Black+Decker CM2043 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Black+Decker CM2043 Battery Lawn Mower Review


For a small, powerful lawnmower that can quickly get through your medium-sized yard, consider the Black & Decker CM2043C. If you like the Black & Decker name and are looking for a reliable lawn mower that will do the job for your family for many years to come, this 40-volt lawn mower could be an excellent choice for you.

The EDGEMAX feature makes work more comfortable and allows for less rework. Two batteries provide up to an hour of autonomy to get the job done. You can easily store the extra battery in the mower compartment when not in use. As this mower takes a long time to recharge, only choose it if you are sure it can get the job done in under an hour.

Easy to Use

Use EDGEMAX to reach the edge of flower beds and other gardens and reduce the need for weed pruning after cutting. This useful feature is not only suitable for working on objects. It also allows for a clean line between grass and mulch areas or at the edge of concrete sidewalks or sidewalks. If you have a lot of gardens, especially difficult-to-work gardens, this sideboard may be just what you need.

This cordless electric lawnmower has variable speeds. A higher rate travels on hard grass, and a lower speed saves battery life. AutoSense technology decides the thickness of the lawn and adjusts the required power accordingly.

Eco-friendly Lawnmower

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), outdoor lawnmowers cause more than one million tons of polluting emissions each year. The manufacturer has designed the new CM2043C as an environmentally friendly lawn mower that ensures that it does not cause harmful emissions.

Lower energy consumption and electricity savings are guaranteed, as the charging systems are Energy Star qualified.


An LBX2040 lithium battery powers the CM2043C. The rated voltage is 36V, and this device is designed for two amp hours. The LBX2040 doesn’t last as long as several competing brands on a single charge, but Black & Decker makes up for it with a replacement. Unfortunately, they only contain one charger.

The running time of each heat is fifteen minutes. If a battery is connected to the charger immediately after use, the red LED on the charger shows a dot and streak pattern. It indicates that charging will not begin until the battery cools down to the correct temperature. About half an hour later, the green LED will light up and flash continuously when the battery charges. About four hours later, when charging is complete, the green LED will stop blinking.

Cut Quality

If you mow the lawn every week, the CM2043C will work fine. If you cut the lawn every two weeks, you can purchase a CM1640. This device is equipped with a 16-inch blade and can fight tall grass better.

The CM2043C operating time is half an hour. I can usually cut a little over two-thirds of the grass during this time. Then I connect one of the batteries to the charger. After five hours, I put in a new battery and do my job.

Both batteries have to be charged on large construction sites. It will take nearly nine hours, and completion has been postponed until the next day.


The mower has two handlebar locks. For the CM2043C to work, the safety key (plastic cover) must be inserted. The operator then presses the start button and releases the second lock by lifting the holder and releasing the bow switches off the engine power.

The supplied accessories allow the operator to select the preferred lawn mowing method. To mulch, open the rear door cover and attach the mulching insert. The primary purpose of this device is to make the cut grass jump out of the blade’s way.

Trouble-free Charging

The garden tool CM2043C is equipped with a replaceable battery that can be easily lifted and charged. You also have the option to buy more batteries if you plan to use your lawn maintenance tool for an extended period.

Deck Size

The blade is nineteen inches long with a twenty-inch cutting path. The maximum width of the device is 21 inches. The CM2043C is suitable for cutting close to edges. A sports manual transmission is used to adjust the cutting height. You can choose from seven configurations from 1½ “to 4”. Due to the lightweight of this machine, this adjustment can be made easily.

Easy Height Adjustment and Storage

The mower also has a patented one-touch height adjustment so you can quickly adjust the cutting height of the wheels with just one push of a button.

It’s easy to store as, unlike other traditional lawnmowers, it folds easily for compact storage. It makes it ideal for people who have limited space in the garage or shed.



Black + 40V Max 20 ″ Mower Deck CM2043C contains two Max 40V lithium batteries to double the battery life. With the lever, you can adjust the height from 1 1/2 “to 4”. No tools are required. Thanks to the 3-in-1 configuration, the cutouts can be sanded to the side, mounted, or unloaded

 The mower allows you to trim the edges and spend less time cutting thanks to the Edge Max design. The easy-to-fold cable folds up easily for compact storage. Specifications: 20 “cutting area, 1-1 / 2” to 4 “cutting height. The maximum initial battery voltage (measured without load) is 40 V – the nominal voltage is 36 V. Includes: 1) CM2043 mower, 2) LBX2040 max 40V Lithium-ion batteries, 1) charger.

What’s in the box?

Black & Decker CM2043C cordless lawnmower has two detachable batteries of 40V maximum, a charger, a kit for the rear bag, a mulching plug, a security key, and an instruction manual.