Snapper 1687884 Battery Lawn Mower Review

Snapper 1687884 Battery Lawn Mower Review


Lawnmowers are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners because they are easy to use. The simplicity and efficiency of the professional wireless lawnmower Snapper 1687884 82V 21 ” have made it one of the most popular lawn mowers in the lawnmower store. Powered by a battery and a Briggs & Stratton engine (2.0 Ah, 82 V lithium-ion batteries), this eco-friendly lawnmower is designed for quiet operation, especially its predecessors.

If you are a potential buyer, look for this positive addition: intelligent and efficient charge detection technology. The Snapper was not designed to be operator dependent, but the sensor technology helps to adjust the power to meet the cutting blades’ needs. Besides, its 3 in 1 design offers the ability to apply mulch (with mulch plug installed), laterally (with side ramp installed) or bag (located at the rear of the cutter)


The 21-inch, 82-volt Snapper 1687884 portable lawn mower offers excellent mowing and harvesting performance (comes with a large bag of 1.6 bushels or 2.1 cubic feet). It is built with brushless motors for greater torque and maximum power without consuming a lot of energy in tall, thick grass. While it is convenient to start and remove/replace the battery, it is also straightforward, but the two batteries cannot be inserted into the cutter simultaneously. Despite this, it is still one of the most powerful lawnmowers on the market today.

Smart Charger

The lawnmower Snapper 1687884 82V 21 ” is equipped with a smart charger that can charge 2Ah and 4Ah batteries. This is called an intelligent charger because it detects battery health and charges accordingly.

  • For a 2 Ah battery: 50% of the charge is reached in 13 minutes, and the full charge (100%) takes 30 minutes.
  • For 4 Ah batteries: charging up to 50% takes 25 minutes, and 100% takes 1 hour.

An exciting feature of this professional lawn mower is the rechargeable battery. When we lived in a battle between ourselves, our lawnmower and our lawn are gone. Owners no longer have to struggle with cables or extensions when mowing the lawn.

Easy to Use

Despite being robust and heavy, Snapper 1687884 is incredibly easy to use. Press the button conveniently located on the ergonomic handle to start this powerful engine instantly. Speaking of handles, it folds up quickly for vertical storage, saving up to 70% space in any area. I will not lie that this is a fragile Fisher-Price toy; In any case, 36 kilos is still 36 kilos, and pushing all the steel becomes tiring. It also makes the 1687884 Snapper’s smooth, quiet, and clean operation even more extraordinary.

Cut Quality & Option

The Snapper 1687884 load-sensing capability offers more upside than “just” judiciously allocating each battery’s finite charge. Dynamically stepping up its slicing power to maintain pace while trimming dense growth guarantees a uniformly smooth finish across every patch of your lawn. Be warned, though: the longer your mower spends churning out more power to take down stubborn grasses such as Bermuda and St. Augustine, the shorter your battery’s eventual runtime. Think of that as an incentive to carefully weigh the makeup of your yard before opting for a battery-powered mower, even one as formidably powerful as this one.

To further optimize your Snapper 1687884 efficiency, take advantage of the single-point height adjustment’s seven settings to make your mower as easy to push as possible by raising or lowering the deck as best suits your lawn’s conditions. With the option to bag, mulch, or side-discharge clippings at your discretion, you really cannot go wrong at all with any approach to wrangling those remnants of freshly manicured greenery.


Another fantastic feature is that Snapper 1687884 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower can last for at least 45 minutes in continuous operation. It means you don’t need an external power source while mowing your garden. There is also no need to charge the lawn mower during operation.


As with the vast majority of upper-tier electric mowers, the Snapper 1687884 rapidly acquits its lofty expense both with its demonstrably consistent, polished trimming prowess refreshingly low TLC demands. Sharpen the blades at least once every 12 months. Be mindful that, like nearly any device built to feed on electricity, it should be kept as dry and far removed from moisture as possible. For all other incidental concerns, refer to the limited five-year product and two-year battery warranties covering most unexpected repair and replacement needs.

Safety Features

Nothing renders the Snapper 1687884 entirely harmless when not in use, quite like merely removing the battery. Otherwise, the bailing lever must be depressed to successfully start the motor and immediately shuts the mower down when released.



Snapper provides 5 years limited warranty on the mower, and another electric lawnmower does not match 2 years on the battery – this feat.

Everything on the planet has its merit and demerit, and the same could be said for the professional lawnmower. But, the best mowers (such as the Snapper 1687884 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower) have more pros than cons.


The yard mowing work will be completed very quickly by choosing one of the better kits available. By using a cordless and environment-friendly mower such as the Snapper 1687884, you are guaranteed to make the most of your investment, as it excels in performance, design, functionality, and versatility. The 21″ steel deck is designed and built to last a lifetime. It is possible to choose 7 different cutting heights by using a quiet walk. Snapper 1687884 is a product we recommend as the pros well outweigh the minor cons.

Why opt for the Snapper 1687884?

There are several reasons to choose this top-class mower kit. The portable unit is handy to perform various kinds of operations without any issues. The grass cutting will be done in style, and it offers excellent comfort to the operator. The batteries can be charged very quickly at your convenience.