John Deere X380 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere X380 Lawn Tractor Review


The X380 is a premium mower at an attractive price point. It features an iTorque V-Twin fuel system and an easy-to-use Twin Touch hydrostatic transmission.

The X380 features the new Accel Deep bit, which features a specially shaped one-piece steel body for maximum airflow for optimal cut quality, especially at high speeds. What makes the Accel Deep Deck unique is its almost 5-inch (12.7 cm) body depth that extends all over the place, and its sleek shape. The in-depth coverage increases airflow, lifting the grass for the smoothest cut.

The X380 also features an advanced management console. The console includes an improved target cutting area speedometer to help you determine the top speed for a quality yard mow. The console is backlit for nighttime visibility and a luxurious automotive look. The electronic fuel gauge also lets you know when to refuel.

Key Features

  • Accel 48 ” deep tire
  • Easy chopping with optional MulchControl kit (one-touch or from the tray)
  • Equipped with 22 HP iTorque power system. (16.4 kW).
  • Twin Touch ™ hydrostatic transmission
  • Bumper warranty four years / 300 hours


The tractor is powered by John Deere’s iTorque ™ power system, which combines engine power and a unique hood design for superior towing, uniform cooling and durability.

The 22 HP (16.4 kW) two-cylinder engine provides sufficient power and torque for the most demanding cutting and harvesting applications.

Engine characteristics

  • 22 hp (16.4 kW)
  • Large work volume of 726 cubic meters.
  • Air-cooled two-cylinder V engine for smooth, quiet operation.

Quality features include:

  • Cast iron cylinder liners.
  • Top covers
  • Full pressure lubrication
  • Replaceable oil filter.

Two-stage air filters in V design:

  • Excellent performance and performance
  • Easy start
  • Smooth operation

Excellent Cut Quality

The deep punching of the cutting deck guarantees excellent cutting quality. It allows the separate and suspended material to leave the plate without cutting:

  • By reducing the number of news clippings, more power can be used to cut the incoming grass, significantly increasing the mower’s performance.
  • Helps maintain excellent cut quality at higher cutting speeds.
  • The clean flow of material from the drainage area prevents grass clippings from cutting into incoming grass, allowing blades to cut incoming material accurately.
  • Even in mulch mode, mowing uniformity is improved compared to other models, as the extra depth ensures continuous circulation, optimal mowing, and even distribution of the cut grass.


Drilling deep into the cutter platform offers high productivity so you can get the job done quickly. In this way, grass clippings and hanging material can soon escape from the deck and reduce clippings, leaving more power available to deal with incoming grass:

  • Significantly increases cutter performance, providing excellent cutting performance in severe cutting conditions and at high speeds.

The large, tall, and wide outlet opening allows you to move more material:

  • Offers even distribution of grass clippings at all cutting speeds.
  • Reduces the risk of clogging, especially important when working on damp, dense, or dense grass and when stacking bags.
  • The Power Flow 48A fan has an inlet box that is 50% larger than the Power Flow 48X fan used on previous machines.


The flat shape is ideal for keeping you and the operator clean:

  • There are several points where you can pick up and hold the material above and below the deck.
  • Deck remains clean, reducing time and effort for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The bottom of the mower platform is self-cleaning to ensure optimum performance without accumulating materials that impede airflow and cut grass.
  • Reduced need to clean and remove accumulated material from the bottom of the pan.

The Accel lawnmower deck depth minimizes material leakage from the front of the deck:

  • Limited amount of material falling on the operator and cutting platforms
  • Even if material leaks from the chute, a smaller cut will result in larger pieces less likely to hit the operator.
  • The mulch completely prevents material from escaping, and the MulchControl nozzle makes mulch a practical solution for most cutting situations.

Fuel Tank has Large, 3.3-U.S. GAL. (12.5-L) Capacity

The large fuel tank and convenient fuel gauge minimize refueling stops and the risk of running out of fuel:

  • The fuel tank has a large capacity of 3.3 cubic feet 12.5 liter capacity for several hours of use on a single charge.
  • Large, 3 inches 7.6 cm fuel tank opening for easy refueling.
  • Located on the left-wing
  • Helps prevent spills
  • An electronic fuel gauge on the display panel allows the operator to check the fuel amount in the tank quickly.

