Toro 20378 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Toro 20378 Gas Lawn Mower Review


Toro 20378 make on the top of the best gas mower. It comes with a wheel self-propelled and pushes that help it to make work easy. The Toro 20378 has a red COLOR with variable speed that makes work easier to handle. It cost less than an electric mower. The mower’s power makes it easy to maneuver, and for larger on, you can stay on the slope.

This mower is best for mulching, has a fine clipping that is completely dispersed for clipping over the surface of the lawn surface. However, you will spend more when running fuel and maintenance. The foldable of the mower takes less space of storage. It comes with a powered engine in the front of the wheel and front wheel, making it the driver not to use less effort when driving.

The front power is supported with 11 inches of the high rear wheel. It features a smart choker of the starting system. It also needs a premium choke plus additional oil change. The cutting system is a 3-in-1 of the cutting system.

Toro 20378 is best for people who have a small yard to mow. Suppose you prefer a quitter model, you than good to try this one out. It works perfectly on cutting the grass. If you are looking for a mower with less maintenance and repair, pick this mower type.  It worth the money you spent on purchasing.



This gas mower features OHV 149cc for easy starting. This use can allow you to cut various types of grass with variable speed drive along that reduce push effort.

High wheel

The large wheel is easy to handle bumpy terrain that is better than the wheel’s standard size. The proven system of the wheel helps you to tackle uneven terrain with the ease of cutting.


The kohler XTX 149ccc OHV of the w/Auto choke to provide you with great power. The turning radius of the wheel impresses a better cutting.

These also include ease of operation of the drive control and self-propelled. As you push, it makes a U-turn and movement of the tight spot.


The Toro 20378 requires regular maintenance to cut well. After long use, the grass gets caked on the clogging that will need a discharge chute. You will need to disconnect the spark plug before start working on the undercarriage. To get your mower working repair the shop drain and replace them with an air filter.

After cleaning, you will also need a re-lubricant of the belt bearing spring of the mid-summer. You can easily replace the air filter and change the spark plug for an easy start.  You can sharpen your blade using a metal file and vice.

Cutting quality

It will depend on how fine your mower clipping that distributes clips over. The 22 inches steel cutting deck is installed with a recycling cutting system of the atomic blades. The deck has nine different cutting positions per the requirement of the user.

Design and Material Used

Your mower’s designed blade can purchase separately starting from the mulching blade, silver-streaked, and rolled air lit blade. The cutting deck of the mower is made of high-quality steel and features for a better cutting calculation. The size of the lawn can determine the physical condition of your budget.


This mower is reliable and can easily estimate the problem of the new gas mower. The Toro brand has a long experience that offers zero comments on the mower. It’s also the good reputation of the best lawn you will get in the market. You can easily replace the clipping, and no need to look at another mower.

Bagging, Evenness, and Mulching

It helps you to know the piece of grass you need to empty the bag. You can either held it or filled the chute clogged. To mulch will help you to know the clipping distribution of the lawn surface. Apart from that, it sets mulching accessories if you want to know how close the mower is, even like carpet.

Blade brake clutch

The blade you guarantee you comfortable functioning. Its safety help to automatically stopping the blade when releasing it to handle without shutting off the engine. You can use a different mower when working. It would help if you also restarted the mower every time to clear with debris.

Special Features

Two years warranty

This mower guarantees you a warranty for two years if you get any problem, and the Toro will fix it for you. The manufacture defects the repair of your mower easily.


Another feature of the Toro mower has a reputation for quality. You are given a guaranteed return of the mower if found not operating well. The cost of the mower is not expensive.


The Toro 20378 Gas Mower is, of course, our number best Toro mower. It features a red color with a handle to make work easy when working with this one. The speed is an important thing in the cutting of the grass. 

You can get the type of lawn, physical condition, and budget-friendly of the mower. When you have done working, fold it and store it where it is supposed to be stored. Besides, you cannot present a significant accessory for helping the user get started. When you are looking for the best gas lawn in the market, try Toro 20378 Gas Mower.

Who makes Toro 20378 Gas Mower?

It is made by the company Toro.

Who sells Toro 20378?

They are sold with Amazon store, or you can get in some local stores.

How to start a Toro lawn Mower?

You will need to fuel the engine by simply pressing the rubber primer bulb of the side mower. On top of the handle, you can keep holding. You can as well get a grip on the starter robe for moving and pulling out.

Can you walk behind the Toro?

Yes, because is an adjustment, and you can change as much you need to

How to clean Toro 20378 Gas Mower

You need to remove the spark wire and put it aside. Then the gas tank will need to be grasped and pulled back or lifted. This can easily help you with your cleaning.