John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor with 42-in. Deck Review

John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor with 42-in. Deck Review


The X354 lawn tractor is part of the Select series. It is easy to use with the Twin Touch transmission pedals. With hydrostatic double-touch pedals, you can easily control the tractor’s direction and speed without taking your foot off the platform.

All-wheel steering is standard on the X354 for excellent maneuverability and easy avoidance of obstacles.

When you cover with your John Deere cover knife, time is really on your side. The Edge Xtra Mulch trimming system brings the crop back to the lawn, avoiding removal problems, and reducing fertilizer costs. The exclusive material gate can be removed so that excess waste can be thrown into the tall grass. You will hardly notice the difference between harvest and mulch.

Saving time is not the only benefit of mulch. Well-cut grass is an excellent source of nitrogen for your lawn and provides the free fertilizer you need.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive integral management
  • Powered by the 18.5 HP iTorque ™ system. (13.8 kW) *
  • 42 inches. Accel Deep ™ cutting deck
  • MulchControl ™ kit (one-touch or flat version)
  • Four years / 300 hours bumper to bumper warranty

Provide Excellent Visibility

Headlights are standard on all models:

  • Two 27W lamps provide excellent illumination for good night visibility.
  • The position of the headlights on the ignition key facilitates the operation of the lights.
  • The headlights are designed to provide the ideal lighting pattern for cutting and clearing snow.


The tractor is powered by the John Deere iTorque ™ Power System, which combines engine performance with a unique hood design for superior strength, even cooling and long life.

The main features of the engine include:

  • 5 hp (13.8 kW)
  • Sizeable working volume 603 cm3
  • Air-cooled V-twin design for smooth, quiet operation.

Quality characteristics include:

  • Cylindrical shapes in cast iron
  • Suspended valves
  • Total pressure lubrication
  • Replaceable oil filter.
  • Two-stage air filter

V-twin project:

  • Superior power and performance
  • Easy outings
  • Smooth operation

Excellent Durability

The 42A lawnmower deck features sturdy shaft pockets to keep the blades in line, even after years of heavy use:

  • Ribs on the hull deck add strength where needed.
  • 42A is 16% heavier than the 42 “(107 cm) Edge ™ Xtra deck.

The cutting discs have double locking:

  • Provides increased strength and durability for trouble-free durability.
  • One-screw adjustment allows you to quickly and easily set the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height.
  • Low tension belt drive design reduces the side load on smaller motor and mower deck bearings for longer life.
  • The curved outer edge of the deck for added strength and protection.
  • Two-stage electrostatic and powder coating provide additional rust protection.

Cutting Capacity

The four-wheel steering system is designed for tight turns for greater cutting efficiency:

  • Roll, camber, and kingpin angles are optimized to reduce stress, especially when cornering.
  • The steering geometry was designed using 3D modeling so that all four tires work together.
  • Sealed ball bearings are used on the torsion shaft and rear axles to reduce friction.
  • Reduced drainage radius of less than 1 “(2.5 cm) in the rear, reduces scratches and steering bumps.


The 42A cutting deck is extremely versatile:

  • The mower design with a blade and spreading element allows for packaging with a new harvesting shaft after installing special bag blades.
  • The 42A cutting and unloading chute is easy to install and remains firmly in place at the front and rear to ensure a perfect seal between the cutting platform and the chute.
  • The back gauge can be adjusted to ensure an ideal fit for easy use and a perfect fit.
  • Bagging blades can also be used for side discharge.
  • If an optional lever or MulchControl (One-Touch) electrical accessory is installed (along with special blades for mulch), changing the side-discharge to mulch or vice versa is done merely moving the lever or pressing a switch.
  • The rear grass collector can be used with MulchControl blades installed.
  • The front deflector provided with the rear basket ramp or MulchControl (B) can remain in the lateral discharge position.
  • This baffle can be removed for maximum lateral discharge performance.
  • The optional MulchControl accessory includes a MulchControl rear deflector (A) secured by two car screws on the rear edge of the drain. This deflector:
  • Must be removed to install the rear cylinder duct. A 13 mm wrench is required (the bag ramp cannot be established without removing this divider).
  • Can be removed to dispense material laterally
  • Must be reinstalled to destroy


The large fuel tank and easy-to-use fuel gauge minimize interruptions and fuel shortages:

  • The fuel tank has a large 3.3 bar. gal capacity (12.5 l) for several hours of operation between loads.
  • Height, 3 inches. The 7.6 cm filling neck facilitates refilling.
  • It is located on the left-wing.
  • Helps eliminate spills
  • The electronic fuel gauge on the instrument panel display allows the operator to quickly monitor the amount of fuel in the tank.


Ease of use is essential for a comfortable cut:

  • More significant, 14 inches. The 14-inch steering wheel offers better leverage for easier turns.
  • A large sector gearbox offers an improved (higher) gear ratio.
  • Higher gear means less steering effort.
  • Dual drag links help to balance steering loads and significantly reduce steering errors.
  • Ball joints at both ends of the tie rods reduce wear in a precise direction.
  • Long risers increase the mechanical advantage of the steering system throughout the driving range.
  • The steering axle rotates on a sealed ball bearing at the lower end next to the gear to reduce steering effort and ensure smooth travel over the tractor’s life.
  • The sector gear rotates on the shaft and not on the hub to ensure proper gearing and avoid jamming.
  • Rotating the upper and lower ends of the sector selector shaft with sealed ball bearings reduces the steering force and ensures smooth travel over the tractor’s life.
  • Lubricated front steering pins reduce friction and improve wear over time.



John Deere X354 has become the most famous and well-known tractor in recent years. It had an excellent performance with a lot of power, known as the bull tractor.

Well, this mower cut in reverse?

This X354 lawn mower can be moved backward. However, it is highly recommended that you drive in reverse while the mower is running. You can find more safety information in the instructions for use.

Does a John Deere tractor have a Briggs engine?

The X3554 lawnmower is equipped with an 18.5 HP engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton.

How do I change the cutting blades?

Installation times may vary. We recommend that you read section – 55 – Lawnmower maintenance – Lawnmower blade maintenance in the Lawn Mower X354 Operator’s Manual.