48 inches Accel Deep ™ Deck (122 cm) (48A)

48 inches (122 cm) Accel Deep Deck uses the latest 3-axis cutting technology to take productivity to the next level:

  • Ten meters, 0.135 inches. (3.4 mm) long-lasting punch
  • Deep flat design for high material handling at higher cutting speeds.
  • Offers excellent cut and consistent relief quality.
  • Easy to clean above and below the deck.
  • An elastic four-point locking system keeps the blade away from the tractor for a straight and flat cut.
  • Elastic four-point hitch system that supports the tractor’s drawbar for a smooth and even cut.
  • Cutting height of 6.4 mm (0.25 in.) allows the blade to be adjusted to the desired cutting height.
  • The onboard deck-leveling system facilitates proper cutter alignment.
  • Compatible with high-quality Power Flow ™ collection systems.
  • 48 inches. (122 cm) The Accel deep grass mower features a flat, deep steel cut that offers excellent mowing quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimal chip distribution and performance are guaranteed even at the highest cutting speeds:
  • 83 “(12.3 cm) body depth for optimal cutting, crushing, and harvesting
  • Trimmed steel construction eliminates edges and corners where material can accumulate and reduces cutting performance.
  • Cutting platforms are suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and even cut.


The structure is made of reinforced and welded steel, reinforced at critical points for even more excellent resistance:

  • 12 gauge construction, 0.105 in. (2.66 mm) thick for more excellent durability.
  • Standard front bumper and clutch disc is 3.8 mm (9.0.15 in.) Steel and the frame assembly is complete.
  • The rear clutch disc can support two 19 kg (42 lb) Quik-Tatch weights.
  • The suspension is integrated into the two-wheel steering models.
  • Four-wheel steering models require an additional roof rack.

The front axle is made of nodular cast iron:

  • The cast-iron front axle is robust and impact resistant.
  • Cast iron does not bend under heavy loads or shocks.

A replaceable bushing is used to mount the shaft:

  • The sleeve offers excellent wear resistance.
  • Lubricators for each shaft are easy to maintain.

The diameter of the front steering axle is 0.75 inches. (19 mm) for strength and durability:

  • Be able to handle heavy tools.
  • Provides long life to the bearing surfaces.
  • Use sealed bearings on the front wheels.

The locking system of heavy equipment applied:

  • Features robust frame assemblies with a combination of tractor hitch plate mounting holes that accept screws or fixing screws to support heavy equipment mounted at the rear.
  • Easily attach additional accessories to the tractor.
  • Can handle heavy equipment mounted at the rear, such as material collection systems.

Modern Style

The smooth and rounded contours give a modern and elegant appearance:

  • The hood has efficient air intake hatches on each side instead of the top.
  • Engine cooling in operation
  • Reduces the noise level in the cabin.
  • Hot air is discharged through the front grill, away from the operator.
  • Fully closed lid made of colored preformed material.
  • Reduce the noise level
  • Does not rust or hit
  • The distinctive grille and massive one-piece bumper complete the elegant package.



The X380 is considered the best riding lawnmower. You will go through the process for the reason you are finding it. It is a genuinely fantastic John Deere lawnmower.

Does this have a detachable deck?

The X 380 cutting deck can be removed for maintenance on the deck. We recommend

Does it have a grass catcher?

Yes, the X380 Lawn Mower has a compatible Twin Bagger designed to provide an efficient means of collecting grass clippings and leaves.

How much slope can this cut across? I have a 4-5 foot rise over 40 feet.

The cutter should not be cut and used at angles greater than 13 ° when the cutter is in its base configuration (without accessories). When using accessories, do not cut or work at angles higher than 10 °. Refer to Section 10 “Safety – Uphill” in the Vehicle Manual for detailed instructions.