Kobalt (Lowe’s) KMP 6080-06 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Kobalt (Lowe’s) KMP 6080-06 Battery Lawn Mower Review


It is a well built and well thought out machine as with many second-generation lawn mowers, engine speed increases or decreases with thicker or thinner grass. It saves battery and reduces noise. By the way, Kobalt is very quiet, one of the quietest we’ve ever used. The right industrial design also has two aspects. The mower is first adjusted with a lever on the right rear wheel. The lever is long enough to quickly grip and lift the knife to remove stones and roots. A selector lets you adjust the speed between fast and slow, while the racquet at the top of the crank arm engages the device and requires only a slight push. Kobalt’s cut quality is excellent, as is its durability, although our spring-loaded cutting conditions do not allow us to perform surface checks as we usually do. However, we are confident that this 3000-5000 square foot mower will handle typical country homes with ease.


The adjustable handle has an ergonomic foam handle that makes cutting a pleasure. It is well curved and, therefore, comfortable to use. And, however low the vibrations are, they are dampened by the comfortable grip. It is a lightweight and versatile lawn mower that remains very quiet. Let’s say one of your puppies is running around the yard while you mow the lawn. Then you can hear him stop mowing the lawn, politely asking them to leave the yard while you do your job and continue smoothly. Honestly, even if you hate mowing your lawn, this mower has something that can get you cutting again – at least until we start cooling off on those hot summer days when temperatures are steadily rising more than 90 degrees.

Note that the taller the grass, the better the battery will function. Although this mower has a mulch function, you will see long cuts in tall grass, even in mulch mode. However, this is not the type of cutter that will get stuck (if you adjust the cutting height sensibly), and operators should certainly not worry about it as the cutter’s performance increases – even if the cutting conditions worsen.

In the very tall grass, around 20 centimeters, 80- volt Kobalt is much more difficult to move if you have one. It can freeze at this bridge level because there is a lot of grass under the bridge. However, it still cuts through dirt, even with such a low cutting height. The mower works very well in tall grass with a cutting height of four and does not get stuck. Operators can experiment with the size of the bridge to determine which level is best for them.

Cutting Quality

The selling point of the 80-volt Kobalt is that it comes with two batteries that take around 30 minutes to charge. If you have a 4-acre yard, the battery should allow you to cut wet grass at an average altitude. Yes, this blade can handle damp grass. Under normal mowing conditions, you can run the morning shift with just one battery. Under the thicker plates, the Kobalt rises by 80 volts to cut the forage.

80-volt Kobalt is ideal for land up to a third of an acre or less. They have seven easily adjustable cutting heights and a comfortable ergonomic handle. Be careful; grass can reach the deck if the cutting height is too low. Therefore, make sure you have a high enough cutting height to allow the blade to continue rotating. It is essential to release the starter handle with electric lawnmowers if you find that the machine is clogged. Otherwise, you could damage the cutter.

Safety Features

For safety reasons, the Kobalt 80 Volt has a two-step starting process, where the operator must press the start button and pull the lever.

Special Features

This high-tech lawn mower has many excellent features, including:

  • Easy two-step start
  • Bags, mulch, and side discharge
  • Seven easily adjustable cutting heights
  • Two 80V Li-ion batteries last up to 60 minutes
  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Battery charging time is short
  • The battery indicator lights up on the charger and cutter.

Noise Level

Kobalt performed well in the noise category. When empty, we measure a superficial level – 81 dB (A). By comparison, self-propelled lawnmowers range from 78 dB (A) to 88 dB (A). One of the battery mowers had a noise level of 74 dB (A).

In contrast, our gas models operated between 86 and 94 dB (A). You can find more information on the decibel ratio here.


General maintenance tips for this electrical system include regular cleaning below decks. Check the blade from time to time. Store in a clean and dry place and, if necessary, assistance. All maintenance tips can be found in the instructions for use.



Kobalt offers a five-year warranty on the mower and its components and a three-year warranty on the batteries. It is a generous guarantee compared to other electric lawnmower manufacturers.

If your lawnmower needs repair, you can contact the Lowe hardware store for assistance. If the warranty has not expired, Lowe’s will either replace the cutter or refund your money. You can also download the instruction manual and find customer support contact information on the Kobalt or Lowe website.


The Kobalt 80V cordless lawn mower is an incredible electric lawn mower for the environmentally-conscious owner who wants to get away from the lawnmowers’ hustle and bustle. With a long-lasting battery, quality mowing and mulching, and a generous five-year warranty, this is one of the best electric mowers to look out for.

Is the deck steel or plastic?

The deck of this lawnmower is made of steel.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts three years.

Can you mow in wet grass?

Although this mower can be used in moderately humid conditions, it is not recommended for wet grass.