GreenWorks MO60L410 Battery Lawn Mower Review

GreenWorks MO60L410 Battery Lawn Mower Review


The Greenworks PRO lawnmower has a 21 ” deck and is therefore ideal for medium to large construction sites. It has two 10-inch rear wheels that facilitate maneuvering in tight spaces. The lawnmower is equipped with a push-button system and has a 3: 1 lawnmower capability. You can choose between rear flush, side flush, and mulch. It weighs 34 pounds and is heavier than most cordless lawnmowers. Comments say the mower is generally soft and light, although it can be massive if you have to climb steep slopes. When you’re done, you can fold the mower to be easily stored in your barn or garage.

Brushless Motor

Greenworks PRO uses a brushless motor to keep it running efficiently without wasting battery. Brushless motors are also quieter than traditional lawnmowers, and the manufacturer claims that Greenworks PRO is 50% quieter than a gasoline engine. It is an excellent addition if you have children or pets that don’t like the sound of a lawnmower, or if you want to mow the lawn early in the morning or late at night. The router also features smart cutting technology unique to Greenworks products. The engine speed is automatically increased in tall or thick grass and reduced in short, thin grass. It allows the torch to operate efficiently without wasting the battery.

Blade Design

Much, but not everything, unique about the Greenworks 60V 25 ″ self-propelled cutter revolves around the cutting deck. The mower features a 25 “steel cutting platform that extends approximately 3” beyond the broader end of the battery-powered cutter spectrum. It is achieved through the design of the cutter’s cutting blade.

The Greenworks 60V lawnmower features a double-blade design with Greenworks placing two 12.25-inch blades side-by-side to expand the total reach to 23.75 “.

If you do the math here, you will find that it doesn’t make any sense. This is because the blades rotate against each other, with their paths overlapping. The edges have a lower top speed than expected, but their smaller and lighter construction allows the engine to maintain that top speed even in overgrown conditions.

This project has proven effective with the commercial model, and we expect the residential model to behave similarly.

Greenworks claims this cutter gets 30% more mulch and 40% more run time with this design. Thinner cutouts mean the collection bag is emptied less often, while less engine load means more cuts per pack.

Overall, it’s a practical design that has proven to work well with Greenworks’ business model.


The 60V mower rolls very smoothly. While it looks tough, it doesn’t necessarily feel heavy. It’s also tranquil, so you can mow the lawn a little earlier or later in the day without disturbing your neighbors.

You also have bullish options. You can pack the clippings, blow them off the side unloading ramp or cover them with mulch. When mulching, the cutter cuts the chips well into excellent pieces.

The quality of the cut appears even and even. The grass is green and growing, but it didn’t have a chance to reach us completely this year. I don’t expect any performance problems in summer conditions, and we will perceive the running times better. We use enough Greenworks cutters not to have too many doubts about this particular model’s main features.

As with any cordless lawn mower, mowing your lawn weekly in high season will give you the best results and fewer problems.

Double Port Power Supply

Another design feature that we like is the dual battery port. We use many lawnmowers with a single door with a different storage compartment, but if the first one is low on batteries, the batteries will need to be changed manually.

If the first battery on the Greenworks 60V 25 ″ self-propelled cutter is empty, the router will automatically use up from the second. You don’t have to stop cutting to change.

Vertical Storage/Handle Adjustment

The previous version of the Greenworks 60V lawn mower could easily be stored vertically. The new 60V lawnmower significantly improves this function by changing the handle mechanism. Instead of leaning over the router base to loosen or adjust the handle, Greenworks now offers two latches on the top of the sidebars. Pull the latches with the finger restraints, move the handle to the desired location, and release. The handle clicks into place. The same mechanism allows you to fold it for storage completely.

Handle Design

New to this updated 60v mower is the drive design. Instead of using the standard double bars to activate self-propelled and blade modes, Greenworks opted for a pair of handles. They work independently, and you only have to press and hold one side of the controls to activate their function.



The Greenworks Pro 60V is a durable and extremely powerful lawnmower that comes closest to a real battery-powered lawnmower, which professionals can rely on for regular maintenance and heavy use. However, it does have its drawbacks, including a noticeable lack of a security key and an autonomous piloting capability that is not worth using. Failure to use a self-propelled unit in any way and careful maintenance of the knife can significantly reduce these problems.


We love the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower for homeowners who need to wait for 1/4 to 1/2 acre. It has a solid build and lots of useful new features. Buy if you are looking for a reliable lawnmower with a great warranty. Change if you want to mow the lawn at a fast trot.

Do all wheels have wheel bearings?

Yes, the wheels have bearings.

Is there a battery included?

The GreenWorks Pro 60v lawn mower comes without battery and charger. The product description indicates that the battery and charger are sold separately.

Should I buy the Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410?

If you are looking for a truly durable cordless lawn mower that gives you the ability to produce more power, this turbo model is perfect. Self-propelled equipment makes it easy, the weight offers comforting resistance, and the four-year warranty is a big plus. The Greenworks Pro 60V is a durable, extremely powerful cordless mower. The closest we’ve seen to an excellent cordless mower is that professionals can depend on regular services and heavy use. However, it also has flaws, including a very noticeable lack of a safety key and a self-propelling option that isn’t worth using. If you don’t use the self-propel option anyway and practice careful mower maintenance, these issues can be significantly reduced.