Masport 2018 Masport 800 ST S21 3’n1 SPV (479905) Review


Masport is global corporation manufacturing and marketing lawn mowers not only in the US and Canada but also in the European Union and Australia. They are a truly global brand with presence in many countries around the world and an authority maker of such power equipment. Having been born in New Zealand more than a century ago, the company has a wealth of wisdom and culture of producing high quality engineering products and delivery in more than 40 countries spread across the continents.

The company makes a wide range of equipment for residential and commercial use spanning lawn mowers, hedge cutters, blowers, vacuums, log splitting equipment, brush cutter and pretty much any equipment you might need for outdoor power tooling. 100 years in the making, Masport has eveolved into a modern and formidable innovator company with handy solutions and affordable rates to benefit the homeowners and citizens of earth.

Their 2018 Masport800 ST S21 3’n1 SPV lawn mower is a walk behind mower is a recent release that has taken the market by storm and reaffirmed the top quality and reliability of the brand for power equipment. Their range is ever expanding but the Masport 800 ST has had plenty of time to run under the harsh conditions of many countries around the world and today we are happy to report on its performance so far. Read on to determine if the Masport 800 ST is a worthy buy for you and your home.

Features of the Masport 800 ST S21 3’n1 SPV Gas powered lawn mower

  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 163cc OHV Series 675EXi ReadyStart™ engine
  • ReadyStart™ – no priming required and easy starting
  • 21″ heavy duty steel chassis
  • Front 8″ and Rear 9″ deep tread adjustable dual bearing wheels
  • Comfortable upturned upper handle with soft grip
  • Handle Lift System for easy catcher removal and storage
  • Reinforced lower handle for added strength
  • Ergo Camlocks for adjustable handle position
  • Smartchute® for side discharge
  • Masport Bar Blade – One piece bar blade for efficient cutting and mulching
  • Cut, Catch, Mulch & Side Discharge
  • Variable Speed Self Propelled (Ground speed 1.7mph – 3.3mph)
  • Zone start for comfortable starting position
  • Fabric Catcher


The Masport 800 ST packs the Briggs & Stratton 163cc OHV Series 675EXi ReadyStart™ engine for its powerhouse. The Briggs & Stratton brand is a world leader and the worlds largest manufacturer of air-cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment. It is a USA based company with headquarters in Milwaukee, USA. It has grown to be a household name across this nation and abroad and is synonymous with quality and durability.

The 675EXi is an E SERIES™ engine means that it has reduced exhaust emissions and surpasses the European Exhaust Emissions standards by more than 25%. The E series initiative is also a mark of easy starting and improved fuel efficiency and top-notch performance. Owning one of these motors will make your user experience more blissful as you are able to power through thick loads and have to inhale less toxins from exhaust.

Every environmentally conscious individual who also wants practicality and a utilitarian designed lawn mower needs to consider a grass mower that runs on B&S engine. They are very easy to maintain and seldom require an oil top up rather than a change. Overall, you have less to worry about in regards to your carbon footprint.

Riding comfort

This mower can cut, mulch and bag like most of the mowers in the market but its front tilt with 8” front wheels and 9” in the rear make it more efficient for bagging without clogging and also easy to handle around the corners. It has a comfortable upturned upper handle with soft grip and a handle lift system for easy catcher removal and storage. The lower handle is reinforced for additional strength to improve on safety and reliability under the most torturous conditions in the field.

This model also features the ergo camlocks for locking in the handle position with great ease. The variable speed self-propulsion feature can match your pace averaging about 1.7 – 3.3 MPH which is ideal for people of all height and stature. It has an additional zone start for comfortable starting position.

Lawnmower control and performance

With 675EXi SERIESTM engines, the new 2018 Masport 800 ST S21 3’n1 SPV (479905) combines tremendous performance with new levels of ease of operation. The EXi SERIES gives a fresh engine experience for the most demanding of end customers by being simple to operate, maintain, and start. It is the smallest and lightest engine in its class, making it simple to operate, maneuver, and store. Easy features like ReadyStart® and easy maintenance features like tool-less filters and air cleaners are everywhere. The precision engineering of these superior powerful OHV platform, which runs quietly and smoothly, ensures they do not require regular oil changes, only an occasional top-up. The EXi SERIES has the best power-to-weight ratio on the market.

Cutting quality

This issue features the iconic Masport Bar Blade – One piece bar blade for efficient cutting and mulching. Masport mowers will usually spot three kinds of blades namely; the One-Piece Bar blade, the Quickcut blade and Quadcut disc. The Bar Blade is made of heavy steel composite and s designed for cutting and mulching grass in more demanding conditions.


Because each lawn is unique, Masport has created a comprehensive line of lawn and garden equipment. Masport mowers are constructed to last because they are intended to handle the demands of the toughest lawn conditions and the longest mowing durations. Masport blends quality, creativity, and dependability with over 100 years of manufacturing expertise.

Masport’s ball bearing wheels make the mower simple to push, and the wheels may be quickly changed if they get loose after usage thanks to a threaded axle and nut.

Masport 800 ST S21

Additionally, the chassis material comprises of heavy duty 16-gauge steel which keeps the user safe and the machine virtually indestructible for decades of use. With proper cleaning, this deck should outlast the motor after thousands of working hours.


With the new addition, Smartchute. Mow without the grass catcher to avoid clumps of grass. While you mow, the unique MasportSmartchute® will side discharge a neat distribution of clippings, leaving your lawn looking great.


Masport mowers have incredible features in each of their models. All of them were created with the end-user in mind, mostly because we want the machines to last as long as the client desires while providing the greatest cut possible right away. The Mapsort brand has confidence in their Briggs &Stratton engine and other components offering residential users a staggering 4 years warranty.


Since its founding in New Zealand in 1910, the Masport brand has been a symbol for high-quality, dependable products in more than 40 countries across the world. We have something for everyone’s outdoor equipment needs, including petrol lawnmowers, ride-on lawnmowers, BBQs, patio heaters, chipper shredders, cultivators, line trimmers, brush cutters, hedge cutters, blower/vacs, and log splitters. Outdoor power equipment has had just one name for almost a century: MASPORT – 100 Years in the Making.