Cub Cadet SC 500Z Gas Lawn Mower Review

Cub Cadet SC 500Z Gas Lawn Mower Review


The Cub Cadet SC 500 Z is a top-of-the-range self-propelled lawnmower with many great features. The most exciting feature of this mower is the configuration of the front wheels. You can lock them in place or have them move when the mower is running.

Starting this mower is simple, and its exclusive Cub Cadet motor is powerful enough to keep the mower going uphill. This lawnmower is easy to use and has a patio washing system. It will be useful in many situations.

The best part is that it features zero-slip wheels that let you mow quickly and efficiently. This mower can mow obstacles without any problem.


Featuring exceptional performance, this Cub Cadet mower handles rough terrain or unusual obstacles well. It moves well around trees and things like sandpits, swings, and mailboxes, and it will go just under tight areas like low-branched pines and won’t wear out more. Once you get used to the front wheels’ look, you’ll be impressed with their mobility, even on straight stretches where you can take advantage of zero steering capability. Rear-wheel drive easily lifts the SC500Z over hills and hills, and it’s one of those mowers that can easily maneuver in and out of obstacles. It is designed to do just that.

Only the most demanding lawn mowers will notice that this lawnmower’s noise is slightly lower than that of a conventional gasoline machine – 94 decibels. While the handles may sink in a bit longer as you use the mower, it doesn’t affect the cleanliness you get. Either way, the handles can be adjusted if you notice them falling off with repeated use. They can be installed at three different heights, making the mower accessible to everyone. It is also possible to adjust the tilt angle of the soft-grip handles, and the grip is comfortable and ergonomic.


The Cub Cadet mower has excellent performance and is good at handling uneven surfaces or unusual obstacles. It moves well around trees and items like litter boxes, swings, and mailboxes, and moves around tight spaces just as quickly as stunted pine trees and leaves to wear out. Once you get used to the front wheels’ look, you will be surprised how they are handled even in straight sections where you cannot make any turns. Rear-wheel drive makes lifting the SC500Z easy on slopes and hills and is one of those lawnmowers that can maneuver in and out of obstacles with ease. Indeed, this is the goal.

Only the most demanding lawnmower can claim that this lawnmower’s sound, at 94 decibels, is slightly quieter than that of a conventional lawnmower. Using a lawnmower will allow the stems to sink a little more, but it will not affect the cut’s cleanliness. In all cases, the handles can be adjusted if they seem pulled down after repeated use. They can be installed at three different heights so that the cutter is accessible to everyone. Besides, you can adjust the angle of the soft handle and the comfort and ergonomics of the handle design.

Easy to Use

With impressive 11-inch rear wheels and unique swiveling front wheels, the SC500Z is much more maneuverable than many other lawnmowers on uneven terrain. This portability makes the 100-pound vehicle lighter than it is, like an automobile.

What you don’t see every day on a regular lawnmower is the cruise control function that you want to control. Do you feel sluggish? The SC500Z slows you down with MySpeed ​​Premium Drive Control. When it rains, and you need to get the job done ASAP, you can walk faster, and this self-propelled machine will answer your call.

Cut Quality

Compared to other lawnmowers in its class, the SC500Z lacks a low cutting height. There are six different cutting heights from 1.25 to 3.75 inches to choose from. I know I like a more comprehensive range of mowing heights to suit my needs under certain conditions, and I know other lawnmowers like it. On the other hand, the cutting height can be adjusted very easily with just one lever. On the negative side, the innovative front swivel wheels are not designed for quick height adjustments. You need to remove the placeholder and then select the layer you want.

The lawnmowers signature cut function always offers a golf-like cut. This feature allows you to collect the cuttings, discharge them aside, or turn them into mincemeat fertilizer.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel tank of this mower can hold up to 1.3 qt. of oil. You won’t need to worry about refilling the tank that often.

Safety Features

Like many self-propelled lawnmowers, the SC500Z has a blade operated by the upper handle. Pressing and holding the actuator control unit locks the unit and stops the motor and the edge when it is released. The operation of the knives is a safety feature.


If you research the SC500Z and compare it to mowers within its class, you’ll see that it ranks at the top of the list in terms of performance, convenience, design, and maintenance support. Given its many unique features, this Cub Cadet mower could be considered a top-of-the-line mower that will last many seasons and ultimately save you some time and energy.



The SC500Z has a specialized look and is tailor-made for yards with technical terrain such as slopes or tricky obstacles that are difficult to maneuver around. There are many great highlights to this above-average gas-powered mower, capable of, as stated, mulching, discharging clippings to the side, and bagging grass when you want an ultra-pristine yard to show off to your neighbors. Known as one of the most comfortable walk-behind mowers in the industry, the durable Cub Cadet SC500Z comes with a three-year limited warranty, a Sure Start guarantee. It can last for seasons and seasons to come.

Does it mulch the grass?

Yes, this unit mulches the grass.

When cutting in reverse, do you have to stop manually putting it in reverse, or do you push the pedal back, and it goes in reverse?

This lawn tractor has a hydrostatic transmission, so it has a smooth continuous speed control. However, there is a point where the forward motion stops, and you have to swivel your foot over to push the reverse pedal to start the reverse motion.