Ego LM2102SP Battery Lawn Mower Review

Ego LM2102SP Battery Lawn Mower Review


The electric lawn mower may be the best in its class for several reasons. The main thing – the lawnmower cuts the grass faster and faster. It is due to how it was designed – a massive bridge and a battery that charges more efficiently than the rest.

It is equipped with a 56-volt lithium battery, which has a long lifespan and can run for at least an hour without charge.

Even so, it only takes forty minutes to charge the battery before restarting. It’s relatively lighter and weighs around 23 pounds, so it’s easy to push and move around.

Key Features:

  • Automotive
  • 21 “cutting deck
  • Bag / mulch / flush side
  • 5 Ah 56 V battery
  • Charge for 60 minutes
  • Up to an hour of battery life on a single charge
  • Cutting height from 1 1/2 to 4 inches
  • Handle adjustable in three positions
  • LED headlights
  • 8 lbs

Battery Pack

This cordless lawnmower is equipped with a 56-volt lithium-ion battery that powers the lawnmower for up to 60 minutes, depending on the lawn’s height and thickness. It takes an average of two hours or more to charge lithium-ion batteries. However, the EGO LM2102SP battery has a charging time of 40 minutes. It is the fastest charging time for any flashlight we have tested.

The battery weighs over 6 pounds, which is heavier than other batteries, but still useful. There is also a battery indicator. So when you cut off, you can check the display to see how much power is left. It makes it easier to determine when the battery needs to be charged.

Cut Quality

The quality of the cut made with an electric milling machine depends on several factors. Here are the main ones:

  • Torque: It depends directly on the engine power.
  • Blade speed
  • Sharpen the blade
  • How fast do you cut
  • Cutting height

Now let’s talk about how this trimmer delivers such a great mowing.

Your engine develops the same torque as a gasoline engine. It is sufficient to meet any reasonable requirement that any lawn may have. The electric motor will not lock up or cause the blade to rip, and the grass to tear as a low powered electric motor would.

RPM refers to the speed at which the blade rotates. Faster rotation results in a cleaner, healthier cut. The knife speed on this router is slightly slower than on a gasoline knife with the same cutting width, but still fast enough that you won’t notice it if you don’t. He didn’t say. This quick turn ensures a clean cut.

You are responsible for sharpening the blade. Regardless of the type of lawnmower, the blade should be sharp, so you can cut the grass instead of tearing it. The incredible cut quality of this router impresses with its sharp blade.

You want to mow the lawn quickly, but not overload the mower. Mowing large amounts of fibrous grass at a time harms the engine, dulls the blade quickly, and can cause the blade to pull the grass out of the ground instead of mowing it thoroughly. Adjust the auger speed to be slower for long or thick grass and faster for thinner and shorter grass.

Mower Design

The 58 lb mower is easy to maneuver even with a bag full of heavy grass. Many lawnmowers weigh between 70 and 90 pounds, making the EGO the right choice for a lightweight lawnmower. In addition to being lightweight, this cordless lawn mower features large 9-inch wheels at the base, making it easy to maneuver high cuts and tight turns.

When you are done cutting, the handlebar will fold, and you can position the flashlight vertically without touching it. An integrated handle on the front of the mower deck provides a safe place to lift the EGO LM2102SP when it needs to be moved or stored.


Manufacturer EGO recommends using this electric lawn mower for extensive gardens (up to 1/3 acre). If you have a large garden, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use this lawnmower, but you need to give it a little more time to charge the battery before you’re done.

The EGO LM2102SP has a large 21-inch cutting width that fits the best electric lawnmowers. This wide cutting path allows you to mow faster than a small lawnmower because you don’t need to go through many passes to cut.

This electric trimmer offers five cutting heights from 1.5 to 4 inches. It allows you to get the best cut for different grass types, and thanks to the optional battery, tall grass is no big deal for the EGO LM2102SP.

The mower deck’s height can be adjusted using a lever that allows the mower deck to be raised or lowered with one hand. The simplicity of the design helps keep the cutting blades evenly.

Riding Comfort

The flashlight is started with a button’s push, which is a significant improvement overworn pull cables. This model is also self-propelled, which is excellent if you have a large lawn or are having trouble pushing your lawnmower. You can pack the cut grass or use the side discharge chute. The cutout bag is attached to the cutter’s back and has a wide opening for easy emptying. The mower also offers a mulching function that cuts the lawn into small pieces and places them on the lawn.


There is nothing to say here. We want you to know that it’s best to buy another one if this mower’s engine stalls. It isn’t easy to find a qualified technician who works with this type of electric motor. And if you find someone, the repair bill will likely exceed the replacement cost. Of course, there would be no problem if it fails during the five-year warranty period. Then you will receive a free repair or replacement.

Regular maintenance of this cutter means keeping it clean and sharp. If you regularly spray water under the deck, you won’t have to scrape off most of the petrified mucus. Just use a garden hose and spray on the cuts after each use. It wouldn’t hurt to spray a spray lubricant under the deck after each spraying. At the same time, spray the wheel axles well.

Who Can Buy This Mower?

Anyone who wants a sophisticated lawnmower but doesn’t want to play with a gasoline engine seems very hard to please. But do you know what? We now have a way to make this person happy!

If you can mow your garden with what you currently use in about an hour and you need an eco-friendly, powerful electric lawnmower, check out this lawnmower. The price is a little overpriced at around $ 540, but you get what you pay for in this case.



The EGO LM2102SP is an excellent cutter for medium to large open spaces. The self-propelled function allows you to use the blade for a long time without straining your joints or back. The ARC battery also provides ample power for the knife on virtually all grass types in the field.

The mower has its limitations, such as lack of rain-proof and poor mulching performance. On the other hand, the long-running times and productivity of the cutter outweigh the disadvantages.

How much does the EGO LM2102SP weigh?

The mower itself weighs about 58 pounds, but its shipping weight is about 96 pounds.

What is the battery life of the EGO LM2102SP?

The 7.5 Ah 56 V Power + battery included with the EGO LM2102SP comes with a 3-year warranty, so with proper care, it will last 3 years. A full charge takes up to one hour and a full hour to charge.

Where are EGO Lawn Mowers made?

EGO’s products are manufactured in China, and the rest of the business is located in the United States.