John Deere E120 Riding Mower Review

John Deere E120 Riding Mower Review


John Deere is one of the most renowned lawn care brands on the market. Therefore, we were not surprised when one of their departments made it to our final list. This model is slightly more expensive but has a gasless start system and, most importantly, a 30-second oil change system. Both features are great for business users.

The John Deere is an affordable and reliable lawn tractor with a durable cast-iron front axle and 20 hp for mowing, mulching, and cleaning in any terrain. The high-back seat can be adjusted in 10 positions for your comfort, and the bridge can be easily adjusted from 1 to 4 inches for a personalized fit. Also, there are many compatible accessories such as mulching kits, packers, trolleys, and snow blowers to help you with other garden projects.

Along with these features, John Deere owners love cruise control, tight turning radius, and separate accelerator pedals for forward and reverse. The Home Depot buyer notes the advantages of the E120 over the E100 and E110: “The E120 has a more spacious and comfortable seat with higher backrest” and “a quieter and more powerful V-shaped engine.” Although it costs a little more than other models, its performance can be worth it.

Other notable features include an adjustable seat back and access to many different attachments, some of which (like snow throwers and carts) few other mowers are available for. In terms of flexibility, this might be the best option on our list.

Key Feature

  • Engine power 20 CV
  • Engine make and model: 40N877 (M40)
  • Rear tire size 20 x 8-8
  • Steering system type: sector-gear with a single rudder and rudder.
  • Lifting system type: wing lever
  • Two years / 120 hours bumper to bumper warranty


The durable John Deere E120 Garden Tractor is an affordable 42-inch lawnmower with smooth operation and side discharge. It has an 11-inch 12-gauge welded steel frame, a rugged cast-iron front axle, and a durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant composite hood. It’s a powerful 20 hp OEM JD engine V-twin suitable for transport, shredding, cutting thick grass, and bags.


The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth acceleration and speed changes. A 300cc battery simplifies commissioning after winter storage, and the integrated EZ under-hood oil change system simplifies routine maintenance in 30 seconds.


With ReadyStart Technology, you can simply turn the key and start the JD E120 without accelerating, just like starting a car! The redesigned cutting deck makes it easy to adjust the cutting height (up or down in 1- to 4-inch increments) with a single lift arm. Adjacent pedals make it easy to control the speed and direction of this mower. Run and cut the grass!

Quality of Cut

Power 20 CV This tractor makes climbing easier. It also has a small radius of 45cm, which means more efficient operation.

Gasoline is used, which is supplied via a pulse pump and carburetor. It can travel forward at a maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour. The maximum speed is 3.2 miles per hour.

John Deere E120 Engine

The mower has a deep cutting deck that lifts the grass for a high-quality cut. Seeing a haircut will give you an idea of ​​what a well-groomed lawn will look like.


The John Deere E120 also features side vents to reduce engine noise, speed control to cut large areas quickly and evenly, and a cup holder. The updated, extensive, and ergonomic control base features a high backrest that can be adjusted in 10 positions for greater comfort. When seated, you can easily adjust the seat 5.5 inches (forward or backward). There is also a flush port where you can connect a hose to remove grass and debris from the deck floor.

Optional accessories for multiple stations such as mulch kits, aerators, excavators, carts and knives, and snow blowers are available separately.



How easy and comfortable it is to mow depends on your mower. A self-propelled lawnmower with a small learning curve may take several tries before you can comfortably mow your lawn. It may take longer before you can operate it without problems.


The John Deere E120 is suitable for cutting from ½ to 2 hectares in steep, mountainous or flat areas with many obstacles. White-Glove home delivery service is available for online shopping. The White Glove service includes a 10-point pre-delivery inspection to ensure customer product quality and instructions for the operation and maintenance of the John Deere E120 lawnmower during delivery. Your purchase of John Deere E120 is valid for two years or 120 hours of warranty (whichever comes first). CA Prop 65 warnings apply.

What’s New in John Deere Lawn Equipment?

We’re thrilled with John Deere’s exclusive Easy Change ™ 30 Second Oil Change System. Exclusive to John Deere and only available on select models of the new 100 Series garden tractors. These tractors are easy to use both to operate and maintain.

What is this new oil change system?

Change the oil. The versatile oil and oil filter system allows the owner to change part of the oil and filter in less than 30 seconds.

What happens to the rest of the engine oil when the Easy Change system is replaced?

The Easy Change system replaces 0.8 liters of oil. The remaining oil in the engine is replaced with new oil contained in the Easy Change System. Combined with a 40% increase in engine oil capacity, improved filtration, and lower operating temperatures that extend oil life, it is no longer necessary to remove and dispose of all engine oil during operation.

What is the difference between Easy Change and other filters?

It’s not just a filter. It is a newly developed technological system with which the new “filter” can already be filled with oil and with which you can remove the existing filter and dirt without tools and soil. Also, this is made possible thanks to technologies installed in the bus and on your motorcycle to the filter.

Models with Easy Change oil system use a fully synthetic filter that better captures and retains dirt. The large surface of the Easy Change canister acts as a coolant and keeps the oil cool.