Ego LM2142SP Battery Lawn Mower Review

Ego LM2142SP Battery Lawn Mower Review


The EGO LM2122E-SP is one of the largest cordless lawn mowers on the market and a 52 cm wide self-propelled lawnmower with which you can cut the most massive grass in no time. The 56-volt system provides high cutting performance, and the 7.5 Ah battery can run for 50 minutes and charge in about an hour.

The EGO LM2122E-SP is a right cordless mower that carefully cuts more than 1000 m² of grass on a single charge. The handle and cut quality are excellent, and our only handles are fancy speed control and an old weed bag. With a total price of around £ 700, the EGO Large offers superb value for money wireless for large lawns.

Key Features:

  • 56-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Haircut width 52 cm
  • 4 Ah battery
  • Multi-speed self-propelled unit
  • Fast “endless charger.”
  • 3 position handle
  • Collective bag 70 liters
  • Plug included
  • 2 + 3 years warranty


Unlike many large premium mowers on the market, the EGO LM2122-SP comes with a standard battery and charger. It can limit your choice of term. Considering that the included battery is the most potent lithium-ion case we’ve seen and that the Infinity charger is one of the fastest we’ve used, that’s a moot point.

The supplied BA4200 rechargeable battery has the highest capacity in the EGO cross-compatibility range and fits all original tools. At 3 kg and the size of some stones, 56 volts and 7.5 Ah’s ability is, to be honest, huge. 420Wh output power is roughly equivalent to a small car battery. It uses proprietary technology to keep you cool and weather-resistant and has a large rubber button on the top. Press this button, and you’ll get a well-lit visual charging indication, though it’s just perpetual green and flashing red or red, which means it’s time to visit the charger.

Cut Quality

The cutting quality of a lawnmower is directly proportional to several factors. Some of the essential elements are engine torque, blade cutting edge and speed, cutting height, and operator skill.

For efficient mowing, the EGO has impressive torque to meet all mowing needs. The torque allows the mower to operate effortlessly, without blockages.

Rotation speed (speed per minute) determines the rate at which the blade rotates per minute—faster rotation results in a cleaner cut and less rotation. The speed provided by the EGO cordless mower is sufficient for most lawn mowing needs but relatively slower than gasoline engines.

You are responsible for keeping the blade sharp at all times. You have to make sure that the blades are competent to work appropriately when mowing the grass and not breaking. The ego cordless cutter with a sharp blade outperforms other devices in a comparable price range in cutting quality.

Handling and Performance

The big EGO has a robust and powerful look, and you can see some of the brand’s experience with commercial vehicles. The professional gardener felts accessories and accessories, and the mower platform can easily withstand impacts when passing through the truck’s bucket. The excellent quick-adjusting handle on the handle allows the handle to lock into three height positions or bend in seconds quickly. It is also a beautiful long handle that gives you enough power to turn the front wheels up.

Easy to Use

The ease of use of this lawnmower is perhaps one of its strengths. Use the single adjustable lever to set the cutting height, and then adjust the handle height to suit your needs. Then press the power button to rotate the blade and set the speed in the screen settings.

Wheel drive keeps the cutter firmly on the ground, so you may need to push the mower slightly to make it move. Ideally, it would help if you waited at least an hour before charging the battery. To keep cutting time as short as possible, we recommend that users purchase an extra battery. With the extra battery, you can extend your cutting session by up to 2 hours by merely changing the batteries.

No other cutter in this price range with an excellent self-propelled system is more efficient.


First, the five-year warranty means that you can obtain replacement parts free of charge in the event of a breakdown. However, this lawnmower’s routine maintenance comes down to keeping the engine clean, sharp blades, and protecting the deck from the accumulation of petrified dirt.

To keep the mower always clean, you should use a garden hose and mow the lawn. Remember to use a spray lubricant immediately after spraying the pan.

Finally, sharpen your blades at least once each new season to keep them in perfect condition.



The 20-inch Ego Power + is a reliable workhorse with excellent battery life, build quality, and performance. This electric lawn mower won’t let you down for years. It’s not a self-propelled electric lawnmower, of course, but its foldable design makes it easy to store. And the results of power + cannot be discussed.

Should you buy the EGO LM2122E-SP?

To cut large lawns in no time, the EGO LM2122E-SP combines an ultra-wide cut with a powerful motor and a large battery. It provides almost 50 minutes of cordless use on a single charge and mows 1,000 m² of grass-like no other. Thanks to the power charger, you can cut again in about an hour.

Although the old, elongated mesh grass bag without the “full bag” indicator distracts a little from the high-tech side, the build quality is good. It is the same with the drive speed controller, which is challenging to use, and we cannot find a comfortable speed. But given the attractive EGO price, which is much lower than other premium broadband lawnmowers equipped with batteries and a quick charger to work on such a large lawn, you can easily endure these little pains.

How long does the EGO LM2122E-SP last?

Thanks to the battery’s large capacity, all ego batteries can be stored unsupervised for about 10 years without any damage to their performance or cycle capacity.

Who needs this lawnmower?

If you’re tired of gas-powered lawnmowers and aren’t impressed with the cables that plug into an electrical outlet, this is the lawnmower for you. If you don’t want to take the trouble to buy and store gasoline to power your lawnmower, you need to think carefully about the Ego electric lawnmower.

Finally, we recommend this lawn mower for those who can go out in the garden in an hour and need a reliable and environmentally-friendly electric lawnmower. The investment is a little high, but it will pay off in the long run. We hope that this analysis of the ego mower has served to provide unbiased information.