Lawn-Boy 17734 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Lawn-Boy 17734 Gas Lawn Mower Review


The Kohler XT-6 engine in which this unit is incorporated has an OHV design to save fuel. The 149cc y-axis has a maximum net torque of 5.9 lbs at 2600 revolutions per minute. Intelligent choke technology automatically adjusts the amount of fuel needed to start the engine. You don’t have to worry about flooding the engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.25 gallons.

The mower is equipped with a rear-drive system for better traction in various cutting conditions. While front-wheel drive is best for flat, rough terrain that requires a lot of cornering, a rear-wheel mower is for those who need the extra power to tackle terrain with lots of hills and obstacles. However, it would be best if you didn’t use this residential model for cutting grass on steep slopes.

The 17734 is equipped with 8-inch rear wheels as standard. The front wheels have a diameter in inches. The large rear wheels generally provide better stability and performance on rough terrain. However, the small wheels facilitate the rotation of the milling machine.


Lawn-Boy 17734 with Kohler XTX OVH 149 cc 4-stroke. The OVH XTX motor has a good total torque of 6.5 ft/lbs, which is ideal for smooth grass adjustment. The XTX engine has standard features that are reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain. One of the obvious features of the XTX engine is that the engine performance is not affected by weather conditions. Just like the Honda engine, the engine provides the same performance in both seasons, winter and summer.

It always starts with a knob (battery operated) and is ready for operation. If you have problems with the electric start function, you can use the alternative cable pull function.

The engine of this router runs on gas, which is quieter and vibrates less. Lawn-Boy also uses carbohydrate-compatible technology to meet environmental standards.

You can see that with 149cc four-stroke engines, unlike a two-stroke engine, there is no need to mix the oil with the fuel.

Get enough power for your powerful 149cc 4-stroke petrol engine to rotate the blades 21 inches and keep a clean cut every time.


Kohler started making farm implements 140 years ago, before switching to engines for small and large machines. Kohler Power celebrates 100 years of residential and industrial power plant manufacturing. Lawn-Boy chose the XTX for its reliable starter and lightweight construction. The automaker is so confident in build quality that it has added a 3-year Tru-Start warranty to the engine. It means that the manufacturer will repair it free of charge if you make more than 3 attempts to start the engine during this period and under normal conditions.

The Lawn-Boy has an electric starter, so there are no traction cable problems. Turn the ignition key, and the engine will start easily. The gasoline engine is quiet and clean and uses CARB technology to meet environmental standards. The XTX is a 149cc four-stroke engine. Look, which means that, unlike a two-stroke engine, it doesn’t have a fuel-oil mixture.

The mower is also available without electric start (Lawn-Boy 17732). The Lawn-Boy 17732 mower can be easily started with the rewind cord. Lawn-Boy will repair it for free if you cannot connect the mower in two steps. Of course, the non-electric version of this mower costs less and is a viable option.

Easy to Use

The mower was designed with ease of use in mind. It is evidenced by the simple electric start and by adjusting the cutting height at two points, making it possible to adjust the deck height on two wheels at the same time and accelerate according to this setting, which may be necessary occasionally an hour. Remember that the height adjuster may slip from time to time. Therefore, make sure that the blades do not accidentally scrape the grass. Also, it is an easy access lawn mower for the old and young. It’s easy to set up, easy to assemble, self-propelled and has an adjustable handle for operators of all sizes. Many will love this lawn mower because it does not require an oil change. When driving on slopes, the rear-wheel-drive and excellent mower traction should make it easy to conquer the area.

A notable design flaw is that the battery for the electric start option is located on the left side of the handle. Can you imagine what could happen to this place? Yes, it can easily fall off if you are not careful.

As for the cable area, the self-propelled mower also works very well, perhaps too much. The car flies if you lower the boom all the way and then gently lower it until you get used to the variable speed option.

