John Deere X350R Lawn Tractor Review

  • The reversible tool option and interlock switches ensure safe operation
  • The modern style is attractive and functional.
  • Two high-quality headlights ensure excellent visibility.
  • The rear hopper has a large capacity and is easy to empty.
  • The engine runs smoothly and reliably thanks to the air-cooled V-shape design.
  • Rear seat flexibility
  • Washing blades can be difficult.
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The X350R lawnmower is part of the Select series easy to use with Twin Touch ™ transmission pedals. With the double-touch hydrostatic pedals, you can easily control the direction and speed of the tractor without taking your foot off the deck.

So if you’re looking for a more natural way to get around everything in your garden, look no further.

The John Deere X350R is a John Deere X-series garden and garden tractor. The John Deere X350R garden tractor was produced in 2016. This mower is the rear discharge version of the X350.

Key Features:

  • 5 HP (13.8 kW) * V-Twin, pressure-lubricated, air-cooled
  • Clean the rear exhaust, rear manifold cutting deck
  • The rear hopper has a large capacity and is easy to empty.
  • Best-in-class 4-year / 300-hour warranty


The tractor is equipped with the iTorque ™ system, which combines engine power with a unique hood design for superior air resistance, consistent cooling and durability.

 A massive 603 cc 12.2 kW engine at 3,100 rpm offers more power and torque for superior performance. The larger, more powerful engine also allows it to run more slowly at 3100 RPM for quieter operation.

The main features of the engine:

  • 2 kW at 3100 pm
  • Large workload 603 cubic meters

Quality features include:

  • Cast iron cylindrical cylinder
  • Top cover
  • Pressure lubrication
  • Replaceable oil filter.
  • Two-stage air filter

V-shaped design:

  • Superior performance and performance
  • Light expeditions
  • Smooth operation


The structure is made of strong formed and welded steel, which has been reinforced at critical points for more excellent resistance.

The steel front part of the hopper screwed to the rear of the tractor frame:

  • Strengthens the structure and provides reliable support for the hopper.
  • 12 gauge, 0.105 “structure and thick stock (2.66 mm)
  • Standard size nine steel front bumper, 3.8 mm (0.15 “) to complete frame assembly
  • Optional shock absorber/damper bar available for adding Quik-Tatch weights.

Hopper Shipping

The innovative design of the rear tank places enormous demands on the collection systems:

  • The funnel is made of durable material to provide flexibility where you need it.

The rear tank is delivered with the tractor in a return box:

  • Minimize transportation costs.
  • There is no extra box to throw away.
  • The hopper is made of durable materials and is sealed to protect the user from dust.

Modern Style

Smooth, rounded contours provide an elegant, modern look:

  • The hood has efficient full-length air vents on each side, instead of the top, to ensure cooler engine operation and reduce cabin noise.
  • Hot air exits through the shutter and leaves the operator.
  • Cover completely closed in coloured material.
  • Reduces noise
  • No rust or dents
  • The impressive radiator grille and the large one-piece fender complete the elegant package.

Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle

The Tuff Torq® hydrostatic transmission combines hydrostatic pump and motor rotary assemblies in one housing with differential and axle housings:

  • This highly efficient design reduces the number of sealing surfaces and minimizes the possibility of leaks.
  • The transmission is essentially the same as the X300 tractor; however, it is reversed, and the gasket on the unit is unique to the rear exhaust system.

In combination with foot control, a hydrostatic transmission works the same way as an automatic transmission in a car, which is why the term “automatic” is often used to describe it:

  • The use of newly developed valves has significantly reduced noise levels.
  • Large rotary motor and pump assemblies ensure efficient operation and long life.

Easy Steering

Smooth steering is essential for a pleasant cutting process for the operator:

  • The oversized 36 cm (14 “) steering wheel offers good leverage for light cornering.
  • More significant gear sector provides improved (increased) steering ratio.
  • The higher the gear ratio, the less effort it takes to turn the steering wheel.
  • Ball joints at both ends of the tie rod and rudder maintain precise steering for longer.
  • Long linkage increases the mechanical advantage of the steering system throughout the travel.
  • The sector gear includes an axle instead of a hub.
  • It ensures the correct gear ratio and eliminates the constraint for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Lubricated front steering axles reduce friction and improve wear over time.

107-cm (42-in.) Rear-Discharge Rear-Collect Mower Deck

The innovative 107 cm Edge ™ rear discharge design combines the best features for reliability and superior performance when cutting, collecting and covering grass and leaves:

  • The cutting deck is made from 11 and 3 mm (0.120 “) thick steel for smooth contours, quality appearance and exceptional performance.
  • Easy installation or removal of the standard compost cap.
  • Included AM147289 blades provide optimal rear pick / unload and good mulching results in a variety of conditions. AM140332 covers are available for optimal coverage.
  • Without a side discharge chute, the blade can cut from both sides for efficient and convenient cutting.
  • Less storage space is an added benefit.
  • Standard V-belt and unsynchronized blade design offer superior reliability and trouble-free operation.
  • Off-centre cutting blades allow blades to overlap with a standard V-belt.
  • Blades cut cleanly without touching.
  • Rugged V-belt and large, spring-loaded idler pulley transfer power efficiently and reliably to the cutting blades.
  • Three mower wheels help level mowing work and reduce the chance of scratching the grass.
  • 25 “(0.64cm) Height-of-Cut Increase Allows torch to be used at ideal cutting height.
  • A quick-adjust platform alignment system is provided to facilitate proper platform alignment.


The operator station is designed for operator comfort and ease of use of controls:

  • 14 inches wide. The 36cm steering wheel is comfortable to use and minimizes steering effort.
  • Full-length mats provide operator comfort and protect the footrest area.

Ease of Maintenance

The one-piece hood is easy to open for engine inspection and maintenance:

  • Important maintenance points are easily accessible.
  • For the convenience of tractor maintenance, there is a sticker with a maintenance interval under the hood of the tractor.
  • The high-quality engine used in the X350R does not require an 8-hour oil and filter change, as improvements in the manufacturing process and the quality of parts, components and oils have eliminated the need for oil changes oil at short intervals.


The mower platform has a discharge port. It can be used to supply water to the bottom of the platform so that it can be easily cleaned after use:

  • Flush connection for quick hose connection.
  • Connect a hose to the drain and turn on the mower to clean.
  • Clean the bottom of the pan and the drain plug.
  • The irrigation connector works best when used immediately after clipping.
  • Using the washer door prevents the accumulation of material that interferes with the performance the next time you use the cutter.
Engine power: 18.5 hp (13.8 kW)
Engine model: FS600V
Transmission type: K46 hydrostatic integrated into the transmission
Motion control: Twin Touch ™ pedals
Rear tire: 20x10-8
Type of control: manual, sector and gearbox
Lift System Type: Non-adjustable spring-loaded pedal, optional adjustable spring mount kit available (required for use with snowblower)
Cutting width: 107 cm
USA warranty: 4 years / 300 hours bumper to bumper


If you need to take it a step further, John Deere X350R is the way. The steering is simple, and the double touch pedals allow this machine to do the job. The X350R features a new Accel Deep blade that has been specially designed to increase airflow for more accurate cuts (especially at high speeds). Cut up to 1.4 hectares without worries!

Will this lawnmower stripes?

No, the X350R leaves no stripes. However, there is a mower kit that can be purchased separately.

Does the mower have armrests?

No, the X350R lawn mower has no armrest.

How does the mower start?

We recommend that you refer to Section 30 – Operation – Starting the engine in the Operator’s Manual to learn how to start the X350R lawnmower.