Toro 20367 Battery Mower

Toro 20367 Battery Mower Review

Toro claims you can save energy and finish the job soother with the 21 Inch cutting deck of their 60V max battery powered TORO 20367 mower. But before you raise your expectations for an easy-t start, easy to run and long-lasting mower, you might want to read this review so you can grasp the truths from the sales gimmicks and save both money and time while considering this mower. It is one that promises to be ready when you are with easy-start and a dependable character stemming from the high quality of steel used in its manufacture giving it strength and stability on your lawn.

WE have your back if you are looking to buy this mower and have already tested it with our trusted reviewers and will tell you by the end of this post if the 3-year warranty is solid or not, so read on to the end.

Features of the Toro 20367

  • DC Brushless Motor rated 60V
  • 60 V L216 battery with 4.0Ah
  • 21” cutting width
  • Variable cutting heights 1.25” -3.75”
  • Push mower
  • Electric start
  • Steel Deck
  • 3-in-1 Discharge, Mulch and Bag
  • Weighs 64lbs

Toro 20367 Battery Mower



This bike features a high end brushless 60V DC motor for smooth and high torque power delivery that can handle any load. The motor should ideally last ages given the Toro reliability and the lightweight yet reliable design that is used for the mower build. It is the powerplant that makes the mowers such a great implement with sufficient power and speed to not only slash the grass but chop it up midair to create the recycling action.

Performance and controls

The Toro lives up to the big name set by the recycler which is gas powered. This electric motor can push through any thick grass without choking despite running on cleaner and quieter power. The mower has well thought out features and ergonomics with intuitive controls and foldable design for ease of handling during the rest season.

Lithium-ion batteries reduce the maintenance routines and increase the life of the mower significantly while also ensuring smooth and consistent power from start to finish with no drop in cutting power as we approach cut-off voltage where the battery will indicate empty.

Ease of Riding

This mower has a light build which means Toro can be forgiven for making this machine lack its own transmission and propulsion mechanism. You have ample clearance and traction with the 7” front and 11” rear wheels and added stability due to the wider 21” dec which cuts more than half a meter across. When the 60V brushless DC motor hisses to life, the mower feels that much lighter and basically becomes a walk behind rather than a pushing activity.

It was a snap to mow. The bumps in our lawn didn’t slow us down, and completing 180° turns was easy with the 11-inch rear wheels. The Toro 20367 push mower moved well on straightaways, and the 21′′ steel deck made it feel like we were done in no time.

Run time

The Motor runs on 4.0Ah and all Toro can offer is 35 minutes guarantee. Half an hour of runtime is below par as compared to other models like the Ryobi and Makita cordless mowers that compete in the same entry level category as the Toro 20367T.

Quality of cut

Not long ago, we got the chance to put a variety of battery-powered lawn mowers to the test in a side-by-side comparison. We had the opportunity to work with some reliable push mowers that provided plenty of power and long runtimes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to the Toro 60V Push Mower (model 20367) at the time. The mower’s whisper-quiet operation and long runtime would have made it a strong contender.

Although the Toro comes with a bag, and we understand why some people want to bag their clippings, we choose to mulch instead. It requires less effort on our side, and in this case, it allowed us to test the capabilities of Toro’s Recycler blade.

Despite the fact that we were using the Toro 60V Push Mower for a maintenance cut, there were a few thicker places that required more torque from the blade. The brushless motor performed admirably in these conditions, with the mower loudly ratcheting up the power to push over the tougher terrain before cycling back down to conserve energy.

Toro lawnmower blade 20367

The blade appears to be a little more durable than typical battery-powered mowing blades. It features a little upswing at the back of the blade, which creates the necessary recycling action for excellent mulching. The outcome was clean-cut strips free of the clipping trails that might occur when using a substandard mulching blade.

Final Verdict

With Toro, we set the expectations a bit too high for this mower. It is easy to start, granted, and easy to maintain power and will be ready to go whenever you are so long as you keep the batteries juiced up. There is no doubt in my mind that the Toro 20367T is a great beginner mower and one that is built t last you over a decade with intermediate battery upgrade. You get to enjoy a 3-year warranty which gives you certainty that your mower will run for the first quarter of a decade. Furthermore, you have access to Toro servicing dealerships across the country so you should be sorted even when the warranty lapses.

Toro 20367 Battery Mower


Can I leave my Toro battery on the charger?

Always consult your owner’s handbook for safety advice before working on or with your equipment in any manner.

How long does it take for the Toro lithium battery to fully charge?

A totally discharged battery takes about 12 to 16 hours to charge to capacity.

How long does a Toro battery last?

The L135 battery has 135 Watt-hours and can run for up to 90 minutes at low pace. The sophisticated software in the L135 Smart battery increases run life and performance. Choose Toro with confidence to save time, avoid problems, and maintain a beautiful yard.