Worx WG779 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Worx WG779 Battery Lawn Mower Review


Worx is another trendy brand when you need electric and cordless tools. And their mower offering is also a battery-powered model for ease of use.

The Worx WG779 lawnmower ranks second in this article as it is one of the cheapest options available on the market. As a result, it can be an excellent option for many users on a tight budget. Its 14-inch blade size makes it one of the most compact choices on the market, so you can easily store this mower in your garage when not in use. This blade is powered by a 40-volt battery strong enough for decent power.

The good thing about this lawn mower is that it is equipped with 4.0Ah batteries, which ensure long battery life so that you can use it for a long time without any problem. It uses two 20-volt batteries that share their power to get maximum power from the engine when mowing the lawn. It has 3 adjustable cutting heights, making this mower versatile enough to cut the grass according to your needs and requirements.

Power System

The cordless lawn mower usually works with two lithium-ion batteries. That’s why the mower’s engine works well when someone is mowing the lawn in the garden.

The batteries can be fully charged in 2 hours. And they can be reused with another lawnmower. Therefore, you can easily change them.

Besides, this high-performance cordless lawnmower is equipped with two 20 V batteries, which means that the mower’s motor can provide more power than other battery-powered power tools.

This mower is also equipped with an economical mode that saves energy when cutting tall grass.

The battery indicator is located at the top of the cutter so you can see how much power is left.


Engine quality is an essential element when choosing a lawnmower.

The WORX WG779 mower is equipped with a high-performance motor with sufficient speed to cut grass without problems.

However, you can buy many brands of lawn mowers online. But they have motorized cutters of inferior quality. Unfortunately, when you choose a product, you can lose your healthy lawn. Therefore, you should never leave it.

That is why you should consider a lawnmower engine. Also, this lawnmower is equipped with an engine of the highest quality. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.


It is one of the most significant features to consider before purchasing a lawnmower. This mower is equipped with a metal blade on wheels with a 34 cm diameter, which cuts the grass more slowly than plastic knives.

Also, wheeled metal blades can mow the lawn more efficiently. You can also easily change these types of blades if necessary.

This mowing blade guarantees a clean cut for a healthy lawn.

Height Adjustment

It is a compelling feature to consider when purchasing a lawnmower. And you can mow your lawn correctly with a height-adjustable lawnmower.

It is important to note that you will need to adjust the mower’s height when cutting tall grass.

Fortunately, the WORX WG779 cordless cutter has height adjustment functions. It allows you to adjust the height when cutting quickly.


As with all lawn mowers, you need to ensure that the blade remains sharp throughout the season. In the spring, scrutinize it for splinters and bruises. If you have any problems, a professional should sharpen your blade. A blunt or slightly damaged edge can make cutting significant difficult, increasing cutting time and even discharging the battery during cutting.

Security Feature

Soft handles make changing commands easier. When released during cutting, the cutting blades stop.

Special Features

Integrated door charger with smart charging technology to prevent overcharging and damage to the battery. Easy-to-use padded switches and handles for added comfort.

If you prefer to harvest grass clippings, clean them immediately after cutting. Any excess grass in the bag can break quickly. It is sometimes tricky to remove wet grass from the back.

A port charger with smart charging technology helps maintain battery power without monitoring or turning it off. If you live in an area with cold winters, you should seriously consider removing the batteries and taking them home, as prolonged cold weather can shorten battery life. In winter, it is recommended that the batteries are connected and fully charged once a month.


The maneuverability and low weight of the Worx WG779 make it ideal for small lawns with lots of trees and features that need to be neatly cut. If you’re lucky, you might not even have to use a coffee grinder or weed whisk to clean up later!

There is also a potential value for money for batteries. The built-in intelligent charging port extends battery life and prevents damage from overcharging. Simultaneously, the two 20 V batteries can be exchanged for the other 20 V tools and devices from the Worx range. If you’re already a fan of the brand, you can use different batteries to cut mowing time further, or you can get more tasks done by using the lawnmower’s batteries to power other power tools.

The ability to switch between turbo and eco mode also saves battery power. If used responsibly, it can even extend the entire battery life.



The WG779 excellently cuts different lengths and thicknesses for such a small and compact cordless burner. Remember that by cutting regularly and avoiding grass that is too long or too wet, you will avoid putting too much pressure on the battery. Remember always to keep the battery charged and dry in winter.

It comes with a 2-in-1 kit: 14-inch cordless lawnmower and blower. The blower can produce 360 ​​cubic feet of air per minute to work with any power source.

And given all of these unique features, it should be the one you should choose as your lawnmower.

How long does a WG779 lawnmower last?

On average, a cordless lawn mower will last 5 years or more. However, it comes down to how well you take care of your car.

Can I use the Worx WG779 lawnmower on tall grass?

If the grass gets too long, the mower will need extra power to cut it. This additional pressure can be too high for the engine. Therefore, it is best to cut the grass before using the lawnmower.

What does General Worx WG779 mower maintenance include?

The blades must be cleaned after each use. It would be best if you made sure that the battery is optimally charged. However, avoid overcharging, as it can affect performance and battery life.