Craftsman V60 CMCMW260P1 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Craftsman V60 CMCMW260P1 Battery Lawn Mower Review


Craftsman cmcmw260p1 is the latest battery-powered electric lawnmower. It is made of high-quality materials, including 3 in 1 performance. The mower is equipped with a 60V electric motor, which provides a high degree of efficiency when working with mulch in tight spaces. A 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery powers the Craftsman cmcmw260p1 electric lawnmower.

The mower is part of a kit that includes a blower, a brush mower, and a chainsaw. A mighty V60 lithium-ion battery powers it.

The assembly of this lawnmower is simple and straightforward. No additional tools are needed for this; the equipment supplied with the mower is sufficient.

However, you need to adjust the handle and then click to snap it into place. Remember to insert the safety key before starting the cutter. After that, put on the bag, and that’s it.

This mower has six different height settings.

The best part is that this lawnmower battery will last a long time before it runs out. You can mow the entire lawn several times before you need it again.

The mower also features a 21-inch (metal) cutting deck and a built-in LED display that allows you to check the battery level during operation. Easy to maintain and use.

Battery Power

It has a vast 60 V 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery. It can handle the worst and oldest lawns.  This cordless lawnmower is ideal for anyone who buys electricity from a trusted brand at a reasonable price.

Engine Quality

If you don’t have enough speed in your car, how do you save a beautiful garden? If your green lawns are growing quickly, you need to mow them every day. To decorate a yard with a beautiful shape, you need a powerful lawnmower with a quality engine.

The mower motor is an essential factor in long-term operation. If your lawnmower is unable to mow or is working slowly, you risk losing time without guidance. The highest quality engine is responsible for working more hours on the construction site.

Cutting Quality

You have three options for getting rid of the clippings. The side discharge of the mower sends the cuts back to where they came from. When you buy a cordless lawnmower, you get a shearing bag accessory if you prefer to collect clippings.

Deck Size

The size of the deck is an essential part of a green lawnmower. It would be best if you chose the right lawnmower to help you mow the lawn evenly. Choose the ideal size for a well-made platform that will allow you to cut into confined spaces. The 21 ” high metal platform is ideal for side discharge, bagging, and mulching.

Finally, it has a mulch system that sends the seedlings back through the blades several times to produce cuts so thin that they are dumped as mulch.


The Craftsman V60 CMCMW260P1 comes with a 21 ” high strength cutting deck that is expected to last for many years. The mower will likely fail before the platform deteriorates.

Besides, Craftsman offers a four-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. These factors indicate that the company has confidence in its product and its sustainability.

Wheels Size

Do you have green lawns running through your yard? The size of the wheels is the most critical factor in your work. The Craftsman cmcmw260p1 lawnmower is equipped with high-quality wheels made of durable material. The wheels can be easily washed after each use. If you need to mow tall grass, reposition the wheels and get the job done.


When buying a weighted lawnmower, it cannot be delightful. People these days love the light that never hurts. The cmcmw260p1 portable electric mower weighs only 77.16 lbs. You can move easily here and there; this is efficient and easy to use green lawnmower.


Cutting Height: The cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 inches, depending on your choice.

Handle: Comes with a foldable handle, which is also easy to carry. The knife can be folded vertically for compact storage.

The built-in LED display shows the battery charge status during operation.


Your investment is in good hands, so you don’t have to worry. Craftsman offers a 4-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Many consumers have found the V60 Craftsman the right choice for a battery-powered cutter. It impressed users with its good execution and performance. The lawnmower’s powerful 60-volt motor performed very well, and some owners have compared its performance to a lawnmower. On the other hand, there were complaints about the excavator design, as a result of which the operator sometimes made the chips fly. Overall, Craftsman V60 surpassed consumer expectations and proved to be one of the best cordless lawnmower options.



CRAFTSMAN cmcmw260p1 is the best electric lawnmower with a battery structure. High-quality materials are used for 3 to 1 working capacities. If someone plans to mow a small to medium-sized garden, this electric mower is the best weapon to let your imagination run wild. It is a very well thought out lawnmower with good cutting performance. There is nothing wrong with this mower; it is easy to use and durable enough.

Craftsman V60 is easy to use, and we were impressed with its features and performance. It is highly recommended.

Does the Craftsman V60 motor have a brush?

No, the mower does not have a brushless motor.

Is a 7.5 Ah battery compatible with this mower?

Yes, the 7.5 Ah V60 batteries are compatible.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts an average of 30-45 minutes and can be fully charged in an hour.

How does the mower perform on slopes?

The mower is light and easy to use on slopes.

Does the mower come with a charger?

Yes, the lawnmower comes with a 1 V60 lithium-ion charger and a 5 Ah V60 battery.