsepower John Deere engine powers the E180. It looks like an Intek Briggs & Stratton engine built to “John Deere specifications”.

It is 724 cubic meters—CM (hmm, B&S also has a 724cc engine).

There is a 2.4-gallon gas tank which I think is small enough to accommodate a 25 horsepower engine. Especially considering that this mower is designed for 4 acres or more, it may not be possible to mow more than 2 acres without reloading. The fuel tank is located under the rear seat, which is unique in that it is usually located under the hood, just behind the engine. I think if it was under the seat (just swing the seat forward to access the gas tank) filling would be a little easier.

An exciting feature is the included hour meter, which makes it very useful for keeping track of maintenance intervals speaking of maintenance intervals: the engine of this E180 lawnmower is equipped with an “oil change in 30 seconds” function. John Deere boasts that it can change the oil in just 30 seconds. It is worth noting that the oil filter is quite expensive – around $ 40.

It can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your location. When it comes to changing oil and filters, I am usually wrong. However, I can certainly understand how useful it is for many people who have no mechanical skills but still maintain their lawnmower correctly. I would like it.

It should be noted that with this engine if the engine is used a lot on slopes, premature failure (up to 400 hours) can occur due to the lubrication of the engine oil. A splash lubrication system is used when the oil pump only pumps oil through the filter, but the internal components only depend on oil splashes to stay lubricated. If you are always going up or down a hill, some parts may not have oil. Smooth terrain or very gentle slopes shouldn’t be a problem.

The motor and mower are warranted for two years for individuals and only 90 days if using the mower for commercial purposes.

Mower Handling and Performance – Hills/Rough Terrain

The John Deere E180 lawnmower is equipped with 22 “rear tires and 16” front tires. It can mow forward at a top speed of 5.5 mph and 3.2 mph in reverse.

This mower would be suitable for plots of 4 acres or more and suitable for steep/hilly areas. Let’s take a closer look.

Transmission: Tuff Torq K46AC (also used on John Deere D160 and D170 mowers). It is a prevalent drive train that can be found in many lawnmowers, maybe even millions of lawnmowers. The problem is, these gears can’t handle the constant ups and downs. They are simply not suitable for this type of mower. The K46 must be used with a 48 “or less deck and 20” or less rear tires. As you know, the E180 has 54-inch wheels and 22 inch rear wheels.

The John Deere E180 lawnmower weighs 523 pounds, so traction problems and tire size should be kept to a minimum.

Cut Quality

John Deere is known for its superior cutting performance, and this mower is no different. The only problem is that some observers find it ineffective in tall grass. You need to cut it at the top level (10 cm) and then cut it back down to a lower level do it well. If you plan to maintain your yard week after week, I don’t see this as a problem for you.

Three blades under this 54-inch mower deck to cut grass into thousands of pieces. The 54 ” 11-gauge moulded cutting deck has four anti-scalp wheels on the front of the deck, which help to mow the deck while mowing correctly. The E180 is equipped with a PTO shifter instead of a gear lever.

Trim levels range from 1 “to 4” and can be easily adjusted with a simple lever on the left side of the driver.

You can mow in reverse by pressing a button called the hardware option Reverse or RIO.

A lawn kit is also optional if you wish.



John Deere offers a wide variety of accessories for this mower. From packaging machines to carts, rippers, spreaders, pre-cutters and snowploughs. Remember that with the K46AC gearbox, you must be very careful when carrying loaded accessories. I wouldn’t recommend the cover, for example. Also, try to keep the load light when towing a car. The cart + load + person shouldn’t be larger than the mower itself (523 pounds), so basically keep the load around 200 pounds.


It’s hard for me to appreciate this lawnmower. I want to love it more, but I’m not a fan of the K46AC transmission as a mower of this size has a long history of durability issues. Even if you’re mowing a usually flat yard, this is a great tractor. If you are like me and have a very rough/steep yard, I don’t know if I can recommend this mower. I think if it fits your description, you can check out the next John Deere model and spend a little extra money to get the best drive train that will last. Or another lawn mower will work for you.

Should you buy a John Deere E180 ride-on mower?

Apart from a few small parts, this is the best lawn mower you can buy. If you have a medium to the large yard, it’s hard to go wrong with anything from John Deere, but this particular model is a great choice that no one will regret.

Does this mower have the two-wheel-drive/limited-slip transmission?

The E180 ride-on mower is equipped with a hydrostatic four-wheel drive, but no differential lock.

Does the E180 use synthetic oil or regular oil?

See the Engine Oil chapter in Chapter 45, Engine Maintenance, Owner’s Manual for this information.