John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor Review


The S240 lawn tractor is accurate, convenient, and economical. When you start dealing with this mower, your morning will be even more enjoyable. The 48 “Deep ™ Accel 48” plate provides a safer cut better and faster. With the new S240, you can easily feed your lawn with the optional MuchControl ™ kit. Don’t worry about comfort. Wind in a comfortable open back seat that catches the wind and keeps you cool on a hot summer morning.

Key Features

  • Two pedals side by side
  • Large operator station
  • High back seat
  • Powerful V-twin engine

Powerful Engine

There are large cleaning ports on the hood heads, making it easy to inspect and remove any accumulated deposits.

The high-quality engine oil and air filtration systems and the cooling concept provide increased reliability and durability of the engine.

18.5 HP V engine. (13.8 kW) provides sufficient power and torque to operate under heavy crushing, cutting, and bagging conditions.

The engine speed change lever and throttle control lever are separate controls:

  • The engine speed change lever is easy to use, there is no need to worry about pushing and using the throttle too far, as is the case with single throttle/sheet lever systems.
  • The throttle lever is spring-loaded, so the driver cannot accidentally operate the tractor while the throttle is on.

 The bonnet can be opened wide to allow easy access to service points:

  • The engine area is comfortable to inspect and clean.
  • Important service points are shown.
  • The cleaning ports in the engine cover make it easy to clean the engine cooling fins.
  • The high-quality engine used in the S240 does not require an 8-hour oil and filter change, as the improved production process and quality of parts, components, and oils have eliminated the need for frequent oil changes.

The fuel gauge shows the fuel amount in the tank and can be seen without leaving the driver’s seat:

  • A simple check of the fuel level
  • Favorable situation

 48-IN. (122 CM) Acceleration Deep™ Mower

The Accel 48″ (122 cm) steel deck mower is a low profile, a powerful mower that offers excellent cutting quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Even at high cutting speeds, optimum performance and weight distribution are achieved:

  • The 12.3 cm deck depth ensures optimum cutting, mulching and bagging performance.
  • The optional nozzle MulchControl™ provides excellent mulch performance and versatility.
  • Perforated steel construction eliminates sharp edges and angles where material can accumulate and affect cutting performance.
  • The mower is suspended from the vehicle for smooth, even cutting.
  • Adjustable cutting wheels located just above the ground reduce cutting.

Excellent Cutting Quality

The deep cutting deck provides excellent cutting quality. It ensures that no material is cut or suspended:

  • By reducing the cutting volume, more energy can be used to cut the incoming grass, which significantly improves the cutting capacity.
  • Helps maintain excellent cutting quality at higher speeds.
  • The clean flow of material from the discharge area prevents chips from entering the incoming grass chips, allowing the knives to cut the incoming material cleanly.
  • Even in mulching mode, the cutting uniformity is improved compared to other models, as the additional depth ensures continuous circulation, optimal mulching, and even distribution of the clippings.


The deep pulling of the cutting deck ensures high productivity and get the job done quickly. It allows space for cutting and hanging material to promptly exit the deck, reducing the need for mowing, so more power is available for the oncoming grass:

  • Improves the mower’s ability to maintain excellent cutting performance in difficult cutting conditions and at higher speeds.

The large outlet opening is high and wide to accommodate more material:

  • Provides a smooth, even cutting distance at all cutting speeds
  • Reduces clogging, especially important when working on wet, thick or dense grass and when harvesting

Washing lawn movers

  • A washing hole is provided to facilitate cleaning the underside of the cutting deck.
  • A cutting connector is supplied with the cutting deck.


The 48-inch. 122 cm cutting deck is designed for maximum versatility and offers maximum convenience when switching from one unloading mode from the mower to the other:

  • If the optional mulch control accessory is installed (along with the special mulching blades), a simple lever can switch from side-discharge to mulching or vice versa.
  • The power flow receiver can be used with the MulchControl accessories and the installed blades by moving the MulchControl lever to the side unloading position.

Front Roller Option

Optional front rollers are available for the 48A cutting deck to reduce the risk of scratches when cutting shoulders and other uneven areas.

MulchControl is a simple and innovative design that is easy to use and maintain:

  • The MulchControl accessories contain bulkheads to control the flow of the materials under thick.
  • The mulch control driver or the divider between the left and middle axles is approximately halfway. The height is designed to balance compost and side-discharge modes.
  • When the MulchControl sheet is open, the distributor between the left and middle axles feed part of the material and the middle and right area of ​​the shaft into the outlet opening.
  • When the MulchControl sheet is closed, the material remains on the cutting deck, is chopped, and poured on the lawn.


