John Deere E140 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere E140 Lawn Tractor Review


The E140 combines a powerful 22 hp V-twin engine with hydrostatic two-pedal gearbox for superior handling. The deep mower deck with 120cm cutting width reduces travel time, lifts the grass while mowing and ensures a quality mow every time. Gone are the days of saddle fatigue. The E140 features an adjustable high-back seat made of comfortable material so you can ask for more. The E140 Lawn Mower with Seat is made of durable material to withstand the toughest conditions and keep working. The E140 was built with comfort and efficiency in mind, making construction jobs less tiring and more fun.

Key Feature

  • 22 HP s 16 kW (22 hp) V-twin engine
  • Edge cutting system 48 “(122 cm)
  • Transmission of hydrostatic two-pedal
  • Mows at 8,000 m²


Star Lock blade design holds the blade screw in place with the correct torque for easy removal. Additional blades are available for difficult mulching or harvest conditions.

Adjust the Height

Adjust the height of the lawnmower deck. Mower deck height adjustment is required. Adjust the height of the cutting deck. Need to adjust the height of the cutting machine deck. Spring fork with minimal force makes it easy to adjust and adjust the cutting height of the cutter: Operator can fine-tune the cutting height in increments of 0.64 cm (0.25 inch). Cutting height is adjustable from 2.5 to 10.2 cm. The handle is shaped and positioned for ease of use and does not impede operator access.


The 22 hp (16.4 kW) twin-cylinder engine delivers enough power and torque for harsh ground, mowing and harvest conditions: V-twin design for more torque, less vibration and better sound quality. It has an electronic ignition for a quick start. Spring-return prevents the operator from accidentally leaving the throttle lever in the choke position. The engine has:

  • Cast iron liner for long engine life
  • Upper valve for excellent performance and fuel economy
  • Pressure lubrication and oil filter for cleaner oil, longer engine life and longer oil change intervals
  • Especially effective when using the tractor on ramps


The adjacent pedals control speed and direction of travel:

  • Car-style throttle control makes it easy to operate.
  • The operator can change direction without lifting their feet off the base.
  • The large pedal area provides excellent operator comfort.


The sturdy one-piece frame measures 12.05 inches. (2.66 mm) steel:

  • The fully mechanically welded frame features high-strength steel rails for added strength and durability.
  • The one-piece steel rail is bolted to the frame.
  • A 22-hp (16.4-kW) V-twin engine offers plenty of torque and power for mowing, mulching, and bagging conditions.
  • V-twin cylinder design for greater torque improved sound quality and lower vibration.


Advanced System is a brand that highlights the benefits of John Deere Axis design. They offer exceptional comfort, performance and reliability:

  • The deep mower design lifts the grass for a clean, even cut.
  • The mower’s smooth underside prevents knife build-up and evenly distributes the cut.
  • The curved outer edge of the deck provides additional strength and protection.
  • Electronic coating and electrostatic paint for additional rust protection.

The 48-inch frameless platform has a 3-axis design with powerful features:

  • All-wheel-drive motors are standard with conventional lawn motors, even on rough terrain.
  • Flexible drainage minimizes property damage and soil shrinkage.
  • No tools are required to switch from the (coated) gasket on the exhaust side to the rear manifold.
  • The shield is an optional accessory that can be installed without tools.
  • A high-quality overlay sheet (GX21786) is available to improve the overlay performance.
  • Pocket knives are available to improve your harvesting efficiency.

The mower deck has a sliding lip for added strength and protection: durable 12 gauge, 0.15-inch gauge. The steel blade (2.7 mm) guarantees reliable lawn mowing for many years.

The bladed shaft design offers a unique blade attachment system for added safety and convenience.

The 6.5 bushels (229 L) rear blade is sold separately and comes with a pocket knife.


The driver’s seat is designed for operator comfort and convenience:

  • The controls are positioned so that the tractor is easily accessible and operated.
  • The steering wheel is tilted to provide the driver with sufficient space and driving comfort.
  • The seats can be adjusted to the optimum angle for the most comfortable riding position.
  • Steering wheel and control panel Steering wheel and instrument panel
  • Large footrest with grooves to remove dirt.

The controls are easy to use:

  • The large three-spoke steering wheel offers the driver more comfort and control.
  • The on/off switch is located on the control panel and makes it easy to start.
  • Plenty of legroom with non-slip and anti-vibration mats for operator comfort:
  • Dirt removal grooves keep the base of the foot clean and dry.
  • The large footrest makes it easy to get in and out of the mower.

Comfortable Seat

The driver’s seat is 15 inches (38.1 cm) high backrest for a secure position. This is especially useful if you plan to use the tractor for a long time. It can be easily adjusted forward or backwards on the seat, the seat displacement 14 cm and five different positions.

Seat springs ensure a smoother ride.

Two bench springs provide enough seat deflection for easy driving and comfortable tractor control at the same time.

The saddle can be tilted to protect it and for easy access to the fuel tank.

Luggage storage (displayed with optional cover)

Cup holder (optional drawer display) Cup holder (optional drawer display)

The glove box and the cup holder on the right fenders are organized and easy to use.

Tools and Controls

The simplified dashboard has a neat and attractive style:

  • The controls are colour coded and labelled for easy operator identification.
  • The controls are streamlined and easy to access.
  • Service timers indicate when oil changes and other maintenance tasks are needed.
  • Service reminder means that the lubrication or general maintenance for the lawnmower/engine has expired.
  • When maintenance is needed, the hand will blink continuously for two hours.
  • The functional design of the control elements ensures a pleasant appearance.



The luggage attachment system is a combination of front and rear mount points that allow you to attach the sun visor, rear reed and other accessories with ease and convenience.


All John Deere, 100 Series tractors, come standard with exclusive bumper for a 2-year or 120-hour bumper warranty *, whichever comes first.

The guarantee is very simple because all documents are handled by one company.

The superior features of the 100 Series tractors offer a longer warranty period with a higher level of warranty compared to other tractors in the same class.

What is the difference between the 3 E140 blades and the mulching blades separately available?

The E140 lawn tractor is equipped with 3-in-1 blades that can be used for mowing, collecting or mulching. Mulching blades are recommended for difficult mulching conditions.

The E140 is good for hilly terrain, black mountain terrain, walking uphill and downhill?

It is never recommended to blow and use a water heater on slopes greater than 13 ° when the mower is in its basic configuration (no accessory). When using accessories, it is not recommended to grind or work at an angle greater than 10 °. Refer to Chapter 10 – Safety – Working on slopes in the operator’s manual for detailed instructions.

How does the reverse cut button work? Does it need to be constantly pressed, or does it fall into place?

We do not recommend supporting the mower running. The option for reversible attachments should be used only when other attachments are used or when the operator deems it necessary to move the machine with the rake engaged. See Chapter 30 – Operating the User’s Guide for additional safety information and instructions for using the RIO button. Many manuals are available online, so you can access the manual for your model on

Can this E 140 handle insufflations well?

Additional E collection accessories are required for the E140 rider. The E140 compatible packer has the model number BG20777, and you can find it here: – Tractor 48 inch / 50,329,427.