Cut Quality

With the L-B17734 you can choose between 3-in-1 bagging, mulch or side discharge. Mulch is an incredibly smart choice, as the 21-inch deep dome steel deck provides an excellent cut. If you look at the sheets, you will see that they are specially designed with small holes in the back of the serrated edges to help reduce clumping. Ideally, the large capacity of the bag collector means you don’t have to stop as often to unload the scrap. However, this may not always be the case, depending on the conditions. Also, the grass catcher does not have a lid, and if the bag comes off the mower, you can dump the grass knowing it’s time to change the bag. Optionally, you can design a cover for the gap that may appear between the cutter and the bag, which also reduces dust and debris as you walk behind the cutter. The side discharge chute is easy to connect and can be ordered separately. One forgotten feature of this lawn mower is that it can get close to the edges.

Height Adjustment

It is rare for yards to be perfect and flat, so Lawn-Boy has installed wheel-height adjusters. The 2-position lever lets you control the height of the steel-deck above the level of the grass. It is to help the machine get over deeper lawns or substantial obstacles such as flagstones. Being a mower designed for smaller yards, the wheels are smaller (Front 7″, Rear 8″) than some other machines, but this is still a capable mower. There are also 6-positions of height that you can cut the grass at, from 1.25″ to 3.75″. Flexible and simple to personalize, everyone has their preference of grass height.

Safety Features

Lawn-Boy’s mower is a powerful machine with large-sharp blades. The mower has a key ignition positioned away from the control handle to prevent accidental starting by children or an adult. The steel deck is strong and will shield you from any stone chipping that happens to be lifted by the blade as it spins. The variable height setting also means you can keep the mover close to the ground to avoid running over any toes.

Special Features

The first unique feature it has is the robust, reliable and quick to start 149ccKohler® XTX OHV engine. You don’t need to change its oil, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid checking the oil level before each use. It is also equipped with Smart-Choke technology that automatically adjusts the amount of fuel required to start its engine. Another unique feature of this mower is the Lawn-Boy Engineered Tri-Cut System that provides amazing mulching capabilities and excellent cut quality. Bigger rear wheels (of 8 inches) and bigger bag (2 bushels) are other special features of Lawn-Boy 17734. I have seen many gas-powered mowers in the market, but none pleases me, some are priced high, and some don’t have features. It is a unique combination of features and affordable price. I also found that side-discharge is given as an optional feature in it.


For maintenance of this mower, you don’t need to worry much. The biggest thing you have to do is check its oil before every use, and I think this is a very normal thing with gas-powered mowers. I suggest that after every use, you should clean the debris and grass clippings below the deck. After using it for every 25 hours, you should also check the air cleaner regularly for loose, damaged or dirty parts. If necessary, make a replacement. The company suggests to replace the air cleaner and spark plug after every 100 hours. I agree with them because all this will increase the life of your mower.

At last, please purchase the cover of Lawn-Boy 17734 separately from the market. The cover will guard the whole unit (inclusive of the rear bag). You can even store the covered mower in an open area fearlessly, without any problem.



With its electrical start and self-propulsion, the Lawn-Boy 17734 can make the chore of mowing the yard a lot less tiresome and tiring for any user. It is a perfect option when it concerns mower, and the rates of a bit more than $300 make it an even better choice. Merely keeping an eye on the connection between the mower and the collection bag can assist you in capturing any signs of a gap before the lawn clippings get all over the place, so that isn’t a significant concern.

Will it Work on Wet Grass?

Yes! But there is an increased chance that the machine will get clogged up. Wet grass clumps together and sticks to the inside of any lawn mowers decks.

Can I Adjust the Handle?

Yes! The handrail has two settings to make users of different heights more comfortable.

Do I Need to Add Oil to the Fuel?

No! As we said at the top of this Lawn-Boy 17734 review. It is a 4-stroke engine only put regular gasoline in it. The engine oil level does need to be checked before each use, but there should be no need to change the oil, ever.