The flat shape of the platform stabilizers is optimal to keep the platform and the operator clean:

  • There are a few points to collect and hold material above and below the platform.
  • The top of the lid remains clean, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The bottom of the deck is self-cleaning to ensure optimal performance without building up material that rejects airflow and cutoff.
  • You need to clean and remove less debris from the underside of the deck.
  • Axel deep mower deck depth minimizes the amount of material sticking out of the front of the mower deck.
  • A limited amount of material is floating on the operator and the cutting deck.
  • Even when the material discharge from the hopper, a smaller cut results in more significant parts that are less likely to reach the operator
  • Mulching prevents the material from being completely discharged, and the MulchControl accessory makes mulching a practical solution for most mowing situations.

Cleaning deck and above and below is one of the most frequent tasks:

  • The flat design reduces areas where material can collect and allows easy removal of any accumulated material.

The 48A cutting deck has sturdy shaft brackets to keep the blades aligned even after years of intensive use:

  • Bridge deck battens provide strength where it is needed.

The wheels of the mower are solid:

  • Provides increased strength and durability for a longer life without trouble.
  • Adjusting the wheels to the correct height for the cutting height is quick and easy.
  • The design with low tension vehicles reduces the side loads of the bearings of the more economical engine and cylinder head for longer life.
  • The cutting deck is 5/8 inch. In diameter, solid steel side bumper with a diameter of 16 mm for extra strength and protection.
  • Two-phase e-coat and powder coatings provide additional protection against rust.

Mulch Control Option

The MulchControl 48A deck attachment makes mulching more convenient in many situations. It not only does a great job of mulching but also transforms the mower when it is desirable to unload or fold the lawn to the side. Equipment. Benefits of mulching cut grass:

  • Beautiful lawn
  • Cuts not made to operator, paths or flower beds
  • Reduced fertilizer consumption.
  • Eliminates the need to remove newspaper clippings.

Mulch Control Handle

The MulchControl handle is located at the top of the mower deck and is used to open and close the exit door.

The operator must get out of the machine to activate or deactivate the mulching mode.

Switching from mulch to side discharge or vice versa takes just a few seconds.

MulchControl is ideal for the following cutting situations:

  • For operators who usually mulch but unload sideways when the grass is too long.
  • For operators who usually unload from the side but want to close the chute to check for cuts
  • For operators who continue to mulch the primary lawn but often unload the secondary yard from the side.
  • For operators who pack waste but want to go further before emptying the bag.
  • With MulchControl, the operator can control the slices. The operator can now enjoy mulching and can easily switch to side discharge or bagging when needed.

In side-discharge mode, MulchControl crushes about a third of the material. Thus, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial mulching mode. It can be useful for side discharge or settlement as it reduces the amount of material being discharged. In other cases, this can be a disadvantage:

  • When pruning southern herbaceous plants such as Zoisia and Bermuda.
  • When cutting in wet and high conditions such as the Pacific Northwest.
  • When optimal packing and lawn cleaning is required

6.5 Bushels (229 L) with Power Flow ™ Rear Trim Option

An optional Excavator Material Collection System (MCS) 6.5 beads (229 L) is available. It is an effective way to collect grass and leaf residues:

  • Fan and Power Flow runners are easy to install. The Power Flow fan can be rotated for easy cleaning and cleaning.
  • The hopper’s design features a modern design, excellent packing characteristics, the ability to clean and easy emptying of bags.



The John Deere S240 Cast Iron Front Axle Lawnmower features a 48-inch cutting edge designed for more efficient and prolonged mowing. The 18.5 horsepower engine runs smoothly and develops power, while the ride remains smooth and comfortable. The wide and ergonomic driver’s seat guarantees comfort. The S240 lawnmower is easy to learn thanks to its simple controls. Large, lawn-friendly tires won’t wear out on soft lawn paths, and the rugged construction ensures the S240 can tackle the toughest garden projects in any weather.

How vast is the raised deck?

The S240 Lawn Tractor is 122 cm (548 in) wide with an attached mower and a deflector that lifts for storage.

It is a “proprietary” John Deere engine. Who makes this?

The engine is manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. It is an 18.5-horsepower V-engine, most likely from the B&S Intek line.

What are the causes of poor cutting?

Uncut grass can be caused by driving too fast, low engine speed, or cleaning the mowing deck.