Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower Review

Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower Review


Whether you are looking for a reliable lawnmower or a more economical alternative to the best in its class, Craftsman T225 is for you. It is powered by a 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold engine, and a 46-inch cutting deck is large enough to help you cut large areas quickly and effortlessly.

Craftsman T225 can cut and trim in a single pass. Ideal for grassy terrains, it has large wheels and excellent ground clearance. This feature, combined with the adjustable mowing height, makes it ideal for keeping the grass at the perfect height.


Lawn tractors of this size have a reputation for not being very maneuverable. However, the Craftsman T225’s 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels combine well with the more massive steering system for an incredible handling level.

The reverse cut function and hydrostatic transmission also provide excellent control. Parking and travel brakes also increase safety and convenience.


The Craftsman T225 is powered by a 19 horsepower Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine. It makes it one of the most powerful lawnmowers in its class. The engine ensures that the mower is never stuck, no matter how difficult the task.

The Craftsman, Briggs, and Stratton know how difficult it is to hook up a wire mower on a cold winter morning, so they equipped the T225 with a ready-to-start system to ensure that purrs every morning!

Ease of Use

The 46-inch cutting deck almost certainly cuts over an acre of lawn, but it also has trees and landscape features to dance to. If you mow more than 3 acres or need to mow large areas of open grass, you may need a mower with a more massive deck.

A minor disadvantage of the T225 is the size, position, and position of the speed controller. They designed this ride on a mower with a high back seat and a relatively comfortable steering wheel, making it difficult to control the cruise control lever.

You won’t notice the craziness of the speed lever when mowing a large open lawn. Just set it to a comfortable speed and then rest for a reasonably comfortable ride.

With the Ready to Start function, you can also start the engine without starting the battery.

Having to walk around hills and landscapes will make you bend over too much, which ultimately leads to unique back pain. If you’re trying to set a comfortable speed and dance on your floor, you might be surprised at how much trouble you can handle at five kilometers an hour!


The T225 has one of the most comfortable seating positions I’ve ever seen on a lawnmower. The seat has a backrest that protects your back from bumps and bumps and gives you a rest.

Plus, the seat is soft and adjustable, unlike some other lawnmowers I’ve seen. An adjustable padded seat’s benefits are apparent over long periods, and your back will appreciate it.

Cut Quality

The Craftsman T225 can cut 46 inches of grass in one pass, making your sweeping area one of the largest in its class. It also features a deck washing system, which means that after you’ve mowed and mowed your lawn, you no longer have to mess around with the deck and get your hands dirty to clean it. Let the T225 take care of it!

It also has a reverse mowing feature, which means you don’t have to worry if the mower’s tip is facing the wrong way as the mower can mow the lawn even when mowing in reverse.


The 19 hp Briggs and Stratton engine require routine maintenance. It includes changing the oil regularly, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and adequately lubricating the summer’s pulleys and bearings. If you need to store it for the winter, you need to add the correct amount of fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.

It is also necessary to remember the tire pressure. On paper, Craftsman supplies the T225 with durable “turf saver” tires that improve its agility. However, they seem to have the ability to lose air pressure over time. This could be due to seasonal temperature changes or possibly the total weight of this large lawn tractor.

Remember to check them with a pressure gauge from time to time. Driving with low tires can significantly reduce service life.

Special Features

A hydrostatic drive is not necessarily standard in this class. However, you certainly wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been there or had been replaced by a CVT system. Hydrostatic steering is the main factor that makes the T225 so agile.



Mowing the lawn is a tedious task, especially if you do it manually. Advances in technology have provided us with motorized lawnmowers, but the market is saturated with tons.

The Craftsman T225 is one of the best lawn mowers on the market today. It has a powerful engine, reliable transmission, and excellent cutting capabilities; I recommend the purchase.

Can this mower handle steep slopes?

Yes. The non-slip tires make this tire one of the best lawn mowers available. Additionally, the wheel design prevents the wheels from tearing grass, which is a common problem with cheaper lawnmowers.

Can I buy accessories for this mower?

Yes. Compatible accessories can be purchased directly from Craftsman. It includes a snowblower, snow blower, or mulch kit. Craftsman continually introduces new and innovative accessories for its lawn mowers that make lawn care easier throughout the year.

How does the reverse cut work?

Reverse cutting allows the mower to continue cutting even when it is in reverse. The great thing about this feature is that, unlike competing models, which only mow when the mower moves forward, you can return to a tight spot in the yard.